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  • That’s funny. But if you buy this garbage, you’re probably the same person who buys pro wrestling PPV

    • Don’t have to buy wrestling Ppv anymore , 9.99 a month wwe network . Watch them all for basically free

  • Let be honest folk. What’s wrong that the these two great fighters that thrilled us during years with their sacrifice in the ring, are trying to get some bucks, now that they are not longer with the capability to be involved in real fights as active fighters?
    IMO, should be a law to include an exibition match between two legends in every mega event, with a decent payment for them.

  • Firestick or free post-fight upload on social media is the way I am thinking. Sorry, my wallet is needed else where in life.

    • How come you have money to buy a Bugatti La Voiture Noire and not for this event? Cheap!

  • This is simply sad and disgusting. I wonder what crime VICTIM Holyfield has to say about Tyson’s mayhem related stunt.

    I really hope folks do not purchase this fight because it will only create more pathetic attempts to arrange PPV “exhibitions” for former great fighters. I hope current great fighters do not subsequently perform a similar degrading task after retirement.

    I strongly suspect Tyson and Jones, Jr. are having deep financial struggles due to poor investment decisions and/or poor spending habits – I will leave this task for qualified, investigatory media members.

    I will read the fight results later.

  • hahaha good screenplay KIKI! Like British humor, that cold…fun! Your family is beautiful!

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