Briggs says Briggs-Tyson clash is official

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, 48, claims that Hall of Famer Mike Tyson, 53, has agreed to clash with him in an exhibition bout. “I just talked to Mike Tyson, it’s going down, me and Mike. We’re going to make it happen, it’s official,” said Briggs on social media. “You’re going to see it happen. Brownsville versus Brownsville. Me and Tyson are going to lace up the gloves, we’re going to rumble, rumble in the jungle. We’re going to let our fists do the talking!”

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  • I don’t like this fight. If it is treated as exhibition okay, but I feel Briggs is much closer to fighting condition than Tyson will be. If this is taken remotely seriously I think Tyson could get hurt

      • Not sure really. Briggs has been fighting up until 2016. He went the distance with Vitali in 2010. By contrast Tyson was knocked out by Danny Williams and Kevin Mcbride back in 2005 and looked an absolute shell of himself. Tyson is also 53 which is fucking old for a brawler. He is not a Bernard Hopkins who will keep out of trouble. I hope the fight will just be a jokey exhibition

          • Everybody seems to forget this. Mike was shot, was in good shape, but so mentally shot. I hope he only boxes an exhibition fight and continues to be in the good spirit he is in now days.

          • i am not sure additional motivation will offset 15 years physical aging. Either way, I would actually argue he is less motivated. He has no demons, nothing to prove. Ten years of interviews have shown he is finally at piece. He just wants to make some money. You really expect him to dig deep in a fight?

        • there is a difference between getting knocked out and quitting.

        • there is a difference between being knocked out and quitting.

    • Obviously you don’t know Mike Tyson or Briggs. Shannon doesn’t have an iron chin. Tyson is going to shatter him. Briggs also has asthma so he only has a round or two in him. Tyson has a great chance.

      • Briggs went the distance with Vitali after having a broken orbital bone early in the fight.

      • I think you could make the argument that Briggs chin is solid. He looked bad with Lewis, but Lewis is a great and at the time in his prime. Briggs stood up to 12 rounds of hard clean shots from klitschko.

  • “Let’s Go Champ” vs The Ear Lobe Sacrificer! Let’s get it on!!!!!!!!

    • Siarhei Liakhovich in 2006 when he won the title, but, when was Tyson’s last win over ANY opponent? That would be in 2003 over Ettienne. Briggs was at least beating guys like Mike Marrone up until 2015 to 2016. They both have a ton of mileage, and are old by boxing standards. I don’t expect a lot of artistry in this one, but if I was a betting man, I’d be real comfortable betting on Briggs in this one. Briggs looked to have a lot more left in 2016 than Mike had left in 2005.

      • I agree with most of what you say about Briggs, his last few fights have resulted in wins but if I remember his win over Liakovich was a bit controversial. Well behind he managed to push Liakovich out of the ring in the last round and even though the bell went for the end of the bout Briggs got the decision as his opponent failed to get back into the ring.

  • taking this with a “grain of salt” until we here this from Tyson. We know Briggs one of Boxing’s biggest trolls. He’s supposed to be bare-knuckle fighting anyways. You bet He want that Tyson money. Would be a big fight though!

  • This isn’t exactly coming from a reliable source (Shannon Brigg’s mouth) but if it does happen, I’ll definitely watch it for curiosity sake. Anything can happen-Tyson KO-1, Briggs KO-1, pathetic display of middle aged men trying to turn back the clock, none stop back and forth action! Any and all are strong possiblities!

  • If this really happens stuff like this just proves my past statements That boxing is a dying sport.

  • What’s the point of an exhibition bout? Apart from two past it clowns making a few dollars. I’ll be surprised if it comes off though and if it was a serious fight I think Tyson could be in for a hard night.

  • I was first to break this story – ya’ll are welcome. I look at who’s been most active. Briggs for Fkd up v Klit a while back but fought on – he has the heart of a Lion. He’s juiced up to his eyeballs – Tyson looks like he’s about 80kilos now. I see it ending badly for the Ironman

  • Briggs has asthma and Tyson tires out after 3 rounds. It’s a legit 3 round fight.

  • dr ironfist smash briggs head his gloves 12rounds…i dont trust what briggs speeking.

  • “We’re going to let our fists do the talking” Exhibition or real fight talk?

  • I doubt the validity of this fight simply because its coming from Briggs. He’s been thirsty for a payday and will do anything to bring attention to himself.

  • If this stupid fight happens between Briggs and Tyson and they actually take it serious, bet your house Briggs will stop Tyson in the first round. Mark my words. All these delusional ppl talking about how Tyson will do this and do that. Man he ain’t gonna do shit. I feel sorry for him because ppl who really know boxing, will tell you there’s a big difference between looking good in mitts and skipping and all that and then actually fighting. I know! Because I was a boxer myself. Have a look at Briggs recent sparring sessions, he is still pretty good. Why do you think some of the guys didn’t want to fight him? Remember that wasn’t too long ago.

    In conclusion, let’s look at the facts. If they were in their prime Tyson would win in my opinion. Today, Briggs drops and Tyson quits in the 1st. Remember I said it here first when it’s all over. I remember when I predicted Tyson fury would stop wilder Here at (u can look at that last weigh in article for reference), I had so many ppl mock That comment. Well u all know what happened. Briggs in 1!!! Eloquent and definite

    • “Remember I said it here first” hahaha. That’s funny. Hey everyone, remember Benjamin H said it here first. Breaking news. I said it second. On here too.

  • I would watch this fight. I would not pay to watch this fight, but, I would watch this fight.

  • This is great news if true. Loved Tyson before he went to jail but now,,,LETS GO CHAMP. Briggs for the win.

  • Lewis knocked both these bums out. McGregor would smash the winner. They should stay retired man

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