Anderson still unbeaten, Ajagba edges Vianello

Unbeaten WBO #4, WBC #5 heavyweight Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson (17-0, 15 KOs) scored an easy ten round unanimous decision over former cruiserweight champion-turned-heavyweight Ryad Merhy (32-3, 26 KOs) on Saturday night at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Pretty much one-way traffic for Anderson as Merhy rarely engaged. Scores were 100-90, 100-90, 99-91. No memorable moments. Spectators booed most the way.

Jared Anderson Vs Ryad Merhy Action5
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In a crossroads battle between 2016 Olympians, Efe “The Silent Roller” Ajagba (20-1, 14 KOs) won a ten round split decision over Guido “The Gladiator” Vianello (12-2-1, 10 KOs). Vianello rocked Ajagba in round two, in fact, Efe walked back to the wrong corner. But Ajagba took over after Vianello slowed down in the middle rounds. Vianello closed strong, but it was too little too late. Scores were 96-94 Vianello, 96-94, 96-94 Ajagba.
Efe Ajagba Vs Guido Vianello Action10
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

2016 Olympic gold medalist and three-time world title challenger Robson Conceição (18-2-1, 9 KOs) scored a seventh round KO over Jose Guardado (15-2-1, 5 KOs) in a junior lightweight bout. Conceição dropped Guardado twice with bodyshots in the seventh. Time was 2:27.

Another impressive performance for unbeaten blue chip lightweight Abdullah Mason (13-0, 11 KOs), who got a fourth round referee’s stoppage against Ronal Ron (14-6, 11 KOs). Mason dropped Ron in rounds one and three, then finished him with a barrage of punches in the fourth. Time was 1:02.

Junior lightweight Alejandro “Pork Chop” Guerrero (13-4, 10 KOs) upset previously unbeaten Jalen Walker (12-1-1, 10 KOs) with a barrage of punches in round seven. Walker was also down earlier in the fight. Walker’s corner threw in the towel at 1:35.

In his pro debut, Team USA heavyweight Ali Feliz dropped and stopped Anthony Woodson III (1-2, 1 KO) in round two. Time 1:16.

Other Results:
Julian Delgado W4 Juan Tamez (middleweight)
Ruben Villa IV W10 Cristian Cruz (featherweight)
John Rincon W6 Yainel Alvarez (welterweight)
Charly Suarez W8 Louie Coria (jr lightweight)

Malajika retains IBO title on a complete shutout
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  • jalen walker kid was just signed by TR and just as Bradley was overhyping as usual the other commentator mentions Guerrero had fought Vergil Ortiz, Devin Haney and Ryan superhype Garcia in the amateurs then Pork Chop blast TRs latest prodigy with a straight right then two rounds later again Pork chop drops the TR prodigy on his bumpstop then in round 7 after an unmerciful barrage of punches the corner throws in the towel saving the young kid from Cali congrats to Pork Chop Guerrero hope TR throws some fights your way

  • Pork Chop beat up Walker.
    I hope Anderson gets knocked out tonight.
    Great job, Pork Chop. A+

  • Tim Bradley’s opinion on anything Top Rank was bought a long time ago. He’s insufferable now that Andre Ward isn’t around to keep him in check.

  • I enjoy watching Abdullah Mason fight. He’s so fluid he makes it look easy.

  • If he didn’t slap with virtually every single punch he throws, Conceicao would probably be world champion by now. Good chance he would have beaten either Valdez or Nava if he could have done some actual damage. Even the finishing punch to the body in this fight was a slap.

    • I have got to believe that is just from too much amateur fights. Amateurs seem to be more about points rather than knockouts. Well, at least during Robson’s career with headgear.

      • That’s surely what it is. They said he had over 400 amateur fights and he learned to hit the target instead of punching through it to be a successful ammy fighter (and it worked), but it’s a habit he cannot break now.

  • I was unimpressed with both Agjaba and Vianello. That means they will both end up fighting Anderson based on the result.

  • Ajagba by the narrowest of margins over Vianello. I had it even. No issues with the decision, the judges all had it pretty fairly. It was weird where Ajagba landed the cleaner shots, but Guido landed the harder shots. Either way, it was a very good 10 round scrap for both guys.

    • That is how I saw it. They were both pathetic. Bob Arum needs to fire both of their asses, and have Todd do a Bob Sugar. In fact, let’s have fun with this. Since they are building up Candy Ass Anderson, put one of these 2 jokes in with him next, followed by the other. Then, have a real talent smack Anderson around, since he sucks.

  • Bullcrap decision, another robbery. Im done watching boxing. Guido won that fight.

    • Close. Okay w a draw. I actually had Guido 96-94. Pulled it out last two rounds.

    • I disagree. Close fight. I had it 6 rounds to 4 for Efe. Great effort from Guido. What did we learn? They both suck. They are both so bad that even Anderson can beat both of them. What a joke. That was not a good fight. It was an exhibition of bad talent.

      • Put a little money on Vianello but also had it 96-94 Ajagba. Might have been different if he had caught him a little earlier in the round.

    • 2 very durable big guys in a war. Guido won first 3 rounds & rounds 9 & 10 either a draw or 1 point win for Guido. Ajagba’s uppercut to Guido’s chin was the equaliser – no head movement from Guido.

      They are both looking like gate keepers in the division. Great idea is too have Anderson fight both of these guys, stay active and avoid getting arrested…

  • I think “robbery” (and “duck”) has to be one of the most overused terms in the sport right now. That fight was razor close and could have gone either way imo. No way a close decision was a robbery.

      • Please Jake, anyone that had Guido winning obviously did not watch very well. He came out strong and ended strong, but after the third round he was tired and not landing. Efe got his jab going and worked behind it plus landing some very telling uppercuts which racked up huge points. At most, it could have been a draw. That was no robbery, but the right man won.

        • The right man didnt win. I had Vianello winning Rds 1-3, 6,7, and 10. It was a clear 96-94 win for Vianello. You dont know spit about boxing.

          • You had it 6-4. If I disagree with you in one of those 6, then it’s a draw. If I disagree in 2 of them, then Ajagba won. Talk to me about 8-2, 9-1 if you want to whine about “robbery”, not when you had it one round away from a draw.

          • Bet I do! You score whatever way you want, it’s your scorecard. That was no robbery, not even close . There seemed to be a clear winner for each round with exception of probably the seventh. Efe started boxing and carried those rounds from the third on except the 10th. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

          • 96-94 is never gonna be a clear win. You could certainly make an argument for Guido winning, but you could also make an argument for Ajagba. I had it even, because it was very close. The scorecards reflected that.

      • “Well then you dont know s*it about boxing”
        – Well now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.
        – @Lucie is one of the more knowledgeable posters on this site.

          • I know. Acts like he put a lot money on him and won’t be able to pay the bills this month. I wish that on nobody, but sometimes you gots to know when hold them, when to walk away and when to run!

          • The reality is neither guy is any good and are just being groomed to be opponents for Anderson and Torres. He’ll never mention the fact most of the action was sloppy and devoid of any world class technique although Agajaba showed more especially later in the fight which likely stole him the decision.

          • Yeah, when he switched to south paw, I was like, what? Did not expect that, but that uppercut was working for him.

          • Does anybody know of a boxing website for adults? Apparently this one is for the 14 and unders

  • Gawd awful main event. Shame. Merhy knew he was paid to lose and was just in damage limitation mode. Terrible fight.

    • Paid to lose AND make Anderson look bad. The few times Merhy went on the offensive Anderson just froze.

  • Merhy didn’t try but Anderson made no effort to get the stoppage so what does that say about him?

      • Anderson certainly isn’t the heavyweight star Top Rank is making him out to be. The lack of discipline outside the ring is already starting to show.

        • Yes, the outside the ring activities and his lame attitude don’t make his future look too promising. He’s just not that good so I doubt that there will be big money behind him. Heavyweight Adrien Broner.

    • ESPN is the home of garbage main event fights. See: Shakur Stevenson.

  • Some of the blame on the Anderson-Merhy farce must be placed on the TX Athletic Commission, particularly the referee. It was obvious from the 4th round that Merhy was giving no effort. The ref could have dq’d him for lack of effort and suggested that his purse be withheld.

  • Its just a matter of time before the baby gets destroyed by a journeyman boxer! Just a matter of time!

  • Can’t even talk crap about Anderson tonight. He fought a punching bag that was there to survive. He did what he had to do. Can’t believe both heavyweight fights went the distance. Efe won that fight hands down. He probably lost the first three rounds and the 12th.

  • When a guy like Merhy doesn’t try to win, or pulls the old “standing tank job,” the commission should withhold the purse or fine the fighter. Right now the Texas Commission is said to be investigating Colombian boxer but now living in La, Deiner Berrio’s non-effort against Tito Mercado recently. Berrio offered no opposition to Mercado!

    • What also made Berrio’s performance even more strange is that he was coming off a long layoff and put up much better efforts in the fights he lost prior to his tank job against Mercado. These type of investigations need to happen more often and Merhy should get the same scrutiny.

      • I’ve been told Berrio’s purse is being held at the moment. I’m just curious as to how many others knew what Berrio was gonna do prior to stepping in the ring?

    • Berrio has Broner’s Disease though and he’s had it for awhile, it’s just gotten worse. He just… gets to a point in fights where he does not throw punches.

      • I wouldn’t call it “Broner’s Disease”. He was likely overpaid by the promoter to lose and the Texas Commission is rightfully looking into an obvious dive. That makes me wonder if he threw his other losses in a less obvious way. Also, keep in mind nobody called this guy for a fight in two years so it wasn’t like he was an in demand b sider either.

  • Anderson vs Merhy had to be the most boring fight I’ve ever seen. Each round was a mirror image of the previous round…I mean, NO variation at all. The few clean shots Anderson landed didn’t even buzz Merhy. Don’t blame Merhy for stinking up the joint, Anderson was just as guilty.

  • Major remorse for wasting 40 minutes on another Anderson fight, I won’t bother with this anymore. The guy is ridiculously protected compared to how they’ve been talking him up for a few years now. The one fight against a semi-live body he was in trouble and the handlers seem to have concluded Anderson should be matched ultra-safe until everyone else turns at least 40. Compare – At this same point in Joseph Parker’s career, he fought Andy Ruiz having beaten Takam & Dimitrenko in that same year; for Joe Joyce’s 15th bout he beat Parker and already having DuBois, Takam, Jennings & Stiverne on his resume, all of whom were at least one level better than any Anderson opponent. Excusable for the average prospect of this era but certainly nothing special.

  • Only a month till Lomachenko/Kambosos. Loma is getting awfully old and worn but I’ll always watch a fight of his. Kambosos is always fun also. I had Guido by a hair but no problem with split decision.
    Loved the liver shot first fight.

  • Merhy took a dive. That was pathetic. Bakhodir Jalolov or Moses Itauma is going to tear Candy Ass Anderson alive. Anderson proved last night that he is not all that and a bag of chips. If this version of Merhy can sleep 10 rounds and win 1 round in the process, imagine what a LIVE opponent can do.

  • Bland Anderson another sorry, overhyped fighter, padding his record with historically pathetic opposition. He too is pathetic from a historical standpoint. Very forgettable fighter. Going forward, I have no interest in him. What a free fall he represents from prior eras before pathetic Fury emerged.

  • An entertaining fight between Ajagba and Vianello. I had Vianello winning by two rounds. Ajagba is way too open to an overhand right so had better never fight Anthony Joshua. Vianello reached with his punches too much and Ajagba really should have been able to time him – but he couldn’t. But at least they gave everything unlike Anderson and Merhy in the abysmal main event.
    Merhy reminded me of David Haye in the Wladimir Klitschko fight – doing nothing except occasionally pot-shotting whilst out of range. But in fairness Haye’s performance in that fight was a tour-de-force in comparison to this. Anderson was content to just poke and prod with his jab safely winning the fight but destroying his marketability in the process. He seems to have no real power and I wouldn’t be surprised if a top heavyweight walks right through him.

  • after 3 rounds i shut the tv off and gone to sleep glad i did terrible main event the co main was a better fight i had vianello winning that fight but he didnt get the decision

  • I have been a boxing fan for 40 years. That main event was embarrassing. No wonder ufc is taking over.

  • Top Rank’s matchmaker should be fired for putting together such a garbage main event on national TV. Disgraceful!!!

    • Well, you watched it and you’re on here talking about, along with a lot of other people. The same people that were posting before the fight saying what a over rated hype job Anderson is, yet they still watched and came back posting. Maybe Anderson didn’t prove people wrong with his performance, but the fact is- people are interested in him. The worst thing you can be in boxing is boring and go unnoticed. Sometimes I’ll watch a fight and come to post about it after, and nobody is talking about it. Now if Anderson continues to turn in these kinds of performances, then people will lose interest.

  • Anderson had to ko under 6 rounds to impressed and dare the big names but with his poor performance not even Andy Ruiz got scared of him

  • I’ve boxed I’ve been around boxing and I’ve been watching boxing for years and I don’t see anything in Anderson that grabs my attention in anyway, he’s got a huge promotion pushing him, a fleet of people guiding him and his career, but somehow finds trouble, i’ve seen this movie before, go undeafeated against punching bags and when you have to stepup your crushed because you haven’t learned anything. one more thing Bradley has to go, he tries to talk like Atlas, shows favoritism towards certain fighters to the point were you got to mute him, god i miss Gil Clancy.

  • Recorded the fight, but the recording ended right after the Ajagba fight, so didn’t get to see it. Then thought I’d check the highlights on YouTube, but apparently there weren’t any. Ajagba fight was pretty good, but it confirmed what we knew already-Ajagba is not world champion material. He has championship heart and power, but doesn’t have championship skills. He may hold a version of one of the titles at some point, but as far as him owning and representing THEE title belt, I don’t see that happening. Anderson- what can you say? He got the win against an undefeated former world champion. If he redeems himself in his next few bouts against quality opposition, how bad he looked will be forgotten. Perhaps a showdown with Ajagba will be his next fight?

    • Correction-I said Merhy was undefeated. He was not. His record is now 32-3

  • When did Anderson become so boring? Was hoping for more but the last couple fights have been telling.

  • I think think the guy should of gotten paid……..he never made any attempt to fight. Just another payday for him

  • Can someone please tell me what the purpose was for even having this garbage main event, and on national TV of all things? Does Top Rank naively think the overhyped Anderson’s fan base will now grow? If anything, Top Rank lost serious stock value in Anderson; in fact, more and more boxing fans can’t wait to see him get knocked out now.

  • Jared Anderson

    “He had been arrested for evading the authorities during a police car chase. It was the second time he had been arrested in a year after getting in legal trouble for driving while intoxicated and being in possession of a gun”

    Nothing happens to him? Special privilege for selected ones? You and me, we’d be in jail.

    • Agreed. Merhy’s purse should’ve been held for non-effort. He basically pulled a standing tank job on national television, hurting the sport of boxing in the process.

  • Nordic- For someone who is so appalled by this fight, both before and after, you seem to be posting a lot about it. At least 8 times. You think Merhy’s purse should be held? That’s an odd stance for someone who claims to have fought professionally. I would think you would be more supportive of the fighters. As you know, they risk their lives every time they step into the ring, not to mention the long term effects of all the punishment they take. I too appreciate the anonymity on here, so I wouldn’t ask you to reveal your name, but can you share your record as a professional? I don’t know what weight you fought at, but Nordic just sounds like a heavyweight. How do you think you would have fared against Anderson in your day?

  • this is good but not the finished product/ ajagaba? many more to challange…anderon…/ haz about marius breidas…!

  • I will sum it up. Anderson is highly overated. Bradley is terrible to listen to and he and the other commentators overly hype their favorite “house” fighters. The other heavyweight bout was at least entertaining and I did not agree with the result but it was close enough that I would never argue that there was a robbery.

  • Anderson totally hurt his stock in this one!! While it was totally frustrating to see Merhy not engage in any way shape or form, it was up to Anderson, as a blue chip contender to look for openings and pound away until he forced him to quit!! As much as I hate doing this, I gotta agree with some of the comments that his attitude leaves something to be desired. One person commented, Heavyweight Adrian Broner??!!….Yes I have to concur

  • >