Whyte: I dropped Fury in sparring

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte claims he dropped WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury several times in sparring sessions. “Well, me and Tyson Fury sparred, and I bashed him about and I dropped him on multiple occasions,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “It’s as simple as that. You know, he wants to sit around, talking this and saying that. But if I’m such an easy fight, why is he not in any rush to fight me? He said before beating Wilder, ‘When I beat Wilder, I’m gonna give Dillian Whyte his title shot after beating Wilder.’ He just talks rubbish. I’m just sick and tired.”

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  • Sparring sessions means nothing most of the cases. Many factors make sparring sessions a lot uneven, two very common are activity and desire.

    • Yeah, it’s cheeseball antics when you talk about what you did while sparring. An fighter who does this is just smack talking. Sparring is just that, a preparation. It’s not a real fight. That said, I like Whyte. His wins over Browne, Helenius, and x2 over Chisora are quality wins. If he was American, he’d be in line for a title fight. Hell, his resume is better than Wilder. So if he beats Povetkin, I’d have to assume he’s in line for a major payday.

  • Somebody sounds desperate. As good as he is, he should know sparring means absolutely nothing.

  • It seems reasonable that he could have knocked Fury down in sparring since feather fisted Pajkic dropped Fury during a fight and 37yo cruiserweight Cunningham dropped him hard and was beating Fury handily for the first 3 or 4 rounds of their fight.

    Of course none of that means that Whyte could do the same during a fight, especially as flabby as Whyte has looked in some of his fights.

  • Also I’m not sure how long ago they sparred. To be honest Fury never looked like a world beater on the way up and I never gave him much of a shot in beating Wlad. In earlier fights he was dropped by an obscure European guy and a blown up cruiser weight and even landed an uppercut on himself.
    I wonder if it was complacency or at times the opposite – trying too hard for the KO?

  • I want to see Whyte fight Big Baby Miller. Now, that would be a GREAT fight to watch.

  • …………… Wilder dropped Fury twice in their first “fight”, not sparring, how did that work out? Whyte had his chance for a belt with the supposed fragile chinned Joshua and got folded like the proverbial lawn chair.

  • This Whyte character sounds like a delightful fellow, but I digress. It reminds me that many of Ali’s sparring partners owned him as well. Means nothing.

  • I dropped wilder , wobbled Ruiz, landed so many left hooks that mr.fury asked for a right and stopped Charlie Z in sparring.

  • AJ fought the Chinese cat instead of Whyte and got spanked – he missed his shot there. He would beat AJ any day of the week but as for fury – Tyson would leather seven shades of shite out of him- different class. Tyson probably fell out of the pub before they sparred. Miller would be a good fight for him – try to build up a profile outside of his local suburb before he looks to fight the big boys.

    • Niki,
      Does any day of the week exclude Saturday 12/12/2015? Whyte’s current record is 27-1, that 1 being at the hands of Anthony Joshua via a 7 round starching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EraiACE1t0Q What Chinese cat are you refering to? AJ has 1 loss and that was to Andy Ruiz, a Mexican-American.

  • He (DW) just tries to talk himself into a big money fight. Who can blame him?
    Easy win for Fury.

  • I’ve been a fighter since age six. I’ve had 46 professional fights. Sparring is not just sparring. People dont realize that fighters sonetimes go into a fight already tired and beat physically due to the rounds and all the punches absorbed during sparring. In sparring we get cut, broken noses, ribs, etc. It aint no joke. Sometimes its tougher then the fight. All you keyboard fighters need to respect any fighter because fighters have lost their lives in the gym.

  • We should remind Mr. Whyte that Jimmy Ellis is reputed to have put Ali down in starting. When they actually fought, how did that go.

  • You’re in the right place & organization Dillian…the WBC will come up with a WBC Heavy weight Sparring champion belt!

  • Whyte’s recent resume is probably the best of any of the Top 10. If it weren’t for the drug thing (which he’s been cleared of), then he would be one of the first mandatories in years who’d actually deserve his shot.

    With that said, his timing couldn’t be worse. Nobody is clamoring for him, because of Ruiz upset of AJ and Fury vs Wilder Draw. Add Covid-19 and Whyte is a boxing “cooler”. I wish him luck, because he is a good interview and has walked the walk in the ring.

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