Weights from London

Dsc 8721
Photo: Leigh Dawney/ Wasserman Boxing

Harvey Horn 113 vs. Fadhili Majiha 114
Matty Harris 255 vs. Mladen Manev 235
Saqib Khan 151 vs. Jack Ewbank 151
Hosea Stewart 345 vs. Mait Metsis 229
Chloe Watson 112 vs. Judit Hachbold 109
Martin Foru 168 vs. Pavol Garaj 167
Ryan Martin 155 vs. Angel Emilov 156
Louis Horn 136 vs. Jakub Laskowski 137

Venue: York Hall in London
Promoter: Wasserman Boxing
TV: Fite.tv ($6.99)

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    • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, that dude’s not there to outpoint anybody

  • We’re living in the Age of Absurdity. This fighter looks so obese and blubbery, he barely looks human. If he could ever manage to shed all that fat, he’d probably be fighting as a bantamweight. Disgusting.

  • Insulin resistance is on the rise amongst the younger generation. The next step is diabetes when one’s pancreas works overtime and muscles refuse to utilize the insulin in the bloodstream.

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