Paul-Fury Press Conference

Fury Paul
Photo: Stephen Dunkley/Queensberry Promotions

YouTuber Jake “The Problem Child” Paul and Tommy “TNT” Fury continued their war of words at a press event Wednesday in Morecambe, England. They fight on PPV December 18 in Tampa.

Jake Paul: “These people think they can come in and beat me because they have amateur careers or they’re professional this or they’re UFC that. They don’t understand what they’re getting in there with. It’s funny to see each and every one of them fail in front of the world and the same exact thing is going to happen to Tommy. To me, this is an easier fight than Tyron [Woodley]. This is a young kid who has never had a real fight and I’m going to knock him out. He doesn’t have a chin. He’s never even been hit hard by anybody.”

Tommy Fury: “You want to pay me millions of pounds to go over there and fight somebody that looks like him? 100 percent, sign me up. This is easy money because this is a bum who cannot fight. I’m going to show that on December 18. When he gets in that ring against me, he’s going to find his level. He’s going to be out of there in the first round because he cannot fight. He can’t dream about beating me.”

Tyson Fury: “This is entertainment. These two young fellas are going to go out there and put it all on the line. Somebody is going to get beaten. Someone’s ‘O’ has got to go and that’s how boxing works. Jake is over there in Puerto Rico training hard. Tommy is here in Morecambe training hard. On December 18, poor old Jake Paul is going to get severely knocked out and that’s it.”

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    • You don’t really believe that this is a real fight instead of a scripted pro wrestling type show?

  • Tommy Fury is a real boxer, with no too much experience, but a real boxer who comes from a family of boxers. This time I will spend my time watching Jake Paul only to see him kissing the canvas.

  • “He doesn’t have a chin. He’s never even been hit hard by anybody.” Then how would you know if he has a chin? Has he been wobbled by a powderpuff punch that I don’t know of?

  • I must be getting old , the Paul’s can make millions of dollars for basically nothing. Good on them for hitting it big, but they are still tools.

    • I blame the sheeple buying into this stuff for making these guys rich! I have not spent a dime on this crap and never will. No justification is in it other than a scripted event with a hint of a circus show overtone. Please bring in the clowns!

  • “They fight on PPV December 18 in Tampa.”
    – I’m not going to watch this, even though its free on my Fire Stick.
    – Just say “no”.

  • Tickets to this shot show are over 250$ haaa, for these guys? The neighbors and I can put on a better fight than these guys

  • >