Weights from Philadelphia

Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.

Joey Dawejko 264 vs. Joe Jones 207.4
Nahir Albright 137 vs. Dante Cox 134.8
Benny Sinakin 174.1 vs. Afunwa King 175.5
Mike Hilton 198.7 vs. Twon Smith 199.3
Tahmir Smalls 146.4 vs. Andres Abarca 146.4
Matthew Gonzalez 143.4 vs. Luis Eduardo Florez 144.6
Rasheen Brown 128.1 vs. Christopher Nelson TBA
Jahdon Ervin 157.5 vs. Kareem Gladney 159.9

Venue: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia
Promoter: RDR Promotions
Stream: bxngtv.com

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  • Just what commission gave the ok for a heavyweight to fight a bridgerweight?
    What the hell is this? UFC 1??
    Will Jones be fighting with one glove and wearing a gi?

    • People already starting to buy into the bridgerweight nonsense? When boxing was a mainstream sport heavyweights were 175 plus. Super size heavyweights have no great advantage as most are overweight and slow.

      • Anything over 200 was considered heavyweight until like five minutes ago. Hell, it was 190 not that long ago. The weight would be more of an advantage if Dawejko was something like 6’6”; it’s slowing him down rather than helping him. The guy is skilled enough to have beaten better-conditioned opponents, but his career would go further if he got in better shape.

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