Beterbiev-Bivol Presser Quotes

Beterbiev Bivol Kickoff Pc
Photo: Queensberry Promotions

WBO/WBC/IBF unified champion Artur Beterbiev (20-0, 20 KOs) and WBA ruler Dmitry Bivol (22-0, 11 KOs) met face-to-face at today’s kickoff presser in London ahead of their undisputed light heavyweight showdown on Saturday, June 1 at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This battle of 175-pound titans will stream live and exclusively on ESPN+ in the U.S. as a special one-fight broadcast. The “5 vs. 5” undercard will likely be PPV.

Artur Beterbiev: I just see another belt. I’m collecting belts, and I need one more. I don’t know why {it’s taken so long to make this fight}. He knows better. Ask him. We’ll see {if this is the biggest challenge}. I’m not thinking about it. I’m preparing for it. I will prepare and try to be at 100 percent.”

Dmitry Bivol: “When I signed a contract to be a pro boxer, I had a goal to become undisputed. Everything that I have gone through has been for that. I did it to achieve my goal. Even the fight against Canelo. It was my ticket for big fights. And now I’m happy that I will have this fight on June 1 for all the belts…I believe I can be undisputed.”

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  • Betterbiev by decicion….28%
    Draw ………………………………..27%
    Bivol by decicion …………..22%
    Betterbiev by ko/tko…….16%
    Bivol by ko/tko……………7%

  • Can’t wait for this one! The best vs the best. 2 of my favorites going head to head!

    Either Beterbiev KOs Bivol like all the others, or Bivol is the exceptional skilled fighter that will shock the world, dance around the beast and cruise to a decision win.

    I honestly don’t see any other outcome.

    Their eyes are locked on each other, this will be a mega showdown! Can never bet against Beterbiev’s 100% ko ratio, but I’ll be rooting for the underdog in Bivol.

  • Beterbiev KOs Bivol In Murderous Fashion…. Finish Him…. Flawless Victory….

  • Wow, I’m excited for this one. Inevitable excitement here. I’m rooting for Bivol, but I honestly don’t know how this one turns out?

  • Love both these guys inside and outside of the ring but prefer Beterbiev’s fighting style and suspect he will win

  • Perhaps one of the best matchups this year. What a clash of styles! One thing is for sure… Neither guy is going to slack in this fight. Both are focused and determined. Let’s get it on!!!!!!

  • real fighters in a real fight . hopefully the “judges, referee, and wbc, wba , wbo, ibf , boxing politics” don’t screw it up . i am not sure that they will get it right…..

  • ” The “5 vs. 5” undercard will likely be PPV.”
    – Thank you, again, Amazon Fire Stick……

    • I need to learn about those things. Is it easy to use? Can u hook it up to a laptop or a tablet or phone, or do u need a tv?

      • To use a firestick, you need 2 things: a wifi connection, and an HDMI connection. TVs and Laptops have HDMI connections. Tablets and phones do not. A “normal” firestick will allow you to stream services that you have legally paid for (like Netflix, Disney, PPV, etc). If you want to stream services that you have *not* paid for, you will need to “jailbreak” your Firestick, which can be done for a small fee.

  • Finaly a unification between 2 great champions!
    Is age going to catch up with Beterbiev?
    Beterbiev could also win by decision but likely by KO. Best scenario for Bivol is he builds an early lead & Beterbiev is too late to take back control. The key is Bivol’s jab and will Beterbiev respect his power.

  • A true diamond in the rough of a fight. Different styles, difference in power. A true 50/50. Undercard is very good too. Wish it was this weekend!

  • Choo Choooo…I am riding the Beterbiev victory train to a big city called BIG WINNER—TKO11

    Beterbiev will get off to a slow start during rounds 1-4, but his train will “get going” during rounds 5-7. During rounds 8-11, the Beterbiev train is at full speed for a TKO11 victory.

    Beterbiev’s pressure and body shots will make the difference.

    • g’evening Mr Dean, so…”Bivol all the way” Well, if you ever bet on this fight, please, don’t go “all-in” and…Oh yeah I agree with you oh! yeah Bivol all the way….to the hospital .There is only ONE championship belt missing to Artur and he is too close to blow an opportunity like this one.

      incredible!!!.AAAALLLLLLLLLL the way Artur Beterbiev!!!. On June First, it’s what the people will see: 21V-0d-21 ko’s. Beterbiev is the best wrecking ball that I’ve see in my life Have a good evening….from Montréal

    • Good evening, Mr. Curtis. You know why nobody beat Bivol??? Easy, cause he haven’t fight with Artur Beterbiev yet ! Wait for June 1ST and there is nobody, for the moment, who beat Beterbiev, nobody. Salutations/bye!!…….from Montréal

      • Hey Pierre, my Canadian brother! How’s your dictator Trudeau doing?I don’t like that man. Hey, I know Arthur is your man, I don’t blame you, he is fire; however, looking from a boxer’s perspective, I just think bivol boxes his way to victory. It’s going to be very close. Talk to you soon.

        • Lotta Canadians here. I’m an East Van original.

          And yeah, just say no to Trudeau.

          • Been to the British Columbia side. It was a beautiful city(Vancouver) and area. I loved it especially the Molson on tap! Have not been there since 2018, so I’m assuming it’s much different. I hate to go against beterbiev, but that’s where I stand.

  • Late rounds, some like 8 to 10 are going to be crucial for both men, with Bivol trying to survive and preserve the lead and Beterbiev pressing the action to get the stoppages in a memorable fight. Beterbiev by KOT in 11

  • Can’t wait for this one.
    I think the key will be,
    Bivol will have to put more weight on his lead foot more often
    to have any chance of deterring Beterbiev’s aggression. Will he be able to effectively do this without losing his clean in & out style of foot work.
    I think he gets caught doing that, or damaged enough that he will avoid contact and lose on points

  • Finally, the best fighting the best for all the marbles. Not only a fight fans fight, but one that will generate a lot of money for everyone involved. As is everyone else, I can’t wait.

    The Saudis are hitting the gas on everyone else with their promotions and the others should learn that mismatches or carefully selected opponents can only work for so long. We have been screwed out of a very long list of matchups for the past 10-15 years because of the minimum risk for maximum profit philosophy.

    Besides the matchup, my favorite part is that the PBC is a non-factor here.

  • It’s hard for me to pick against Beterbiev. He’s not just a brute with power; he’s highly skilled and yes, heavy handed. I think he stops Bivol late. However, I understand why the odds are about 50-50. This will be close until the end. Bivol will have be a “special” fighter to box 12 and not get broken down.

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