Kingry defeats Haney with 3 knockdowns

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Photos: Emily Harney

“KingRy” Ryan Garcia (26-1, 20 KOs) scored a twelve round majority decision over previously unbeaten WBC super lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. With Garcia’s erratic behavior before the fight and failure to make weight by 3.2 pounds, on one knew what to expect. Garcia rocked Haney with a left hook in round one. Haney outboxed Garcia from round two to six. Garcia dropped Haney with a left hook in round seven, but Garcia was also deducted a point for hitting on the break. Garcia dropped Haney a second time in round ten. Garcia dropped Haney again in round eleven. Scores were 112-112, 114-110, 115-109. Since Garcia didn’t make weight, Haney remains champion.


Unbeaten WBO #1, WBC #6, IBF #7 super lightweight Arnold Barboza Jr. (30-0, 11 KOs) scored a controversial ten round split decision over WBO #8 Sean “The Public Nuisance” McComb (18-2, 5 KOs). The lanky and awkward McComb controlled the action and never let Barbosa into the fight. Scores were 98-92 McComb, 96-94, 97-93 for Barbosa. The fans booed the decision.

WBA #5, WBO #10, WBC #14 super middleweight Bektemir “The Bully” Melikuziev (14-1, 10 KOs) took an eight round technical decision over previously unbeaten Pierre Dibombe (22-1-1, 12 KOs). Dibombe was cut over the right eye from a headbutt early on. Melikuziev later suffered a deep cut over the left eye. Melikuziev dropped Dibombe in round five. The bout was stopped at the beginning of round eight and went to the scorecards with Melikuziev winning 79-73, 79-73, 78-74.

In a fight for the WBA interim super flyweight title, WBA #5 David “Medallita” Jimenez (16-1, 11 KOs) outworked previously unbeaten WBA #1 John “Scrappy” Ramirez (13-1, 9 KOs) over twelve rounds. Scores were 117-111, 117-111, 116-112.

WBC #3 super welterweight Charles “Bad News” Conwell (19-0, 14 KOs) won his Golden Boy debut by sixth round TKO against Nathaniel Gallimore (22-8-1, 17 KOs). Conwell battered Gallimore until a referee’s stoppage at :52 of the sixth.

WBC #7 super middleweight Sergiy Derevyanchenko (15-5, 10 KOs) shut out Vaughn Alexander (18-11-1, 11 KOs) over ten rounds. Derevyanchenko dropped Vaughn with a body shot in round eight en route to a 100-89 3x decision.

Unbeaten super middleweight Darius Fulghum (11-0, 10 KOs) stopped Cristian Olivas (22-11, 19 KOs) in round four.

Unbeaten super middleweight Amari Jones (12-0, 11 KOs) halted Armel Mbumba-Yassa (10-2, 7 KOs) in round six.

Kingry: The ref should’ve stopped the fight
Cain Sandoval remains unbeaten

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  • Predictable, but Derevyanchenko deserves a breather after the murderous schedule he’s had recently. Lol.

    • That man could easily have had only two losses. He is always in the tough.

  • Nathaniel too brave for him own good, he cannot win a fight if he does not throw more punches, or punches back.

    Good win for Charles.

    • I didn’t see that fight, but I could just imagine how it went; Gallimore probably took an ungodly amount of punishment but just kept moving forward. I’ve seen that so many times from him. James Toney recently said he hates when boxing fans call for a fighter to retire after taking a lot of punishment in a loss. Toney said the fighters have good days and bad days and could come back from these losses. Wonder what he’d say about Gallimore?

  • That was a sweet and TINY little left hook Derevyanchenko dropped Alexander with. Might be difficult at 168 waiting on Canelo to vacate, but if he goes back to 160, I think he MIGHT be able to get a title shot before the end of his career.
    And I hope Gallimore seriously considers calling it a day.

  • – Was in NYC all day but did not go to this event.
    – Wasn’t going to spend almost $200 for a nose-bleed seat.
    – Thought the prices would drop more, but they didn’t.
    – Watching the card at home on the Fire Stick.
    – Lots of empty seats the first few bouts on the PPV broadcast.

    • Bro, I was rooting for you since you were asking the ticket gods to hook you up. I was also asking my wife if she got the firestick. To my surprise, she didn’t. Here I am all cocky when we were out to dinner saying that I didn’t want to hear a thing once I got home because it’s fight night. LOL!!! Will be getting another one THIS week. Enjoy.

    • Gary, love your Firestick posts. I predicted the fight wrong. I predicted Haney on a UD.

      • – I was excited to see Garcia press the action and take the fight to Haney.

  • A solid win for Conwell, but I hope he keeps an opponent’s body in mind and keeps his jabs/head movements in mind because 154 is no joke – a few key 154 pound fighters also have solid builds, solid jabs and solid punches.

    I expect some major boxing explosions at 154.

  • Charles Cornwell vs Vergil Ortiz be a great fight near future easy tio make both golden boy fighters

    • Yes, I was afraid that Jimenez would be robbed even if he won. That fate was instead reserved for McComb.

  • Ramirez was waaay overrated based on his resume. I thought Jimenez had a good chance to win.

  • Jimenez is a rugged fighter used his head, arms, and volume punches did the trick for Jimenez

  • Ramirez vs. Jimenez was a display of two good chins.

    I am not sure how Ramirez earned 9 KOs because I only saw short arm punches with no sting to it. Jimenez was aware of this, and he became a boxing animal with a display of high volume punching and gutty inside fighting (with grit). Maybe Ramirez’s 9 KOs would have been on display IF he was able to extend his punches (Jimenez said nope).

    Jimenez’s inside fighting and high volume punching prevented Ramirez from working up counterpunches and from fighting at range. Ramirez never found his rhythm because Jimenez was on his hustle for family and for country.

    A great win for Jimenez, and it’s time for a party in Costa Rica!!!!

  • The self overhyped big mouth scrappy ramirez got his cherry busted by an unknown costa rican dude he was supposed to easily beat and get an easy belt! Another dissapointment for golden boy, oscar is running out of hyped up fighters, they’re all getting beat up!

    • Jimenez may have been unknown to some US fans, but he was a legit top 10 flyweight contender.

  • I thought the judges were going to robber Jimenez
    I’m glad he won he did enough to win the fight
    Constant punching and aggression

    In the other fight ….I don’t know anything about medicine but this doctor got me worried

    I don’t understand why he let the fight goes too far ???

    Both cuts of the French fighter and the bully were really bad ..what’s the point to wait til they almost lose the eye ???

    • Wondered the same thing. There’s no shame in having the fight stopped on cuts. It gives you the fair argument for a rematch. That cut is going to be a problem in the future considering the placement. He’ll need to take extra time off to allow proper healing.

  • Man terrible decision mccomb won that fight. Collecting that dirty money

  • Waooooooooo no words to say
    Thank you judges what a great job you did with Barboza waooooooooo

    I don’t know what to say



  • That was BS
    Should have been unanimous decision 98-92 or 96-94 at worse

    Barbosa got a Delahoya decision

  • I have to say this: Teofimo was right when he called Arnold Barboza a sorry a…s, and that is what he looked against a harmless boxer that was robbed tonight, great work Sean McComb

  • I thought Sean mcombs won the fight you can tell on Barboza face and his corner he didn’t win the fight no way Barboza jnr is ready for a world title fight at the moment

    • What would a major fight card be today without at least one bullshit decision? It’s miraculous that Jimenez didn’t get robbed too.

      • – Sadly agree w/you Wildman.
        – At least they got the Jimenez fight correct.

  • Daaang….what happened???? ALL OF YOU THAT SAID HANEY was going to knockout King Ryan. that boy got schooled.

  • The Haney got HUMBLED TODAY. and all of you who said Garcia was going to get knocked out and that he was DONE!!!

    • Congratulations to Ryan “Body By Budweiser” Garcia. He proved he could party, train hard, and win. Usually it don’t work like that, but hey, he did it his way.

      • It actually does work that way for many great fighters. They did much worse than Ryan. The list is long.

    • What were you saying BEFORE the fight? AFTER the fight everyone is the expert, like you!!!

      • No expert here. I thought for sure Haney would win. Garcia was all over the place
        with social media and acting out. Good
        for him. Now he gets to fight the bigger boys at 147. That won’t be as easy.

  • Bill Haney ruined his son’s career. By not letting his son have a real trainer, he was doomed.

    • He might have ruined him by letting Devyn finish the fight. He had to pull him out between 9 and 10. Ego is a mofo and this time, it cost Devyn his career. No way he comes back from this. That was a thorough beatdown. I wanted Ryan to win, but called Haney by UD and Garcia by miraculous TKO.

    • Didn’t make weight, a nothing fight that didn’t prove anything, and I doubt there will be a rematch

      • A nothing fight? No belts were exchanged, but a soul was taken. Devyn will now have no choice but to keep a strict minimum risk for maximum reward diet from here in end. Next time he gets tagged well, he’s out cold.

  • Let’s be honest here, Devin Haney got exposed tonight as being a subpar fighter that was being portrayed as a world class fighter. He got a gift decision against Lomachenko, and lost again tonight to a fighter who still has very amateurish technique, and didn’t even take this fight seriously enough to train properly. Haney will always only be a legend in his own mind. It’s truly that plain and simple.

    • One elite boxer was beaten by another elite boxer, better on this night is all that happened. Haney was no “exposed” and Garcia is an evil mofo who can beat anyone

  • Garcia vs Haney, a majority decision? Barboza wins a split decision? These corrupt judges need to be taken to task, banished from the sport or openly humiliated by a knowledgeable boxing public who refuses to take anymore of this bullshit!

    • Absolute BS. We need a national commission with strict judge selection. We need to strip all control from Vegas and the promoters. I would say the mob, but they’re the same thing.

    • The ref gave Haney a somewhat close decision. Twice he stopped the fight after hard knockdowns, even taking a point for a mild foul. He didn’t score knockdowns where Haney fell on his face. He allowed tons of holding with barely a warning. A very bad night for the ref. I predicted Haney to win comfortably, but this was closer to a blowout than a close fight. I was completely wrong.

    • The majority decision isn’t a bad call because of the point deduction (which i didn’t agree with). Scoring it by rds Garica won 1, 7, 10, 11. Devin won the the other rds. Garcia SHOULD have won 113-112 but with the point deduction 112-112 is a good score. That being said the right man got the decision.

  • Very good performance by Garcia…and he doesn’t have the belt to show for it. By the time they got in the ring it was a middleweight thumping on a welterweight/jr middleweight. Doesn’t seem fair from a strength and power standpoint but the both ultimately agreed to fight and prodigious money was paid to Haney for Ryan’s being overweight. Ryan should just fight as a welterweight, make weight as a welterweight, and just accept that’s where he is now.

    • Real fight fans have given up on “belts” years ago. We just want to see good fights, or in this case, an overrated loser exposed.

  • If you thought Garcia had a big ego before this fight….just wait.

  • I know we’re all shocked. Upset of the decade. Haney isn’t going to be able to show his face for a year

    • Every single channel I breezed through as I searched for a place get a good audio had polls showing the majority of fans picking Garcia to win by and average of 70-30. Not a shocker. Vegas and et all were simply promoting their fighter, which painted a different picture.

  • Ryan was too much for Haney
    The referee helped Haney not counting two more knockdowns
    Of Ryan would be playing games with his shoulder roll game and dedicate to attack him Ryan would ko Haney before 5 Rounds
    Ryan got hands he left the fight with clean face while Haney was deformed
    It was Haney the referee and one judge against Ryan

    If Ryan would have pitbull Cruz mentality Ryan would crash Haney in 5 rounds

    I told you Ryan has the most lethal left hand in boxing r now

    • You said you hated him and would lose. You also said he should be banished from boxing for missing weight…now your saying ‘i told you so” come on man!

    • Come on buddy. You’re telling a fib. We can copy and paste your comments about Ryan. Does this mean that you, Mauricio Sulaimán, son of Jose Sulaiman, will reissue Ryan’s Mexican I.D.? I think he earned it. LOL!!!

      • Ha!!! Good one Peter the Gute. Have patience, Carlos is a work in progress. Give me time to work with him.

      • I don’t like Ryan but it does not mean what he is as a boxers he got skills he is just not disciplined

    • 100% , he let Haney hold on big time after the knock down ,Ryan hits him on the break from frustration he takes a point away. he warns Haney about hitting Ryan in the back and continues to have a up close view of him hitting Ryan in the back and says nothing .he also warned Ryan about holding when it was nothing compared to Haney

      • Disagree with the hitting in the back thing. The shot were legal and Ryan was turning his back. The ref was bad all the way around.

  • I knew Garcia’s style would give Haney major issues, but I was initially concerned about Garcia’s mental strength. When Garcia missed weight by 3 pounds, I knew he would have the mental strength (on fight night) to defeat Haney.

    Since a rematch may occur, Haney’s camp should demand that Garcia satisfies the weigh-in requirement (140) or no fight – the money was not worth it, and the Haney camp is scratching their heads. Unfortunately, before the fight, plenty of folks gave up on Garcia. The Garcia camp set up that weigh-in “drama” nicely.

    Now, let’s see a rematch that requires both fighters to satisfy the 140 pound weigh-in condition. If Garcia makes weight and wins the rematch, the boxing world will cheer even louder. After the weigh-in, I was not shocked about Garcia’s victory.

    • No need for a rematch. Based on the trash talking, this was supposed to be a walk in the park for Haney, but now he’s done. If there’s a rematch, it doesn’t have to be for an alphabet strap or at 140. I highly doubt Garcia can make 140 anymore. Haney for that matter too. Their 25 years old and their bodies are changing. Looking at both of their structures, we might see this running back at 147, but again, not necessary. Haney needs a solid year off with sparring for at least 6 months.

      • A year would be too much at this point. At 3 months off would probably be enough.

  • Everyone knew he lost against Lomachenko, so it was good to see Haney exposed. Chalk up another dirty ref, and dirty judge.

    • Carlos, if Ryan actually worked behind the jab he would have ko’d him in 6.

      Not sure why Ryan wasn’t throwing the jab. And he continually let him off the hook.

      Also not sure why Haney was coming forward for most of the fight as opposed to boxing off the back foot.

      That was a strange bout, they both looked like amateurs. But speed kills. I don’t see Haney taking that rematch anytime soon.

      • Steve G, sometimes ego overplays the smart strategy. Garcia outplayed Haney in the mind games with meet me at the center of the ring talk. Haney fell for it instead of boxing like he normally does.

      • Steve, maybe their 6 previous fights through all logic out the window. Both of your points are spot on. Both fighters believed that they could walk through the other.

      • SteveG….heard Teddy Atlas mention something about what happens in the amateurs can impose fear in a fighter in the pros….Atlas states that many of Tyson opponents either sparred or face Tyson in amateurs and from that experience….Tyson had the fighters already defeated before the ring walk.,.. believe Atlas gave Bruno as one of the examples…..checkout out Atlas weekly podcast…the fight…some good stuff….here both fighters had some knowledge of each other…looked like Haney was gun shy at the ring of the bell in the first round…

        • You all bring up very valid points!

          Ryan no doubt got in Haney’s head.

          Haney previously beat most of his opponents due to his size and ability to control the distance behind his reach. Which is smart boxing.

          But I was wondering how he would handle someone bigger, stronger, faster than him. that is why I couldn’t lay money down on him at those odds.

          I also knew that Garcia was a live dog but just wasn’t comfortable laying money on him either because he is mental and can’t stick to a game plan.

          Yet it was Haney that looked like he had no good plan of attack to deal with that speed.

          Garcia truly looked like a total amateur and yet he still picked Haney apart any time he threw.

          They both need better trainers!

          But it is apparent that Haneys only chance to beat Garcia is to stay back and box and move and hope to get a decision as he just has no power and is not good coming forward and pressing the action.

          On the other hand If Ryan incorporates a jab and learns to control the distance he will absolutely destroy Haney with that hand speed.

          Haney better get a rematch in the very next fight because this is his ceiling and he just can’t match Garcia’s physical gifts.

          but If haney waits and lets Garcia improve the beatings will just get worse.

          Just think if Garcia were to get with freddie roach? he will become a monster at 140 or 147.

          Remember what freddie roach did with Pacquiao.

  • Great win by Ryan Garica prove a lot doubters wrong need see a rematch at 147 be Garica ideal weight if no rematch maybe a fight against a top 10 world ranked welterweight then if successful a fight against boots Ennis in the future.

  • My conclusion. Ryan and Devin are going to make a TON of money when they run in back in Vegas or Saudi Arabia. Ryan did what he said he would do but the controversy lies in being 3 lbs overweight. I miscalculated the situation. Ryan may have Devin’s number, even if he lost those 3 lbs. Dev kept getting his with the same shot all night. If they ran it back Ryan now has confidence and knows Dev can’t handle his power. Some folks just have your number know matter what.

    • Crazy, can’t respond to any of your comments, you must have cried to fightnews.

  • Good Take Carlos…Congrats Garcia…of the many fights watched…learned that ignore the hype surrounding the fight…focus on the fight….Haney got dominated….as Carlos pointed out…There were more knockdowns than credited a disciplined Garcia Would have ended the fight earlier…Haney always had problems with speed on the inside..freezes up…believe Haney was aware of Garcia power from the amateurs…and had lost the fight before the fight started….No need for a rematch…at any weight…Haney was dominated by an unfocused fighter….imagine Garcia adding a jab..and a short uppercut for the second fight…at any weight…Garcia will dominate Haney…and to think of the talk about Haney beating Tank… Brutal knockout!!!! Garcia may have saved Haney from a brutal Tank uppercut stoppage..,..Garcia
    . outside of the antics….is for real….

  • Killa Queen… where is you? any comments? you are one of the many who said Haney was gonna whoop Garcias butt. Can you explain to us what happened Queen?

    • Listen, bread boy. Read my posts from forever. In fact, ask anyone on here that posts normally and they will tell you, I don’t like Haney. At all. I don’t like Garcia either. So, if you think you caught me slipping, think again, DA. Maybe you need to lay off the alcohol because if you have me on your mind then you must be a sick one. Am I living rent free in your head?

      • So your not going to explain what happened?, just going to hide behind a screen claiming more nonsense?, Cool.

        • Fouc, explain what? Nothing to explain. I made no prediction on this fight. I don’t like either fighter. If Garcia made weight it would have been a lot more legitimate. I think Garcia redeemed himself a bit with the win and the manner he did it, but no reason to explain anything else. The only nonsense is someone like you that posts after the event is over like you are some expert. In reality, you are probably just someone who jumps on the bandwagon.

          • Queen, we’re not talking about you not liking either fighter, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU SAID. (HANEY KNOCKING OUT GARCIA) hahahaha

          • Never said it. Look it up. No prediction on my part, if you find one that says I did let me know. Until then, shite talker, close your mouth, bread boy.

  • Hahahaha!! And THAT is what you get- when u get beat and get a gift decision and move on as if u really won!! Pos mferz, him and his annoying dad!! Way to go Garcia!! You and your dad(a real dad) enjoy this!!

  • Haney looked pale, he was too passive and had obvious difficulty creating anything creative in the ring.

    Kingry was able to wait Haney out and it proved to be very effective. He broke Haney down, both mentally and physically.

    Kingry proved something tonight. Hats off and big congratulations.

  • Much munch munch
    Damn, this humble pie tastes good.
    I thought Ryan was gonna get smoked.
    Beat him good. Well done kingry!

  • CRAZY……people are fickle….no one said that Garcia was going to win and especially win in this manner.,,high praises were given to Haney as being the elite of the division….now everyone is saying all this negative stuff about Haney. Accept the reality of the boxing ring….what happened within those rounds….Garcia should be credited …and many may not get this next statement..or the link. Tank is the truth!!!!!.

    • Tank is the truth for fighting drained fighters with his b*s rehydration clause to gain advantage? Let him fight the elite at their comfortable weight n see if won’t get exposed!

      • Ahmed.. respect your position…but Tank protected Tank’s career. Those guys don’t want a rehydration clause to get an advantage…they want to not fight their natural weight and make millions of dollars fighting a lower weight then coming in on fight night pounds heavier.bigger, fast and fair is that? Now Tank is being professional making and maintaining the weight….would you not want the same clause…or risk career or life…Look at the Gatti vs Gamache fight…study that…Gamache actually sued the commission and won….to date Gamache claims to still suffer mentally….Tank was smart…no what should happen is those fighters should go to 154 or even 160….where they will have no problem with the semantics

  • Congrats to Garcia. But most intriguing was him calling out Fundora at 154. That looks way more attractive than a Haney rematch.

  • Typical first loss for Haney in my opinion. As soon as his chin got checked he had no clue on how to respond/defend. Props to Garcia, taking this fight so close to the Davis fight and then just being better on fight night.
    I put a small bet on Garcia just as the Maple Leafs funeral was ending, I had zero expectations this bet would pay out.

  • The difference between the erratic Garcia and Haney was Ryan’s power.

    I won $50 with Ryan. I thought his erratic behavior was going to make him lose the fight.

    What a bizarre interview with Ryan after the fight

    • No doubt. I didn’t think Haney would be troubled in this one. But it felt like he couldn’t handle any clean punch from Garcia. Simply put, Garcia was hurting Haney with his punches, whereas Haney couldn’t hurt Garcia with anything. All credit to Garcia; I was totally wrong in how I saw it shaking out. This is the first fight in a while where I saw the complete opposite play out from what I expected.

  • I guess Ryan pulled a Muhammad Ali when he fought Sonny Liston the first time. Psychological warfare at it’s finest.

    • Dove…naw…The Garcia family has issues…as we all do…some worse than others… something telling me that this might not be an act….Look at Dad….just saying and just damn… like B Hop said just imagine how good Garcia could be without the distractions

    • Lol tell us you lost everything you own betting on Haney a different way next time.

    • “Garcia is still a bum and will never hold a title!”
      – Another keyboard warrior calls a fighter a “bum”
      – Easy to do when you are protected by a computer screen……..

  • Wow! Usually the main events get its own article. Today we just got a revised article with a brief synopsis of the fight. Telling.

    Anyways, holy crap! I got this wrong also. I was HOPING for a Ryan win, but “reality” told me Haney by decision. I listened to it through a channel on YouTube who allowed the audio to come through without much interruption through commentary. Must have been how the people in the golden age enjoyed the fights.

    I’m beyond happy for Garcia. I knew that a draw was in there somewhere as Harvey Doc clearly displayed that there was an insurance plan at play. The first judge confirmed it. The feel out process wasn’t long since they had previously fought 6 times.

    Just watched it about 20 minutes ago for the first time. Garcia shook Haney with every shot that was landed. This was a surprisingly easy victory. I’m looking to see Bill Haney’s excuse for the performance because he had a lot of energy up through the weigh-in.

    This was reminiscent of Maidana vs Broner in several ways and I’m afraid that Haney left it all in the ring, never to be the same. Bill should have stopped the fight before the final knockdown and bell. Devyn took unnecessary damage but dad’s ego got in the way.

    No rematch needed. The only argument they have is the draw which we know was BS.

  • McComb was blatantly robbed on his best performance so far in his career. I’ve seen plenty of fighters lose their mojo in the sport after giving it all they have, then getting screwed over and having to get back in line and doing over again. The second run is just not the same when you lose that faith after clearly winning. An investigation needs to take place and once again, we need a national commission.

  • I was never that impressed with Haney. Maybe a C+ to a B- pugilist at best. Just my opinion.

  • Ryan is where he is at not because of luck or good looks the kid can fight, many people moreso casuals don’t realize that his performance vs Tank was not a good deal and he was at a huge disadvantage
    This time around he took control of how things would get done and the outcome was a different Ryan

    • Good question. Maybe the WBC will tell us. Did not see Devin get the belt wrapped over his shoulder after the fight. Did WBC give up their sanctioning fee?

  • Boxing has deserted there fan and pay for view is more important to them than the millions of fans who have loyally watched Boxing for decades..there was a time when you could watch Boxing on television those days are gone…

  • I’m in shock. I did not even purchase the fight card as I was so disappointed in Garcia’s pre-fight conduct and felt that this would be a walkover for Haney. What can one say!!!

  • Good bfor Garcia proved me wrong that power brah damn! Good win and untainted except weight stuff!

  • Was shocked after watching the fight that a judge could give Garcia 8 rounds. Even 7 seemed like a bit of a stretch.

  • this was the most exciting ugly boring fight ever!!! I thought Haney would win based soley on his discipline and skill but i did say Superhype was a wild card and his superior speed and power could change the outcome and it did but both of these fighters will get crushed by Tank, Teo, and Cruz both have been exposed but congrats to Superhype on the win but also congrats to Haney for showing a ton of heart!!!!! also Mc Comb was holy shit robbed Barbosa was given the decision judges were trash!!!!!

  • Wow- I have to eat crow. I would have bet your life savings that Haney would win convincingly. I felt all along that all Garcias crazy talk was just a ruse, but I still didnt think he had a chance. Great fight and great performance by both fighters really. I hate to say anything negative about Garcias performance, but where was his jab all night? It seems he could have had even more success had he used it more. A great night for boxing!

    • York-I honestly don’t know how you did. Matching these two up- there was no way I thought Garcia would win. A few people said Garcia would win, but in most cases I think that was based on their bias for Garcia. If you broke their styles down, and saw that Garcia had the arsenal to beat Haney, great job, because I sure didn’t.

  • haney lost to ryan garcia hahaha, now it sure dont look good on his resume, it saids now lost to ryan garcia lol

  • He beat both Haneys, basically Haney and his father got exposed his father kept saying hit him harder ,SMH because he had no recovery plans and he watched his son take a beating it was his ego that fired Mayweather Sr. as his sons trainer. For Ryan he has two four time world champions giving him good advice as well as boxing pointers and Haney had that until his father got involved

  • More like 5 knockdowns, he connected he held and finally falls due to the punch, lack of equilibrium and being tired IS A KNOCKDOWN. Haney’s uncle was mad at the first knockdown you can see the expression in his face……He’s paid to be unbiased he clearly was a haney camp kid too, some ref. What a joke anyway all he did was grab and hold all night. he is an embarrassment and a disgrace after all the trash talk and amateurish actions…..Well we all know that’s what those clowns do when they cant fight.

    See you on espn haney. Congrats Ry

  • More like 5 knockdowns, he connected, he held and finally falls due to the punch, lack of equilibrium and being tired IS A KNOCKDOWN. Haney’s uncle was mad at the first knockdown you can see the expression in his face……He’s paid to be unbiased he clearly was a haney camp kid too, some ref. What a joke anyway all he did was grab and hold all night. he is an embarrassment and a disgrace after all the trash talk and amateurish actions…..Well we all know that’s what those clowns do when they cant fight.

    See you on espn haney. Congrats Ry

  • More like 5 knockdowns, def 4… he connected, he held and finally falls due to the punch, lack of equilibrium and being tired IS A KNOCKDOWN. Haney’s uncle was mad at the first knockdown you can see the expression in his face……He’s paid to be unbiased he clearly was a haney camp kid too, some ref. What a joke anyway all he did was grab and hold all night. he is an embarrassment and a disgrace after all the trash talk and amateurish actions…..Well we all know that’s what those clowns do when they cant fight.

    See you on espn haney. Congrats Ry

  • Garcia came in overweight, had an unfair advantage, pretends otherwise. His foul-mouth tirade after the fight, was appalling. IMO, he’s Immature and ignorant, still overrated, and NOT yet worthy of respect or adulation. Shame on Haney for prioritizing money over integrity.

  • I wish for the love of money, Oscar, B Hop and Bill Haney would please go sit down and shut up PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • I understand that Garcia couldn’t win the belt after missing the weight, as it should be. But for Haney to keep the belt after such a beat down only tells you how messed up Sulaiman and the WBC are. The title should be vacant.

  • Another racist “brother” who claimed he wouldn’t loose to a white boy just got beat up by a white boy

  • Revisiting this fight, I was very disappointed in Haney. This was the first time watching him in the ring. After all the bravado, he really looked less than mediocre. He is not a great fighter. Doesn’t have the natural abilities that great fighters have. He’s robotic, one-dimensional, and predictable with his shots. No lateral movement. No power. Weak chin. He wasn’t able to adjust, improvise, overcome. As soon as he got wobbled by Garcia in the first round with that left hook, I knew the fight was over. Just a pathetic performance on his part. Despite him having to face an opponent, who likely weighed 10 lbs more than he did, he has to thank the referee for not stopping the fight. He looked frail, weak, amateurish, fighting a mediocre media darling, who wasn’t confident enough to make weight for fear of losing.

    Just a pathetic fight between two overrated, mediocre fighters, who rely most on hype to sell fights. I suppose this is the pathetic state of the sport of boxing these days. Garcia likely won’t fight again until sometime in 2025. It will take that long to carefully pick an opponent who looks good on paper but who poses no threat to him. Haney may fight again this year, against an opponent he can weight bully. He needs a decisive win or two, to get his hype machine back on track. The second coming of Floyd Mayweather Jr he is not.

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