WBC disavows Bunchan-Tapia fight

WBC Statement: We were informed that the Narong Bunchan vs. Glen Tapia, to be held in Dubai on September 12, was being promoted with visual elements of our organization. However, we want to clarify that, for this fight, no world title and/or WBC affiliate belt will be disputed.

The WBC did not receive any request to sanction this fight and considering their latest performances, inactivity, and other factors of the fighters, we would not be willing to do so.

One of the main foundations of the World Boxing Council is and will always be to ensure the protection of boxers before, during and after entering the ring.

We are aware that there are different factors to which we must pay special attention to minimize the risks of our ring heroes. Some of the elements that we always consider are the current status of the contestants and the equality in the level of competition.

The WBC examines records, fight histories, level of opposition faced, fights in foreign countries, losses, inactivity, among other factors, in order to determine if boxers are ok to fight and if they are at a similar level of competition to contest a WBC title.

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  • They gotta cough up some sanctioning fee money. The WBC will sanction anything if the sanctioning fee is paid.

  • Glen Tapia is suddenly the second coming of Antonio Escalante. Just does not know when to quit.

  • Talia has not fought since 2017 and has little to no punch resistance.

    Needs to be saved from himself

  • You see Tapia. Had you listened to me as your former advisor, you’d have a shot at the championship.

    I specifically told you to drink this special tea I concocted and once the tests came back dirty, they’d allow the fight for the belt.

    Oh wait. You’re of Dominican descent. Nevermind. This is for Mexicans only. Sorry bud.

  • Translation: “We didn’t receive any envelopes full of cash from either party or promoter”

  • >