WBC Remote Scoring Update

The WBC Ring Officials committee developed a system which has been used for 2 years to evaluate judges as they score fights live at home. Certified judges scores serve as a system to evaluate their performances and as a training tool as well.

The results have been extremely satisfactory, and the WBC has identified a variety of options to use the system, including for TV networks and fan interaction with these immediate round by round access to information.

The WBC Covid-19 medical/administrative protocol included the Remote Scoring System as an alternative in order to reduce the number of persons present at boxing events. The System was used for the 3 shows promoted By Zanfer in Mexico in July, having 3 judges score from a television studio and an additional 3 judges scoring at home from the USA. These were the official scores.

Last night former world champion, Carlos Molina promoted his second event during the Covid-19 era and the system was also used to provide the official scores for the 5 fight card. This event has marked a breakthrough moment for the system as it was a low budget one and there was not a network televised event, the system worked flawlessly. Five judges from all around the country officially scored the bouts.

These are times to be innovative and proactive. The WBC will continue to explore the official and unofficial benefits that the system may bring to our sport. There are many questions from traditionalists and resistance to change as it is only human nature to do so, however the WBC feels very comfortable and enthused with the results so far.

The system also includes a very important feature, which is the top priority for WBC judges training. Each round is scored reflecting the quantitative element, for example 10-9 but also the qualitative feature. Judges are required to score each round with the level of advantage:

C = Close
M = Moderate
D = Decisive
ED = Extremely decisive

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