WBC TALKS episode 1

How to protect ourselves from COVID-19

This morning, the “WBC TALKS” episodes started. It`s a WBC University project that will be broadcast live over the next few weeks addressing health and boxing issues with the people who will be at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine.


On Monday, the panel of experts told us about the recommendations and care we should have in these contingency days and about all the activities we can do from home.

MAURICIO SULAIMAN President of the World Boxing Council
JOAQUIN DOSIL Academic Director WBC University
MIGUEL BERCHELT Super Featherweight World Champion
RICARDO MONREAL WBC Medical Commission
NAZUL AKÉ Faculty of Sports LiberQuar University

The first to speak was Dr. Lorenzo Soberanes, who briefly explained that the coronavirus COVID-19 IS a respiratory infection. These illnesses can range from a common cold to more serious diseases such as respiratory syndrome. Medium (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

He also explained that the main symptoms of coronavirus infections can be the following: cough, sore throat, high fever, shortness of breath, headache, aching and runny nose.

Supported by a graph, Doctor Soberanes showed that those most affected by this disease are adults with over 60 years of age. For this reason, he said that the most important thing is to maintain distance since it is a virus that easily spreads, It is imperative to follow the instructions of the World Health Organization, in order not to put the most vulnerable population at risk.

He commented that INTERFERON is one of the treatments that has been discovered to helps the virus to heal; However, he pointed out that there still has no specific cure. He urged listeners not to fall for false information and stressed the importance of following official information. Likewise, he stated that until now only the Federal Government can confirm a diagnosis and that no laboratory can determine the contagion.

The WBC University Academic Director, Joaquin Docil, who was linked from Spain, one of the countries that have been most affected by COVID-19, was emphatic in saying that the change in social behavior will allow us to slow the pace of the contagion and we can only achieve this by STAYING AT HOME because this is a virus that is very easily transmitted. He explained that for Mexico it is essential to anticipate mistakes such as those made in countries as Italy and Spain, among others, because even when the inhabitants were exhorted to maintain social distancing, they did not pay attention and the number of infections increased alarmingly so much so, that today they are suffering the death of many of their compatriots.

Inviting everyone to STAY AT HOME Joaquin Docil, was clear in saying that not all of us are prepared for confinement since the human being is a social being. That is why it is very important that, during this time, we adjust our body and mind to a routine, to keep us busy and not let thoughts of the future or the past affect us, as this only worries our psyche.

He explained that it is proven that if the brain stresses, then our immune system is affected and therefore we are more likely to get sick.

Maintaining good mental health, staying calm, organizing the day and living one day at a time and not being on social networks all the time are the basic rules that he considers necessary for this atypical time that we are living. He also recommended watching the following films, which will help us understand and remain in a positive frame of mind, during this pandemic. “We should look for the knockout, delivered to the virus.”

Life is beautiful / It teaches us how to face difficult moments using creativity

Soul Surfer / Teaches us not to give up and how believing in yourself makes you stronger

The Butterfly Circus / Any reality always has two points of view, the positive and the negative, and we can decide which one to follow.

Completely focusef to the experts’ talk, world champion Miguel Berchelt also spoke and explained that as athletes and world champions it is a paramount responsibility to set a good example and stay at home.

“Alacrán” as he is known in the world of gloves, says that as an athlete, he is used to a high-performance physical training, so now that he is at home, he seeks to do exercises that Keep him in shape by meticulously organizing his day with a routine much like the one he is used to.

Finally, he exhorted everyone to be responsible and give seriousness to this disease, which unfortunately has already taken the lives of many people.

Ricardo Monreal, from the WBC Medical Commission, explained that healthy habits are the perfect weapon that will help us fight this new disease, acting as a boxer does, modifying the fight plan according to how the events are occurring and unfolding.

Regarding the treatments, he pointed out that as of today, there is no vaccine for Covid-19; However, it was clear when saying that in case of having a fever, you should NOT use ibuprofen, as it has been proven that this medicine will not help to treat this virus.

“We must adapt to the disease, we must follow normal life, but from HOME. Having a normal routine, having excellent hygiene habits and if we have to go out keep a healthy distance, learn how to cough, avoid direct contacts. This contingency is going to happen and things are going to return to the way it was before, but we must learn from this experience and change our habits.”

Dr. Nazul Aké, from the LiberQuar University Sports Faculty, pointed out that on these days of confinement it is important to have a calendar of physical activities, which include flexibility, aerobic, anaerobic and coordination exercises. Likewise, he especially recommended boxers to monitor their weight, because these days it is very easy to gain a few extra pounds, so a good diet is essential.

The President of the WBC, Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán, during the talk had various participations explain the panorama that unfortunately the sport is going through, claiming it is a very hard one, because as we all know, due to this pandemic, governments have decided to postpone all sporting events. However, he made a call to remain calm and to globally coordinate, because defeating the virus is everyone’s task, and it`s going to be achieved by being responsible and taking care of each other.

“I already spent 10 days at home. We are with the family and we have seen that the most important thing is to have a list of activities, many of us are used to being away from home, but today more than ever we must rethink our day to day activities. My advice is planning in blocks of 15 days, as we don’t know what will happen later, and thinking too much about the future can stress us out.

“We must be calm, think in a positive way, keep ourselves informed, but also in a responsible way, because excess information can also distress. Today we all have to face COVID-19, together. We will overcome this disease and life will return to normal. Of that I am sure, but let’s just be cautious.”

Mauricio thanked all the participants for their invaluable time and gave a very special mention to all the people in the health sector, doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers … who at this moment are heroes of humanity, since they are in the forefront of the battle lines fighting to save lives.

Some recommendations:

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and an alcohol-based disinfectant.

Take respiratory hygiene measures: when coughing or sneezing. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow flexed or with a handkerchief; throw it away immediately and wash your hands.

Keep at least 1 meter away from other people, particularly those who cough, sneeze, and have a fever.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Disinfect surfaces at home and office.

Do not leave your house unless absolutely necessary.

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