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WBA releases Covid-19 safety protocol

The World Boxing Association (WBA) announced its safety protocol for the gradual return to training and boxing events in the midst of the Covid-19, which is another project of the WBA Academy and will serve as a guideline for all those who intend to do boxing during this situation.

The 19-page document, written by qualified specialists who are members of the Medical Committee of the pioneer organization, gives guidelines on how to return to boxing activity safely.

Nina Radcliff, graduate of Biomedical Sciences from the University of California; Jorge Ramirez, Physical Education professors from the Institute of Physics, Culture and Sport, Kiev, Ukraine; Joseph Estwanik, Orthopedic Surgeon and member of the Carolina Hall of Fame; Shivana Inalsingh, Certified in Anatomy and Physiology from the American College of Health Sciences; Karanjeet Singh, a member of the ASBC Medical Commission, and Saul Saucedo, a doctor from the Autonomous University of Mexico with extensive experience in sports, were in charge of working for weeks on this pro-boxing protocol.

This document explains the phases that fighters must complete before they can box again and includes how their training must be depending on their environments and the internal regulations of their countries. It also explains all the relevant safety measures for the boxers, the technical staff and all those involved in the sport.

It contains details of all the measures that must be followed in order to protect the health of the main actors of boxing at press conferences, reading of rules, weigh-in ceremonies, boxing gyms and, of course, at events with or without an audience.

The WBA will send the protocol to all the promoters and commissions as a contribution to have a safe sport. In addition, it will provide assistance and solve doubts if necessary.

It is worth remembering that the organization will send safety kits to events that are endorsed by the WBA and that it will do everything in its power to make the return of boxing a complete success.

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