Chavez Jr. brutalizes Minda in four

Chavez Minda
Former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (56-5-1, 34 KOs) crushed Jeyson Minda (14-3-1, 8 KOs) in four rounds on Friday night at the Parque Revolucion, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. The bout was contested at light heavyweight. Junior attacked Minda’s body ferociously, dropping him in rounds two, three, and four before Minda’s corner waved the towel.

In the co-feature, unbeaten bantamweight Karim Arce (18-0-2, 8 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over Jesus Carlon (9-8-2, 3 KOs). It was an entertaining fight with Arce, the nephew of Mexican ring legend Jorge Arce, having his arm raised at the end. No scores announced.

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  • I don’t know who Jeyson Minda is, but I’m guessing he’s Colombian.

  • Great thats all we need is more motivation for Junior to hang around for a more fights which I guarantee will include a few more quit jobs when things don’t go his way and mixed in with a few dubious knockout wins over inferior opposition..

    Also, what is up with juniors hairdo? Looks like perhaps he’s moonlighting as a Drag Queen or something…

  • Chavez Jr. would have to work really hard to gain the element of faith from dedicated fans since he has been a let-down over the last few years. People really get tired of all the excuses, shortcuts, “the blaming game”, and simply quitting when the tough gets going. Chavez’s last name alone still drives that little cult following of fans [from Mexico I assume] since his father had a great boxing history. All-in-all, it’s such a shame many fighters work really hard to make a name for themselves and never get in the spotlight. Yet, Chavez Jr. still pops up in the media from time-to-time and it’s simply dull reading material with false promises. Have a great day today.

  • Looking all over the possible places, Chavez Sr. found in Ecuador the dream bum opponent for his useless son. A stiff tha was kayoed two times on his last three fights. Now, they are going to be harping that Chavez Jr. is ready for a mega fight, and start the cycle again, ending with Jr. quitting soon a good punch lands. What a shamelessly process.

  • Let me guess…… this idiot is gonna want a title shot now. Such an embarrassment to the Chavez name.

  • Finally, Chavez, Jr. has taken a first step in a possible long road to preserving his great fighter dad’s last name.

    Unfortunately, at this time, I am not even remotely convinced of Chavez Jr.’s efforts, but I hope he continues to take matters one step at a time.

  • Take the greatest of Latin fighters, and let him promote a son who I.M.O needs to stay in a bar, and ride a bull. Chavez Jr, should not be permitted to enter a ring or for that matter a boxing event. This guy has done everything possible to destroy boxing. That is the one thing he has accomplished.

  • same sorry pattern, fight a no hoper much smaller, JR. must’ve had like at least 20 pds advantage on this poor guy, Minda, I checked has been fighting between 154-160,, Jr, by fight time is close to a Cruiserweight, Jr. and his people are in their own reality, but hey !! the boxing fans know !!

  • The only reason he won is because he chose to fight someone else instead of who he was supposed to fight. I hope he feels proud that he beat someone who was chosen at the last minute. He’s such a disgrace and he will never come close to being the fighter his father is.

  • We all know what this fight was, but for those who didnt watch or see it I figured I would comment on the full fight and not just my personal thoughts on Chavez.

    We all know what this fight was. Chavez just wanted to get an easy win under his belt. Still you have to give Jeyson Minda some credit. Round one he landed several good and clean shots on Chavez. After one round it was Chavez coming to his corner with a bloody nose. Round two was mostly the same for the first half, but the body shots landed by Chavez slowed Minda down a lot. Minda started to only land counter shots, but was doing well until being dropped by a double body shot. Minda got up fine and the round was over. Had it not been for the knock down Minda would have won the first two rounds. Round three was pretty much the same with Minda landing solid shots, but fading at the end and being dropped with 20 seconds remaining. After getting up Minda did a veteran move (surprising considering how few fights he has). He took out his mouth piece delaying the action from starting then walked behind the ref so Chavez couldnt rush it. This ran out the clock for round three. Round four was more of the same with Minda falling mid round and his corner stopping the fight. Overall Chavez showed a real lack of professionalism (talking shit when Minda got tangled up and fell), showed zero defense and only had one good punch (left to the body). Im not sure how good it even was since he didnt land it most times when thrown and didnt have the same effect as years ago.

    Minda on the other hand showed a great left hook and solid uppercut. He seems very well rounded, but lacks the ring time needed and his team was possibly looking for a payday.

    Final thought. Chavez looked a full weight class heavier than Minda so its no surprise how this ended, but if this is the best he has to offer he might as well stick to club fighting.

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