WBC Talks: Episode 2


During these challenging times, the WBC and the WBC University combine to offer interesting live discussions, addressing important matters, counting on the participation of specialists.

Pepe Sulaiman; WBC LA Director
Xochitl Lagarda, WBC University Director
Jaime Lera
WBC super middleweight champion: David Benavidez
Jose Benavidez; trainer and father of David Benavidez
Dr. Ricardo Monreal
Mediator: Victor Silva, WBC subdirector.

Director of WBC university, Xochitl Lagarda, explained there are going to be 10 rounds. 10 WBC talks from Monday to Friday. You only need to click on the link https://www.facebook.com/wbcuniversity/ to watch all these interesting chats totally live; as they all will start at 12:00 pm (GMT-7)

Victor Silva, who will be the mediator during these chats asked, David Benavidez regarding his feelings as a top performance athlete performance during this quarantine

WBC super middleweight champion, David Benavidez, explained that the main thing we can do is to stay home. To keep training and with good spirit, explaining: “I am trying to keep active. I keep safe, but we keep training hard in our garage. My dad has been instrumental helping me to keep working hard. This is a very serious situation; you need to be very precautious, but there should not be excuses fir us, the boxers to lose conditioning.”

Jose Benavidez Sr, explained The most important thing regarding hand wrapping is to keep learning. Every fighter is different. Some prefer tight wrapping and others loose wrapping. It`s important to understand about the wrapping rules. It may vary in the different regions.

Pepe Sulaiman, asked about the differences which may exist towards hand wrapping for a fight and for training.

Mr. Benavidez replied that it is almost the same process; however, we should be extra careful during training, as that is where injuries may happen, explaining that he preffers to add extra padding during these sessions.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman joined the conversation and asked the Benavidez family about the controversies in allowing or not the usage of tape directly to the skin.

Mr. Benavidez replied that for him is not a big deal.For them, they don’t find any benefit of applying tape directly to the skin.

Mauricio Sulaiman, told all the panelists that he was told that the usage of tape directly to the skin allows to have a more firm hand wrapping.

Mr. Jaime Lera, told everyone that when a KO happens what we must first relieve the body of all kinds of pressures, so having tape direct to the skin won’t help when a KO happens as it will be harder to unwrap.

In conclusion, Jose Benavidez Sr explained that things happen for a reason. The most important factor is to keep safe. Safety is first.

David added they were very excited to fight in Arizona. But it would be terrible if a fan of his got infected during his fight. Safety is first and I totally agreed in postponing the fights and events.

Dr. Ricardo Monreal explained about the different injuries, explaining the importance of the hands’ health for a boxer. He said that 40% of injuries can be prevented as the economical aspects and time of recovery, are very important matters to the boxers’ careers. He urged everyone to always take care of their working tools.

Supporting Ricardo´s Monreal prevention method, Mr. Lera added that prevention is basic. Hands are the most important tools for boxers. So we should take care of the hands from day one, starting with little kids. And he offered a demonstration on how to wrap our hands.

Pepe Sulaiman concluded the chat with a message, pointing out that this time has showed us we all one and claiming that it is up to us. We are responsible for transforming the reality into a better world. He urged everyone to be active and proactive to make this change happen.

Victor Silva thanked the participation of all panelists and invited all the boxing fans and not to not miss tomorrow’s WBC Chat about Referees.

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  • If David Benavidez was honest he would mention all the cocaine and parting he could do now with no upcoming fights.
    Not surprised Sulaiman would bring Benavidez to the panel. Sulaiman’s very lenient with drugs in Boxing.

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