WBO Issues Statement on Banned Substances

WBO Advisory Notice: Please be advised that in the event any WBO champion (male or female) tests positive for any banned substances, it is not necessary that the WBO demonstrate intent, fault, negligence, or knowing use on the fighter’s part considering that it is the fighter’s duty to ensure that no prohibited substances enter his/her body. Fighters are fully responsible for any prohibited substances found to be present in their body.

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  • This is totally unfair WBO. What about legit excuses such as tainted Mexican meat (Canelo), high egg consumption (Benn), or wild boar testicles (Fury)?

    • If the WBO is really taking a hardcore, zero-tolerance position, it sounds like that’s what they’re working toward. The WBC let Baumgardener off with a wrist slap.

  • it is the “From now on , type of empty warning “. wbo just talking and acting tough because of the a the recent alycia case. Canelo, Fury, Benn , Alycia , and Valdez, and other “failed test fighters “are the exceptions to any rules concerning banned substances. Boxing organizations such as the wbc , wba, wbo, and ibf , are just interested in their fees above any rules they falsely create or say they will enforce. Its this sad state of boxing that only the “Casual Fans” and the” Fanatics” are “buying “. Its similar to our “political system”

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