WBC Tuesday Coffee (online)

WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán met online with the boxing press to discuss different topics, primarily the security protocol that has already been presented to the Government of Mexico City.

The World Boxing Council is analyzing all the options to help return boxing to its position. He commented that the WBC will support promoters and boxers, confirming it’ll reduce the fees and it’s analyzing the possibility of saving promoters the salaries of ring officials, that is, appointing local members or they may even score rounds remotely. All these issues are being carefully analyzed since the most important thing is to take care of everyone’s health without discarding or disregarding the government’s instructions.

The Security Protocol that the WBC designed, has already been delivered to the Government of Mexico City for it to review and although he commented that fights behind closed doors are difficult , the desire of boxers to go up to a ring is important. Mauricio stated this talks initiative has the support of many, including him, because they`ve given us the opportunity to connect with the boxing family, to learn many things, to talk with great boxing stars as very special guests who have made enormous contributions, so to all of them, thank you very much!

Concerning the Annual WBC Convention, Mauricio announced that there is a close communication with the organizers in St Petersburg. At the end of May they will talk with representatives from various countries to assess the situation. One option might be to hold the Convention at end of December in Las Vegas. If conditions do not allow, then a Virtual Convention will be considered.

Answering various questions about how to revive boxing, Mauricio Sulaimán said we must be patient and understanding that things will not be as before, and we must all do our part.

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