Rolly rolls over Yigit

Sho Charlo V Castano Sat Fight Night Westcott 49
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WBA interim lightweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KOs) bludgeoned Anthony Yigit (24-2-1, 8 KOs) for seven rounds on Saturday night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Late sub Yigit missed weight by 5 pounds. Romero dropped Yigit at the end of round five, moments after he had a point deducted. Romero then dropped Yigit twice more in round seven to end it. Time was 1:54.

“I won’t rate my performance but I got a vicious knockout and I hurt him multiple times in the fight. Every time I landed something, I hurt him,” said Romero. “The European style is always awkward and he was a bigger dude. He’s a 140-pounder. If I had those extra five pounds, I would have got him out of there earlier.

“He was hurt [in the fifth] but the bell rang so I didn’t have time to finish him. If I had that extra time, I would have got him. He was holding, he didn’t really want to engage because he was really hurt. He was scared.

“The punches he landed clean, I saw them coming. I have to work on more combinations. I had a bad camp – at the beginning I hurt both of my ankles and my right hand. I was in a car accident a week and a half ago. My body was still sore from that yet I still took the fight.

“I need to go to 140. It’s my natural weight class. I feel I’ll be a lot stronger. I was at 135 for, what, four years now? It’s about time I move up.”

In a total slugfest, unbeaten middleweight Amilcar Vidal (13-0, 11 KOs) escaped with a ten round majority decision against Immanuwel Aleem (18-3-2, 11 KOs). Aleem gave Vidal all he could handle. Scores were 95-95, 97-93, 97-93 for the A-side. Scattered boos from the crowd.

Unbeaten super welterweight Bakhram Murtazaliev (19-0, 14 KOs) outpointed Khiary Gray (16-6, 12 KOs) over eight rounds. Scores were 79-73, 79-73, 78-74.

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  • Vidal has the height, range and pop to create some interest at 160. However, I would like to see Vidal step up his long jab for setting up power punches. I also want to see how Vidal reacts when he gets chin tested by a fighter with some pop.

    160 has talent, and Vidal better understand how to use his jab to set up power punches or else he is in big trouble.

  • Aleem-Vidal was a tough fight to score, I’m glad I wasn’t a judge in that one. I thought Aleem pulled it out though. In the early rounds, Aleem was the busier, but in my opinion, less effective fighter. He was throwing a lot of arm punches and not really connecting solidly. Vidal was more composed and patient; he was sitting on his punches and landing the more significant blows. Around the 4th or 5th round Aleem clearly became more comfortable and was willing to trade with Vidal, often times getting the better of it, landing overhand rights and left hooks. I feared Vidal was going to get the decision, but I would have gone with Aleem. Bitter pill to swallow

  • Not impressed by Romero. Yes, hes got some power but its telegraphed. His awkwads shots are a good weapon for him BUT he lacks defense. He got hit alot. Hes learning BUT dedinitely not ready for a big name

    • I’m not impressed with Romero either. He seems like kind of a psycho. That attitude promises to take him nowhere when he starts fighting higher caliber fighters. Calling out Tank? Confidence is one thing, delusion is another…How was Yigit an Olympian? I guess Sweden isnt exactly a boxing hotbed, but I think of the Olympics as the ultimate display of the craft and science of boxing. The guy didn’t didn’t even know which foot to put forward.

  • I like this Romero kid because he is physically ox strong with pop, and he does not give a sh*t about winning cleanly. Romero has a seek and destroy boxing mentality.

    I want to see Romero work on his jab with less telegraphed, power punch deliveries. I also want to see Romero keep up his hands to avoid/minimize damage from a future counterpuncher with pop. Last, Romero should work on his left hook.

    Romero is a buck strong kid with pop, but he needs more development and boxing maturity before encountering bigger challenges.

  • A DRAW! Boxing gets another black eye. Charlo wins 3 rounds and gets a bogus draw.

    • Definely not ready for major leaguers!!! Rolly needs to work on his defence, stands and offence. Too wild throwing shots looking for the K.O., he depends on his power too much and that could be his greatest enemy if he doesn’t make the nessesary adjustments as his opposition guality increases!

  • Rolly has thudding power but he’s way too reckless and amateurish. He has this thing about calling everyone a bitch but the day he steps in the ring with Davis or Teofimo swinging like the wild fool he is it’s Rolly who’s gonna be the bitch he will get starched no doubt about it and he will become Rolly Dolly Romero the queen!

  • Rolly didnt really show much. He clearly has some natural physical abilities but he looked sloppy and showed zero class.

    He’s young so maybe he’ll mature into a better boxer.

    • Actually Id really like to see Rolly against Isaac Cruz. It would be a foul-fest. Id like to see how Rolly handles a guy like Cruz, a dirty, gritty, bully

  • Romero is growing on me. I like how he throws with bad intentions all the time, from any angle lol. Always entertaining to listen to his post fight comments.

  • Rollie is the dirtiest, ugliest fighter I have seen on a major network in years. Strong, but horrible.

    • I will say it now. Rolly’s dirty style, shitty attitude and ruthless mentality are indicative of a willingness to break the rules to win. I wouldn’t rule out a willingness to use PEDs or loaded gloves. I know that seems like harsh criticism but he clearly doesn’t exhibit a strong moral character.

  • Only a matter of time before someone stomps him. He truly sucks and is one dimensional. Should stay fighting scrubs like butterbean.All he has is a right hand and fighters like that are just buying time.

  • Late sub that missed weight. Rollie fighting bums, He’s gonna get exposed as soon as he steps it up.

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