IBF champ Edwards rips WBC champ Martinez

How can he even consider himself a world champion?

Photo: Mark Robinson/Matchroom

IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards (19-0, 4 KOs) plans on defending his world title in style against Chile’s undefeated Andres Campos (15-0, 4 KOs) this Saturday at the OVO Arena Wembley, live worldwide on DAZN, before setting his sites firmly on the other 112lb world champions – especially stablemate and WBC flyweight champion Julio Cesar Martinez.

“There’s nowhere for the other champions to hide now,” said Edwards. “One at a time, they will get their turn. What I do is different to anything anyone else does in a boxing ring. The world is waiting, and I think right now I am the number one flyweight in the world. I would argue that I am one of the best flyweights in the world.

“Fight night is my best night of my year, better than my birthday and better than Christmas, it’s the best night of the year. I think Eddie, and the rest of Matchroom and DAZN, they genuinely know that with me, they get a fighter that wants to fight and will fight anyone. I am Sunny ‘Showtime’ Edwards – IBF flyweight world champion and the best flyweight in the world.”

Edwards looked set to face WBC ruler Martinez in a huge unification clash at the back end of last year. The pair were deep in negotiations to stage a showdown in Mexico, but Martinez instead agreed to face mandatory challenger McWilliams Arroyo.

The British star was bitterly disappointed after losing his shot at unifying the division, and believes that it was his Mexican rival that pulled the plug on the fight, instead choosing to face easier opposition in order to keep hold of his world title belt.

“It’s not just that I want all of the belts, I don’t want anyone else to have them,” said Edwards. “It sickens me, it pains me that there’s three other people at my weight that walk around saying the same s**t that I say. The fact that with professional boxing you can’t force someone in the ring with you and they can go around showing off a belt, like look at Martinez for f***s sake – that’s terrible.

“I genuinely believe, how can he even consider himself a world champion? He won it as a vacant title, failed a drugs test, same fights rescheduled rescheduled rescheduled, fighting easy opposition that I’d get slaughtered for. Every single fight that he gets is easy, terrible records like 11-3 and 15-7, like what? You’re meant to be a world champion.

“You’re walking around trying to tell people that you’re anywhere near the fighter that I am. Really, there are people that would agree because he’s a world champion at flyweight. Boxing is just obsolete because you have these world champions headlocking world titles, headlocking good contracts, and just taking easy fights. That kills the sport.”

Before any further talks of unification fights can take place, Edwards knows that he must deal with Campos in convincing fashion this weekend.

“I’m fighting Andres Campos from Chile and outside of him and his fans, abusing me on Instagram for the last however many years, I don’t really know too much about him. I don’t really care about knowing too much about him. When I get in there it’s the Sunny show. It’s showtime, and there’s no time like showtime. When I get in there, it’s whatever I want it to be. I don’t focus on him. I don’t need to talk about him.”

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    • These two assasins have a combined record of 34-0 with 8 ko’s!…I don’t watch boxing much under featherwweight. I should, because it’s actually some of the hottest action, but I want to watch guys who at least look like they could kick my ass! Finito Lopez was always fun to watch when Don King would put him on his PPV undercards. It was almost like a novelty act though, just like he would put Christy Martin on his undercards.

      • Speaking of featherweights, I hated Naseem Hamed during his prime but he was entertaining. I loved his showdown with Kevin Kelley at MSG. Love his beatdown against Barrerra a little more.

  • If there is anything more dull than a Sunny Edwards fight, it should require a doctor’s prescription.

  • Sunny is speaking like a true punk. Martinez will fk him up.

  • Sunny Edwards has a chance to beat Martinez, but he is not the best flyweight in the world, which I believe is between Artem Dalakian and Jesse ‘Bam” Rodriguez, who I really want to see facing any of them (Edwards, Martinez or Dalakian). Anyway, flyweight is not really a hot division since Junto Nakatani moved to superflyeight

  • Not sure what is worse the fact you say he is wbo champ in headline? Or the fact you have a picture of Dalton Smith who looks absolutely nothing like him. SORT IT OUT!!!!

  • Thats not even Sunny Edwards.

    I didn’t even have to see his Austin Powers teeth to know it wasn’t him.

  • Isn’t Sunny’s brother Charley Edwards, who was on his way to being knocked out, but because of Charlie I guess being on the canvas and hit again, it was a no contest. None of these flyweight champs today would be able to beat the best flyweight champs of the 60’s and 70’s. Of course we are talking of an era when there were no weight classes below fly, and only two organizations.

  • >