Special Fury-Usyk belt unveiled

His Excellency Turki Alalshikh, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, has unveiled a special belt to be presented to the winner of WBC heavyweight champion against WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

“This belt will wait for Fury or Usyk,” tweeted His Excellency. “Made specifically for this fight … for the first time 4 belts undisputed in the same fight … fight of the century… Ring Of Fire 18th of May 2024.”

Fury Usyk Belt

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    • This “belt” is nothing more than a “trinket” for who ever wins the fight – if it ever happens. Meaning the belt is nothing more than a self serving advertising piece for Saudi boxing. Yes, I guess they can say it’s the undisputed “4 belt” fight, but that’s because the WBO didn’t exist at the time. Lennox Lewis who the last “undisputed championship back in Nov. 1999…….

      • Wrong. Lennox never completely unified. The WBO started in 1989. WBO champions in 1999 were Herbie Hide and Vitali Klitschko.

        • You’re dead wrong. That belt was not a legit belt back then, it wasn’t recognized until after Lennox was gone. That WBO was the equivalent of what the IBO is today.

          • In 1999, the WBO champions included future Hall of Famers Vitali, Naz, Freitas, Barrera, Carbajal, plus Michalczewski who should be in the Hall. Hardly the IBO.

  • The special belt will have ‘Usyk’ or ‘TBA’ on it the way things are going.

  • Usyk will box 100% of the match. Fury will hold 45% of the match, 25% lay on Usyk, and box 30% of the match. Yes, that sounds accurate.

  • Bullishhht! Don’t start that isssht with the canelo conmemorative belts ishhhht! This fight is not even guaranteed that it will happen! Fat ufffck fury will probably end up having a mental breakdown and the fight called off for the next 2 years! And of couse with fury being allowed to hold the belt that long! BullishhhtN

  • It does not matter who usyk fights

    He don’t need nobody else for to be recognized by real boxing fans

  • If you try to put that bell on Fury’s waist (or what seems to be), maybe an extension will be needed, I think Usyk should win this fight to avoid embarrassing inconveniences

  • My top 10 new era

    1 many Pacquiao
    2 Andre ward
    3 canelo Álvarez
    4 inoya inoue
    5 Tyson fury
    6 ggg
    7 Terrence Crawford
    8 Alexander usyk
    9 vasyl lomachenko
    10 tank Davis

  • Putting aside the empty-headed reactions of the casuals, this actually isn’t a bad idea. More promoters should create their own belts to award championships when they are truly merited, as this fight it. It bypasses the corrupt sanctioning bodies (and isn’t this what fans always complain about?)

  • Shocker. These belts now have as much value as those “commemorative” presidential plates that used to be sold on tv years ago. Lol!!!

    Is it safe to assume that we can soon have an undisputed champ for every sanctioning body?

  • This is a trinket to appease Usyk and his team because they dont want to waste the hard work they’ve done and want to fight someone else but the saudies dont want to miss this payday…in my opinion they are just as bad as the other promoters they just do it a different way.

  • His excellency…give me a sports washing break. Enough to make me pray to Saint Usyk of Glass Belly.

  • Looks like a WWE belt, I mean at least WBC adds some jewels to their many “Special” belts

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