Wilder-Zhang is Beterbiev-Bivol co-feature

The undercard for the June 1 Beterbiev-Bivol clash in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was announced at a press conference in London on Monday. The fights will feature five matches between boxers promoted by Matchroom (M) and boxers promoted by Queensberry (Q).

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Deontay Wilder (M) vs. Zhilei Zhang (Q) – heavyweight
Filip Hrgovic (M) vs. Daniel Dubois (Q) – heavyweight
Craig Richards (M) vs. Willy Hutchinson (Q) – light heavyweight
Ammo Williams (M) vs. Hamzah Sheeraz (Q) – middleweight
Ray Ford (M) vs. Nick Ball (Q) – featherweight

* * *

Beterbiev and Bivol didn’t have much to say, but looked dead serious in their faceoff.

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Beterbiev-Bivol Presser Quotes
Special Fury-Usyk WBC belt

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  • Great matchup. I think Zhang destroys Wilder so badly he retires. But I wouldn’t put money on it.

    • Wilder still capable of producing KO at any time. Zhang gets tired and gets sloppy and that can be detrimental when fighting someone like Wilder. Wilder didn’t look good in the last fight but he’s not to be written off as of yet. The man is still very dangerous. Zhang better keep his cardio and defense at top level for this fight. One mistake the fight can be over.

      • Style wise it seems like the perfect fight for Wilder. Just avoid Zhang’s power shots and try to land the straight right. Zhang also uses the “block punches with your face” defense, which isn’t great again the hardest power puncher in the division.

      • I think Wilder has a huge chance, he has trouble with movers in the ring (Fury, Parker, Ortiz) Zhang is a standing target for him, tailor made for that lethal right hand.

        • Wilder doesn’t have trouble movers per se, he has trouble when people put him on his back foot. Zhang can do that with his size and punching power. Zhang might be a harder puncher than Wilder. Plus he’s a southpaw. I think he stops Wilder by the 5th.

        • i have ESP so i already know who will win these upcoming fights in saudi arabia but i dont want to spoil it for everyone enjoy the fights folks

        • Old Wilder puts Zhang to sleep, but the Wilder vs. Parker will get ko’ inside 4 rounds. I dont think you can compare his fight with Parker to the fights with Fury or Ortiz. Wilder looked bad on so many levels a few months back. He loooked OLD and unmotivated. Chances are high he is only boxing to grab some Saudi money to have good retirement money.

          • Fully agree, Chris. The Fury fights took it all out of him and he has nothing left but his reputation. He should have retired after the Parker fight.

  • With that main event, this is a fun card. I’m thinking Hrgovic – Dubois might end up being for the IBF belt.

      • Yeah, after getting hit with the 3rd or 4th rabbit punch without a warning from the ref.

        Hrgovic is deadly with his rabbit punch

        • @DaveF, yes, right from the beginning of his pro career, Hrgovic punches to the back of head when he gets the chance. A rabbit punch is much more dangerous than a low blow, but is not treated as such.

          • And his are intentional and directed at the base if the skull. Most punches that draw warnings are usually more to the side of the head or behind the ear while Hrgovic targets the soft, unprotected base of the skull which is extremely dangerous.

  • Some good fights on paper for the undercard. Wilder may be looking to cash out against Zhang. Seems like the fight has left him. Ammo Williams vs Sheeraz is an interesting bout to determine a potential foe for Kazahk Style. Not high on Dubois or Hrgovic, quite honestly, but a decent scrap on paper, nonetheless.

    • What?!?! Cash out against Zhang? Not Joshua, or Usyk or anyone else? What money is Zhang bringing that Wilder couldn’t make fighting literally anyone else?

      Zhang is 40 years old, has no stamina, no boxing skills really, he’s just a come forward puncher. It’s the perfect fight for Wilder.

      Zhang can definitely win. He can KO Wilder or out work him regardless of his lack of stamina because Wilder is easily outworked by everyone that fights him.

      • Don’t forget that Fury, even though I rooted against him in all three fights, took Wilders soul. He was never the same in any regard afterwards. He caught Helenius coming out of the corner because Helen is lacked the head movement. This could very well be the bottom of the ninth for Wilder with 2 outs, 2 strikes and facing Mariano Rivera

  • One thing about Wilder is certain, you could never count him out with that 1 punch KO power!! If he does lose and lose badly, I hope he calls it a day!! What a run that young man has had. Started boxing very late, wins Bronze and goes on to become Heavyweight champion of the world!!! And made a ton of money in the process. Nothing to be ashamed of!!!!

    • You are correct. When Wilder is on his A-game, he can be very dangerous with that right cross. Wilder’s poor performance made Parker look really good in their matchup. Yet, Zhang handled Parker very well early in their fight till he ran out of gas. The world will be watching Wilder this time to see if he is even capable of being on his A-game in this fight. I personally feel Wilder knows the gig is up for sure if he can’t produce a decent performance this current time. Zhang needs to charge of the fight from the start of the bell. Why? Zhang’s advancing age does him no favors as the fight goes in the late rounds. Zhang needs to time Wilder coming in or work off the jab to set up a nice powerful cross to shift the fight in his favor.

  • Man what an amazing card. So glad the Saudi’s are making the biggest and best fights out there.

  • Wilder has not been the dangerous Wilder as his record shows, for some time now already. Zhang wins this fight by ko and Wilder retires. But, saying that, and being a Wilder fan following him from the Olympics already, maybe, maybe he has his firepower back for one last explosive show.

    • I agree Tai. The Fury trifecta took the best from Wilder. He is not the same fearsome fighter he once was. Needs to retire.

  • I believe Wilder has still got it. I will never forget his heart in the fury trilogy. Wilder has that south paw killer in his right hand. I will go out on the limb and say, we see a wilder knockout.

    • This is it for him though, Killa. Zhang isn’t going to do anything special, he’s going to stand right there and give Wilder ample opportunities to hit him (and I wouldn’t be surprised if Zhang came in at 300lbs). Either Wilder gets the win or, at least imo, he’s no longer a top heavyweight…. though I’m still curious as all hell how Wilder might do at cruiserweight.

      • Lucie, I know, I do hear ya. You said it best, stands in front of him. Remember fury came in heavy against him, but fury has footwork. Zhang does not, so that is my rationale for Wilder to get the KO. Then again, I picked wilder over Parker, man did I have egg on my face.

      • No money fights at cruiserweight-all good fighters at this weight go to heavyweight.

      • I think he gets smoked a cruiserweight Lucie. Draining his body to make weight will sap whatever is left of his reflexes and power. The decrease in reaction time against a naturally lighter fighter will leave too many openings that wilder won’t be able to cover. I’m thinking back when Byrd went down in weight at the end of his career. I think it was Shawn George who buried him

  • Beterbiev vs Bivol is the biggest of all fights in 2024 in my opinion. But what an evening it could be. Several highly interesting and exciting fights. Looking forward to this.

  • Funny world, boxing. I remember Wilder and his manager used to say some horrible things about Hearn, now they are pals. Money can do some amazing things, makes friends enemies, and enemies friends. Even Hearn and Warren are pally. But it’s all for the good, if they can keep putting on cards like this.

  • With both men having something to prove after their last outings, this could be a banger!

  • I dont like this matchup for either guy at this point in their careers.

    Hopefully the loser will retire.

    • Zhang has no endurance either. If this doesn’t end early, it might be a snooze fest after 5 rounds.

  • Wilder’s defense is rubbish, and Zhang’s straight left will find early KO glory. After he gets KO’d, Wilder will have to perform some deep thinking about his boxing career.

  • A great fight card between 2 big boxing promotions, nothing better then a fight between two heavyweights who throws bombs and knowing its all on the line, because of their ages and another loss on the record what young and up and coming hw. would fight them.

  • Beterbiev vs Bivol.
    Up to the judges. No prediction other than this fight going the distance. Bivol is too good to be stopped. And, does not have enough strength to take down Beterbiev.

    Deontay Wilder (M) vs. Zhilei Zhang (Q) –
    Decision. Up to the judges. A chess match with missiles. Neither will knock the other down. I would not be surprised if this ends up a draw.

    Filip Hrgovic (M) vs. Daniel Dubois (Q) –
    TKO for Hrgovic

    Craig Richards (M) vs. Willy Hutchinson (Q) –
    Up to the judges – Decision.

    Ammo Williams (M) vs. Hamzah Sheeraz (Q) –
    Sheeraz by Decision, TKO, or KO

    Ray Ford (M) vs. Nick Ball (Q) – featherweight
    Ford is not the best featherweight out there. And both fighters have a similar style. Height will play a factor in this fight. Ford by TKO.

  • Is Zhang not supposed to have a rematch with Joseph Parker having lost his WBO interim position to Parker.
    Why his he seeking a new bout rather than reclaim his WBO mandatory position.

  • MBS is truly turning the Kingdom into a legitimate Super Power!

  • This is an elimination fight, as in loser leaves town. Kind of like they did with Malignaggi vs Judah. This will NOT go the distance. If Zhang does whip himself into shape, Wilder tags him late and gets him out of there since he is looking to redeem himself.

    If Wilder plays then non engagement game and hangs out along the ropes, he will be starched by a wide left followed by a quick, followup knockdown, promoting the ref to stop it.

  • Now this is a solid card. Is Bivol vs Beterbiev officially for the undisputed? I believe WBC has this ridiculous ban on Russian fighters not being allowed to fight for undisputed. I’m not sure why some feel Zhang is going to walk through Wilder. Zhang has a habit of getting lazy sometimes which gives Wilder opportunity. Its depends on which version of them shows up. Its 50/50.

  • wilder getting older has to be in good shape for the late rounds might be a competitive fight

  • Wilder looked absolutely terrible against Parker, skinny and weak. Zhang didn’t look great either so we will have to wait and see which versions turn up on the night. I’ll go with Zhang!

  • If I had to, I’d pick Wilder. Zhang a bit too slow, a bit too stationary, a bit too defensively sloppy, and stamina a bit too poor.

  • Great Card! Sleeper fight is Ford vs Ball. Ford had terrific late round KO in title winner and Ball almost won vs Vargas. Heart is with Ford. Not sure who wins.

  • Wilder has the power to KO anybody and Zhang is easy to hit…But, I don’t think Wilder has the heart any longer, so Zhang walks him down and KO’s Wilder in 6.

  • wilder is probably finished as a once strong ko puncher fury took it away from him if he loses to zhang he should hang it up

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