Wood tops lethargic Lara, regains WBA feather belt

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Leigh Wood (27-3, 16 KOs) avenged his KO loss to Maurico Lara (26-3-1, 19 KOs) and reclaimed the WBA featherweight title by workmanlike twelve round unanimous decision on Saturday night at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

Only Wood was eligible to win the title after Lara lost the belt Friday on the scale. Lara was dropped in round two and never exhibited his trademark ferocity as Wood outboxed him and banked round after round. Scores were 118-109, 118-109, 116-111.

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  • I felt that Woods let him off the hook the first fight and then relaxed. This time he stayed focused through the whole fight.. I never understood how boxers can relax against punchers after being ahead. That uppercut early on helped too

  • You have got to be kidding me. Who was wood fighting not the Lara I know. Someone slipped him a Mickey Finn. Lara knew he could not win the title so he did not even try. What a joke.

  • Yes, Wood won the fight no doubt. But you have to admit that Lara wasn’t there. Something had to be wrong with him, maybe drained and feeling the effects of trying to make weight. Who knows. Lara has never been more than a strong go forward power puncher, but nothing else. But make no mistake, this was no virtuoso performance by wood like commentators where saying. Wood is pretty average and not capable of producing a boxing lesson like that. It even looked like he was fighting scared. And the most notable thing to me of this fight: Even his own fans where booing.
    99.99% of the time a british fighter is fighting in front of his crowd, if he does anything, even hitting anything but air, they’ll scream their lungs out like they just saw the knock out of the year.
    I think that says everything you need to know about how bad the fight was.

  • Another Andy Ruiz. Once he won the title partied and lost that desire to train hard and do the things that got him the title. Not sure it would’ve mattered because this was an improved Leigh Wood.

  • Wood has already proved he isn’t afraid to fight. Not his fault Lara wasn’t at the races. I’ve got nothing but respect for him. He’s come a hell of a long way since being a +140 underdog against Conlan, who suffered a whole different fate tonight.

  • I think Leigh Wood is a punk. All he did was beat a wooded animal. A poorly conditioned fighter. And yet, failed to knock him out, and, lost 4 of the 12 rounds. To me, that is pathetic. If the roles were reversed. Lara would have knocked Wood out in the 4th round. If they have a rematch, Lara will stop Wood in 2.

    • Wooded animal lol. You so mad! Ya boy got whooooooped!!!!!! Lara basic always. Don’t cry now

    • Lekaren, that’s pretty unfair. Wood got KTFO by Lara the first time. Few fighters come back and win the rematch. Remember AJ running from an unmotivated Andy Ruiz? Leigh Wood fought his normal fight and while Lara did lose the Title on the scale he was still winging. It might not have been his best night, but this was no impression of Ruiz. Leigh Wood earned this redemption!!!

  • Well done Leigh, I thought he was done but keeps giving it his all

  • Wow. Kudo’s to Wood. After suffering a knockout loss to a very dangerous fighter he turns around and soundly beats that same fighter. For Lara ,win or lose, coming in heavy showed a lack of discipline. If he learned his lesson he should be well prepared for his next fight.

  • I’ll never know but…Lara sure as hell looked flat. Lara not making weight? Is Wood actually good? Both overated? maybe these two were just lucky to have become champs in the first place… I’ll wait and see I guess.

  • Lopez vs Wood? Congrats to Wood for winning, A guy who always comes in as the underdog and does his thing,

  • A lot of biased American armchair fans here who cannot except defeat from a Brit.
    I bet if Lara had one, they would be so excited, but because Wood won,the excuses are all here.
    Big congratulations to Wood for winning the rematch, avenging his loss and to silence the detractors and haters.

    • Lara is Mexican! Why would we care who wins? We just want to see good fights. I’m American and I just praised Wood and really didn’t care going in who won. In fact, I was impressed that Wood wanted the rematch in the first place and thought it would be a fun fight while it lasted. And unlike others in this site, I thought Lara was fighting his usual fight early. I do think he was getting gassed at the end and maybe he just can’t make 126 anymore. Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that Wood both earned and deserved this win.

    • I see. You one of those huh? In the ring, the only thing you are is a warrior who lays it on the line each and every time for the entertainment of the people as you earn your keep to better your family.

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