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  • Hugs ❤️ tonight to both boxing men Ugas and Ramos. We can disagree with the judges but their decision is final and we must respect that. Congratulations to Sr. Mendoza and the WBA, as well, for creating this great viewing opportunity for us! Job well done.

    • Respect an atrocious job that almost cost a 34 year old fighter a title that he busted his ass for? I don’t think so. More like hold them accountable and never let them score a pro fight again. Just wish Teddy Atlas was there after they read that garbage.

      • I guess the Judges were like me rooting for Ramos, he had the wrong gameplan against Ugas, as we can see that when they exchanged he buzzed Ugas in the 3rd & 12th. He needed to push forward more. He did seem to be landing more shots though as the fight wore on and Ugas output dropped. I still thought Ugas won but I gave Ramos at least a few rounds. Ugas is boring to watch and I hope he retires soon.

  • There is no detailed “active processing” needed because Ugas clearly won the fight. As for the judge displaying a 117-111 score for Ramos, maybe the judge is a Ramos family member or a ranking member in the Abel Ramos Fan Club??? That judge should receive a severe “DQ” for horrible scoring and include an official apology to Ugas.

  • Without any doubt, all three (3) judges should be suspended by the CA Commission at the start of business Tuesday. After all, judges Young and Hernandez essentially scored this one-sided bout a draw. As far as Moret, if this Commission had any integrity, he would receive at least a 3-yr suspension. Unfortunately, this is the same Commission that almost got a female boxer killed a few weeks ago by sanctioning a vile mismatch on a Golden Boy show, so expect the Commission to do nothing and keep booking these same clowns to rip off more boxers in the future.

  • 7/5 for Ugas was an insult, but 9/3 for Ramos was an obscenity! 9/3 for Ugas is more like it! Outrageous scoring!

  • this wasn’t even a close call! the one who gave Ramos the fight needs a refresher course on how to judge. he’s a disgrace and a big reason why boxing fans are shifting their interest in MMA!

    • If you’re going to take a bribe, Lou, next time, at least make sure it’s a bout that isn’t televised!

  • Sad to say this is what keeps happening with Haymonomics and punk ass Floyd Mayweather cards! Even when their guy loses it is closer than anything. Even when Broner got whipped by Pacquiao two judges still gave Broner 4 rounds when he only won one round. Whatta joke!!!

  • Was Lou Moret suffering from the after effects of Covid? How in the world do you score this fight for Ramos? I did not give him a single round. Ugas landed over 100 punches more and dominated with his jab. Moret’s score was incompetent and the other two judges were barely better.

  • The judging by all 3 officials was an absolute disgrace to our sport. Lou Moret, in particular, should NEVER be allowed to officiate anothe contest in any jurisdiction.

  • This is SAD HOW THE FIGHT WAS SCORED 9-3 Ramos can this judges give interviews so we can find out why this BS keeps happening pls

  • I think all 3 judges for this Ugas/Ramos fight should have been drug tested. What were they watching? Ramos was outclassed consistently every round, with the exception of the first, which was pretty much a “feeling out” round, and the 3rd, where it could have gone either way. This fight should have been a unanimous decision. I had it 119/109 Ugas. It’s this type of awful judging that makes boxing hard to watch at times

  • 117-111, that’s crazy. Either someone needs glasses or they need to be re-trained. That’s poor.

  • Maybe you should try judging the fight with the sound off so you don’t get influenced by the commentary. If you had watched the Spanish broadcast and commentary and heard what they said, they had the fight much closer. Just a thought.

  • Not a shutout. Ugas seemed to tire down the stretch, and I thought Ramos won the last three rounds. But Ugas won all the others; so Ugas, 117-111.

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