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  • Overall, Paulie does a decent job with commentating on Showtime. I think if Paulie had more crack in his punch when he was in the ring his career would have climbed even higher. Yes, he was a decent fighter, but often times was an “arm” puncher the way he used his body mechanics. I give him respect no doubt.

      • Deep down inside, I think we are all biased to some degree and have favorites. Yes, neutrality is key on boxing commentating. Nearly all the commentators I watched via TV thru the years seemed to favor their signed network’s fighter(s) especially HBO and Showtime.

    • Paulie had just about zero power, but check out the 6th round of his second fight with Juan Diaz. Paulie landed a right uppercut that knocked the crap out of Diaz, who normally had a pretty good chin, and had him in trouble. Even Paulie had a look of shock on his face, like……Did I just do that??

      • I recall Juan Diaz in his first of the two fights against Marquez. Wow! Great matchup. Slugging and boxing all in one! Loved that fight!

  • Malignaggi is the weakest punching champion in the history of boxing and is a terrible example for boxing he does take a great ass whooping though

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