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Ugas defeats Ramos for WBA welter title

Ugas Vs Ramos Fight Night32
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Longtime welterweight contender Yordenis Ugas (26-4, 12 KOs) took a twelve round split decision over Abel Ramos (26-4-2, 20 KOs) to claim the vacant WBA welterweight title on Sunday night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The smooth boxing Ugas never let Ramos into the fight as he seemingly put round after round in the bank. In the end, scores were 117-111 Ramos (somehow), 115-113, 115-113 Ugas.

Ugas-Ramos Official Scorecard
Undercard Results from Los Angeles

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  • Ugas beat Ramos’s ass tonight. 120-108. The judges need to be arrested. All 3 of them. All 3 judges are out of their fucking minds.

  • Is George Soros Now Bribing Boxing Judges?

    Terrible boxing judging. Thank God Ugas Won.

  • Ugas looked like a more offensive version of Mayweather tonight. Sure, he got buzzed once or twice, but he dominated this fight. A blindman could see Ramos didn’t win over 3 rounds, and that’s generous!

  • Ramos was in great shape, and his jab was not bad at all. However, looking for the counter punch and outside fighting were the wrong game plans for Ramos. Ramos really needed to maximize his power punching by crowding Ugas with solid punches to Ugas’ body, but maybe it is not Ramos’ boxing nature.

    However, Ramos had a nice, short uppercut and a good left hook, but his inside work was vastly insufficient. I look forward to seeing Ramos fight in the future. For the life of me, I have no idea why a judge scored the fight 117-111 for Ramos.

    As for Ugas, I was primarily concerned about his punch output and conditioning in the later rounds because his late round inactivities created his demise in previous losses. Unfortunately, it appears Ugas has punch output issues and/or conditioning issues in late rounds and such late round issues may display its ugly head (again) in a future big fight.

    Ugas may have to wait for the dust to settle with other fighters at 147 but having a belt is a good bargaining chip – good for Ugas.

  • Uhhh what.? Ramos had some nice shots but nowhere near enough for a verdict. How could anyone have him a decision winner?

    • Clearly, he didn’t say Ramos deserved to win. He was pointing out a few things he did well. Good grief

  • Those judges needs to be whipped so bad with theirs hands up in the air. Were they sleeping during the boxing match? Oh my goodness.!! Yordenis schooled Ramos. Generosity? Give Ramos round 3 even though he lost that round. One only won’t give it to him. Those judges are so annoying.

  • I’m actually shocked. That was a one-sided fight in favor of Ugas. He had Ramos backing up all night. outlanded him 2 to 1 and did everything he wanted to do. Ramos just never gave the effort needed to win the fight. I don’t know what fight the judges were watching, but it should have been 117-111 or 118-110 for Ugas. The split decision verdict for Ugas was an insult based on the performance Ugas put on tonight.

    I really wonder if Ugas will ever get a fair shake in a major fight. He landed numerous heavy body punches, jabbed Ramos consistently all night, and should have won going away on the scorecards. Ramos had a few moments where he rocked Ugas, but they were very few. It wasn’t the type of effort I expected from Ramos. It was his one opportunity to win a major fight and a title but he blew it.

    I did like a couple of fighters on the undercard. Jesus Ramos looked spectacular and I was impressed by the poise and skills of Omar Juarez. Those two fighters have extremely promising futures ahead of them.

  • maybe cherry picker crawford will grow a pair now and fight ugas, I doubt it though

  • Goossen called a perfect fight. Ramos had to make the fight an all out slugging fight at his chosen distance. Ugas had confidence in his corner and game plan. Easy fight to score
    The undercard fight between the tough man and the polished boxer was the best fight of the night. The “lawman” put it on the line every minute. Good entertaining match up

  • Shocking–How old are these judges–need to see their optomotrists-Esp. Dr Lou Morett. Very concerned about some of the decisions we have been seeing lately. I was a licensed boxing judge in Ontario for years. I appreciate being at ringside you can see things more clearly than on TV. However when a bout is this easy to judge there should not be these swings in scoring. Not good for the sport.

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