Usyk vs. Spong is official

Finally announced. Oleksandr Usyk (16-0, 12 KOs) will face Tyrone Spong (14-0, 13 KOs) in his heavyweight debut at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago on October 12, live on DAZN in the US and on Sky Sports in the UK.

Oleksandr Usyk: “Spong is a fast and powerful heavyweight who has had much success in the ring. I must come through this test to challenge for the world heavyweight title I look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Tyrone Spong: “After achieving most of my goals as a kickboxer and becoming one of the most decorated champions in the history of the sport, I wanted to test myself in the difficult and challenging sport of boxing. I have worked tirelessly during the last three years and now have the opportunity to prove my worth as a boxer against perhaps the best pound for pound, and most technically sound boxer in the world. Some may think the challenge may be too difficult, but I believe in myself, and look forward to being victorious on October 12.”

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  • This match up looks like a mismatch to me.

    Spong was a good kick boxer but as a pro HW fighter he has fought only no names so far. Despite the fact that he has power and has a lot of kick boxing experience, his 14:0 record is quite meaningless. Has anyone in here ever heard of Jeyson Minda? Ytalo Perea? Santander Silgado? Those were the last three no names of a list of 14 completely unknown opponents. He has never been in the ring with a top 80 HW but he is competing with a P4P great?

    Usyk should be able to outbox and systematically soften him up and then finally knock him out before round 6. I hope Usyk will pick a significantly better opponent next.

    • @stonefree, he uses the left as a probe but it’s very telegraphed that the right is coming each and every time he does that. He does that all the time. Usyk won’t fall for that at all. I completely agree. Not taking anything away from this man because he’s an unfeated heavy that is ready to shred with Usyk, but Usyk is just a bit out of his(and likely everyone else’s league.

      • @Caligula: yes, I noticed this too, watching one of his u-tube videos. Usyk should have no problem with him, but at least the fight will give him an opportunity to feel real HW power.

  • Facing the best opponents possible the last 7 fights in his transit through the cruiserweight division, now Usyk is in search of bigger challenges at Heavyweight. Sponng is the logical opponent to make him look good. Spong hit hard, but there is such abysmal skill level between them, that the less we can expect is an upset in here.
    I see Usyk punishing Spong at will sometimes and stopping him before 10 rounds.
    If Usyk succeeded at heavyweight, the same way he did at cruiserweight, he should be considered the best P4P fighter. At 32, he is running out of time though.

    • I think many fans will be disappointed.

      Takam wouldn’t have been a great entry fight, and this one is even less interesting. Let’s hope it will still be a decent fight.

  • Well, at least Usyk is fighting again and at heavyweight. Hopefully he can fight the winner of AJ and Ruiz.

  • Briggs was rumoured to be the other man. I’d have preferred that as Briggs would more likely have given him rounds and it’s a yardstick of sorts. Also the pre fight banter would have been good

  • I don’t have a problem with this opponent. Considering Usyk is coming off an injury, long layoff and a tough line of the best Cruiserweights in the world he deserves an easy one. And this IS an easy one.

    Without 1 fight in the Division Usyk is already a legitimate top 5 Heavyweight. It would be hard not to favor him against Ruiz or AJ. Wilder and Fury might be another story, but he’d be no surprise.

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