WBC to reduce length of regional title fights

In his El Heraldo newspaper column, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman announced that from now on only world championship and silver championship fights will be sanctioned for the twelve round distance. Fights for other WBC titles will be contested over ten rounds or even eight rounds. This was approved unanimously by the WBC Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the WBC Medical Committee.

In 1983, the WBC under the guidance of Mauricio’s father José Sulaiman reduced the length of world championship fights from fifteen rounds to twelve rounds. Now 37 years later, the WBC has taken the next step to protect boxers.

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  • …. and make the rounds 2 minutes. What great ideas flowing. The demise of boxing is coming soon.

  • How about taking the next step by eliminating the 3-5 Champions you have per weight divisions?

  • They have too many fake belts, anyway. They need to do away with many of them & just have one. They just want to charge fees for the rankings that come attach to all these toy belts.

  • 12 rounds of boxing, I mean 10 rounds of boxing, oops I meant 8 rounds of boxing for the WBC championship of the world. smh

  • Title fights should be 15 rounds. Fights between two top ten contenders should be 12 rds. other local main event fights ten rds.
    Who the hell is going to pay to watch these short fights? Boxing is a contest of strategy, technique and stamina. The last 5 rds separates the champions from the contenders. The skill set of pacing ones self or breaking down a say, slick boxer over time is part of the strategy and beauty of the game. No one has ever proven that deaths are more prevalent in 15rd fights. The WBC with their BS rules will continue to kill the sport until no one watches it. get rid of all these different sanctioning bodies. One Champion for each weight division. Get rid of these Jr Divisions. Every televised fight does not have to be for a title to be interesting. Right now, no one fights the top guys in their division. Why hasn’t Gary Russel fought Leo Santa Cruz? Why hasn’t Crawford fought Spence, Thurmond, Porter…ANYONE! Its a disgrace.

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