WBC to award two Maya belts on September 14

In an unprecedented move, the WBC has announced that it will award two WBC Mayan belts commemorating Mexican Independence Day on September 14. The winners of the fights between Jaime Munguia vs. Patrick Allotey in Carson, California, and Tyson Fury vs. Otto Wallin in Las Vegas, will both be presented with belts that have taken six months to create from gold, jade and other semi-precious stones and ceramics, melded with special resin in the design of serpents.
WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman explained that the WBC Board of Governors had been tied in votes for which fight most deserved this special status, so both had been chosen. “These belts are tremendous works of art which have Mexico’s heart in it. And whoever wins them will take them home and cherish them for the rest of their lives. It’s a piece of history for eternity.”

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    • If that is the case, they could always just make a business deal with some cereal company to put rebate slips in cereal boxes so that everybody could send away and receive their very own WBC belt. They could call it the breakfast of champions initiative.

  • They should call it the Wheel of Fortune belt. Also, it looks like moss growing on either side of the main plate.

  • Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the “cry of independence” on September 16, 1810, which started a revolt against the Spaniards. It follows from the day of the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores), on September 15. Also, the 1000 pesos (Mexican currency) shows the face of the hero on that event, and he doesn’t like Maya. So, what the hell this bogus belt call Maya, has to do with that date?
    Why not call this belt “Liberty” or ” “Freedom “.
    I see some kind of ignorance all around

    • Thanks for the brief history info. No disrespect to Mexican history and its importance, but isn’t the WBC the World Boxing Council and not Mexican Boxing Council. The reason why all the money was put into and on the belt is because status and bargaining wise it is worthless. A boxer holds the WBC (insert weight class) belt, they can make demands when making a fight, A boxer holds the WBC Maya belt, no active boxer gives a shit.

      • Thomas Butcher Jr, this clown Sulaiman will milk Mexican history as much as he can in order to get attention, and money of course.

        • Sulaiman, and others, will milk hypocritical Mexican “nationalism” as much as he can in order to make money!

          I see not pride in being one of the most corrupt, repressive, violent, intolerant and poverty stricken countries and people on earth!

    • “Why not call this belt “Liberty” or ” “Freedom “.
      I see some kind of ignorance all around”

      You REALLY believe Mexico stands for the ideals of Liberty and Freedom?

      I’ve got some prime ocean front property in Arizona I want to sell you 🙂

  • How AMAZING? WBC actually has another worthless belt that they’re proud of? I thought only the WBA produced this WWE nonsense. There is a good point here though, whoever wins these ugly belts will take it to the gold refiner and get paid the $25 worth of gold that it has in it. However the refiners charge might be more than the $25 the fighter will receive, DAMN another WBC big banana to another fighter.

  • Guys, this is a trophy plain and simple! The promoters used to do this sort of thing all the time. I’m not sure why this would offend when there is so much other silliness to be offended by.

    • Scott, because they create and award these so that the boxers can pay them sanctioning fees. Want to give out a trophy? Fine, but don’t “award” them and then over charge for them. It’s not offense, at least not with me but it is ridiculous and laughable.

  • The WBC and these other sanctioning clowns make boxing the laughingstock of the World. If the FBI wanted to improve their image, investigate all of the sanctioning bodies doing business in the US.

  • Its just a way to give homage to the serpent giving away two fake belts with snakes on them to two top fighters to celebrate mexicos violent sacrificial Mayan past oh excuse me independence day

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