WBC unveils Teotihuacano belt

Teotihuacano Belt

The WBC unveiled the “Teotihuacano Belt” at the weekly “Coffee Tuesday.” The belt will be awarded to the winner of the fight between the WBC/WBA/WBO super middleweight champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and IBF champ Caleb Plant, who clash on November 6, in Las Vegas.

This is the latest in a series of special and unique belts WBC has had designed to reward. laud and applaud the fights that stand out in the history of boxing, particularly the great boxers who battle on the two most important dates for Mexican boxing, May 5 (Battle of Puebla) and September 15 (Independence Day).

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  • Another one. You really couldn’t make this up.

    And if they climb any further up Canelo’s a** he’ll be using them as a mouth guard.

    • Didin’t see you complaining when Charlo fought Montiel for the “Freedom belt” to commemorate Juneteenth. It’s a commemorative belt that holds no power, stop complaining about something that does nothing to you nor the sport and promotes culture

      • It’s another way to get more money from fighters through sanctioning fees when it isn’t anywhere near necessary, so yeah, it does do harm.
        A novel idea: maybe we’d be better off with one belt per division or just the WBO, WBA, WBC and IBF could stop it with this Super-Dee-Duper belt garbage and have ONE belt.
        It’s not about promoting culture, it’s about sanctioning bodies, particularly the WBA and WBC, exploiting an angle to make more money off of fighters.

      • We need the Chalupa Belt. And yes I complained about a ridiculous Juneteenth Belt. Pretty soon the LGBTQ awareness belt. And the MeToo Belt.

  • This is a fight between 2 non undisputed SMWs, vying to see who is the undisputed.

    Basically who’s the best in world at that weight, which in an ideal world would be the case everytime a champion fought.

    But not in this day and age where such an event is historic and requires another belt… Jokes.

  • They kiss canelo ass anymore he will just keep eating Mexican hamburgers with no challenge from anyone. He done hand picked the weakest fighters and was gifted four wins that he actually lost. Boxing is a joke no wonder people tune into Jake Paul fights atleast he challenges hisself vs mma fighters and he was a Disney kid acter lol sigh…

  • I had to Google “Teotihuacan”:
    An ancient Mesoamerican city located in a sub-valley of the Valley of Mexico.

  • I am sure the WBC makes these belts without the permission of the fighters and then charges another ridiculous fee so they can garner more money from them.

  • Should we all sign a petition to have the WBC Commission drug tested for hallucinations coming up with this stuff?

  • I see a lot of negativity about the belt. It’s a nice trophy/reward for the winner of the fight. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Well making history deserves a unique belt it needed more engraving too simple. But cool to know Mexicans are the top dogs in boxing real Mexican born fighters. We know the true value of our ancestry unlike the clowns pinches pochos

    • Aaron G…the last two words of your comment tells me you are a “pinche pocho” as well.

  • They can just go fulltime into beltmaking and give every paying fan at the fight a free belt like this one. just like baseball fans get bats or hats on souvenir nights. First 5,000-10,000 tickets get a free belt! The promoter gives a kickback to the WBC for each ticket sold (cost of belt fixed into the ticket price of course). We will all feel the “inclusion” and they could then DROP the sanctioning fees for the fighters. EVERY fighter would want to fight for the WBC! Fans would get the best matchups, boxers could keep more of their money, and the fans would pour into stadiums to indirectly pay the WBC for a tangible product that is cooler than just pulling out a program. It’s a win for everyone! The WBC can extend their product into a special holiday for whatever background the boxer comes from. It’s a year round beltfest! Only at WBC sanctioned world champion fights!

    The next dream will be about judges who are granted secure views of the fight in order to properly determine the ultimate fate of the opponent who on occasion beats out the promoter/fan favorite. Judges will have a unrestricted view (perhaps like in tennis?) and then will NOT make excuses about how they could not see or that the loud fans swayed their poor judgement to cost the winner a L on his record, and possibly millions of potential future dollars to be unearned.


  • I don’t have so much of an issue here. Yes they are creating a belt but it is not in the same league as the other belts they create where you get lesser fighters fighting for a WT belt.
    That said , it does not make the fight any more significant. I hope that (presuming Canelo wins) he entertains Benavidez as there will always be that doubt that he hasn’t fought all the best SMs.

  • To me the IBF and WBO have become the best 2 of the SBs. Yes they have the continental titles but there are no murky waters where you don’t know who the champ is.
    They are strict with their mandatories although the WBO applied common sense in not stripping AJ for trying to unify with Fury which is common sense flexibility.
    The WBO have come a long way and you would only have to look at the list of their champs today compared to a few decades ago for evidence.

  • Yes,its finally arrived.The best belt in the world.Ive waited long time to see this beautiful piece of art.Well done WBC.

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