Anthony Yarde returns with a TKO win

Former light heavyweight world title challenger Anthony Yarde (19-1, 18 KOs) returned to the ring in an under-the-radar bout last Saturday at the Discoteca Memphis in Madrid, Spain. Currently rated WBO #6, Yarde dropped Diego Jair Ramirez (4-49-3, 3 KOs) in round two and got the stoppage with his follow-up barrage. Yarde last fought six months ago against Sergey Kovalev.

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    • Well said. Not sure of the logic of this except to build some confidence, get the kinks out of a Yarde’s current style of fighting after being off for a while, or maybe someone needs some pocket change for fast food. Who knows.

    • actually just read why this fight took place. Yarde is next in line to fight in a title eliminator if someone pulls out. The only catch was that the WBO won’t allow you to fight in an eliminator if you lost your last fight. Kovalev was his last fight so they fought this fight to make him eligible. Doesn’t really excuse SUCH a weak opponent, but if they had to throw the fight together short notice it maybe explains it a little

  • Yarde should fight a few more guys with a record like this and then he can get another world title shot against a guy he is not ready for.

  • This is what is necessary for Mr. Yarde to rebuild? Off TV – ballroom type – engagement. Only he and his team know what he had to deal with since his outing with Mr. Kovalev. How has he been thinking, speaking and engaging in sparring. This is what many fighters today don’t do, but Archie Moore did. Accept any venue, while mastering your craft on any day to continue building. My only hiccup is the lighting. It appears too dark for competition. ©️Coach Hilario 2019

    • Everytime I see this
      ©️Coach Hilario 2019
      I can’t stop laughing.
      Is it there for a joke or do you seriously believe your comments are being copied elsewhere rofl

      • Hilario has stated in the past he is serious about his comments. Everyone has their personal endeavors when it comes to boxing. I am here for fun… Life is good.

  • So is Yarde still with Warren? It seems strange (if he is) that he’s not on the Wilder/Fury card.
    And yes he should be fighting a better opponent

  • Just getting back in the win column. Prob needed this after the hard fight against Kov. Kov needed a ‘breather fight’ before his Canelo fight.It was a tough fight Yarde was completely gassed.

  • Yarde is a fraud. He got a holiday is Madrid and took out a “fighter” who was Z grade. He wouldn’t have got him for sparring! Why can’t you see he is a FRAUD.

  • Smart move if he’s hoping to fight for vacant WBO title now, couldn’t if coming off a loss

  • Una pelea sorprendente, especialmente para los que estaban en la discoteca de Madrid, aunque esos borrachos paletos que se oyen comentar no tendrían ni idea de quien es Anthony Yarde…

    (A surprising fight, especially for those who were in the nightclub in Madrid, although those drunks who can be heard commenting would have no idea who Anthony Yarde is…)

  • Yarde and his trainer are 2 circus clowns, he made a lot of money against Kovalev, he should take it and run, as he is not a serious fighter.

  • Hold on for a minute is he going to fight for a title again I faced tougher competition in the events I was in than he has in his whole career he has good managers.

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