Brandon Adams wins by KO in comeback

More than three years since his last ring appearance, former super welterweight world title challenger Brandon “The Cannon” Adams (24-3, 16 KOs) scored a third round KO against Ismael “Maelo” Villarreal (13-3, 9 KOs) on Friday night at the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Adams, last seen stopping current WBC interim 154lb world champion Serhii Bohachuk in eight rounds back in March 2021, took out Villarreal with a brutal left hook to the liver. Time was 2:59.

Brandon Adams
Photo: OTX

Adams-Villarreal was a first round match in an 8-man OTX 154lb tournament. In another first round affair, unbeaten Olympian Francisco “Bebu” Veron 14-0-1, 10 KOs) outworked Angel “Relampago” Ruiz (18-3-1, 13 KOs) over ten rounds. Scores were 99-91, 100-90, 96-94.
Veron Ruiz
Photo: OTX

In the main event, super lightweight gatekeeper Dakota “Lone Wolf” Linger (14-6-3, 10 KOs) upset previously unbeaten Kurt “Scooby” Scoby (13-1, 11 KOs). Linger pressed the action and turned the fight into a brawl. The bout was stopped with Linger punishing Scoby at 2:21 of round six. Scoby was a 50:1 betting favorite.
Linger Scoby
Photo: OTX

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  • That was one NASTY shot Adams landed and it makes you wonder where he may’ve been had he not…. up and took three years off.

    I didn’t love the stoppage, but good for Linger. NEVER would have expected he would have stopped Scoby but Josue Vargas knows the feeling.

    • Yeah, a little early on the linger stoppage, but he came on strong from the third round and on. I always liked Adams. Glad to see him get the win.

  • I can’t believe Dakota Linger was a 50-1 underdog to Kurt Scoby! As I had predicted, Linger destroyed the overrated Scoby, who loves being photographed with his shirt off. Linger is a cool dude from West Virginia!

  • I just looked at Kurt Scoby’s IG page. The dude’s got pics of himself shirtless & comparing himself to Mike Tyson! Unbelievable!!! Dakota Linger made mincemeat of Kurt Scoby!

  • Soooooo after all these years no one is going to ask?
    Hey Scooby, are you ok brother? Don’t worry about it, all the great ones take an L once in a while.

  • Stoppage was fine, Scoby was out on his feet. Dude was getting beat from pillar to post at that point.

  • I be telling chicks muscles don’t mean jack unless u top in your field of expertise!!!

      • When they look at fights they always think the skinny man can’t fight, that is where my comment come from.

  • >