Tyson-RJJ can be stopped if it gets violent

By Gabriel F. Cordero

When Mike Tyson returns to the ring against Roy Jones Jr. in their September 12 pay-per-view showdown, it could wind up to be an eight round sparring session. Both Tyson and Jones have reportedly told the California State Athletic Commission that they won’t go for a knockout.

And if the action gets too violent, the affair can be stopped for that reason alone. “The referee will have the authority to stop the fight if it strays outside the boundaries of a competitive boxing exhibition,” according to a CSAC statement.

The fighters will be using 12-ounce gloves instead of the normal ten-ounce gloves.

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  • Tea & Crumpets anyone?

    CA is a pussy Liberal state. FK CA.

    Let these boys fights. Jesus Christ.
    No one is going to pay to see this shit.

    • I love all these loudmouths from New York constantly ripping on Cali. Most people I know from NYC blab away about how tough they are and their city is, but never seem to do anything to prove it…interesting!

      • I always prove my toughness. I don’t hesitate to put hands on anyone who deserve it. I represent all the time

        • @Noccowt-No knock meant on New York, I love New York! I used to live in East Harlem and Queens. Whenever I told people I was from Cali or whipped out my Cali ID it was curtains! It’s like there’s some kind of competition New York has with California that we’re just not aware of.

      • This sounds like bs. If thats the case then most people you talk to are blabbermouth punks. You should prob question the company you keep and why you are entertaining punks trying to convince you they’re tough.

  • This is dumb…either fight or don’t fight….the ref should probably be ready for an early stoppage if some starts getting pounded….but stopping it just because they are trying is worthless.

  • PPV??? Lmao What idiot would pay to watch an exhibition with old retired fighters????

    • @Pete- Are you kidding me? I’m anticipating these guys will completely embarrass themselves, but there’s no way in hell I am not watching this fight! As stupid as it may be, this fight will prolly be the highest grossing fight in 2020, outselling Fury-Wilder 2. I don’t see any other major matchups happening this year.

  • You are paying to watch a sparing match. It will still be interesting to see. Who knows maybe we will finally see Lewis and Wladimir or Lewis and Bowe in the ring even if it is a glorified sparing match.

    • Same goes for anybody who takes the time to post about it

  • Sounds like a fake, I’m not going to hurt you sparring match. Bullshit rip off the public pay per view that sadly the public will pay for. It should be a real fight. Nothing at all interesting in watching a match where no one wants to hurt each other. How does that excite the public? They are very close in age n should fight to win. I don’t see tyson having the stamina to deal with Roy Jones for 8 rounds if it’s a real fight. I believe Jones is still in fighting shape n would stop tyson in 4,5 rounds.

  • The promoters of this event are simply telling Roy and Mike to talk smack to do what? Sell the fight… It’s all about the money and entertainment, not a testosterone punch-fest designed to see old school talent collide. Would not surprise me if these boys meet up in a gym behind closed doors to practice and discuss how the script of the fight will go so fans can get their fill-up on entertainment and their deposits hit the bank right afterwards.

    • Much like Mayweather and McGregor did in their supposed fight.

  • Size of the gloves says all. But, why not to see it? This sparring session its the closest we could get of what could have happened in real, when they were active fighters. I would love to have seen this kind of exhibition between other legends. What about Roberto Duran vs. JC Chavez, Pryor vs. Duran or Chavez and so on.
    If we were already thrilled by them when they were at their best, nothing wrong if they try to entertain us one more time, now that admittedly they are faded stars.

    • I wouldn’t call Tyson a faded fighter I can assure you he would give any so called present day h/w real big trouble he will probably gas out after ??? 4-5 rounds but by then whoever he faced would be seeing stars…..he is still a force to be reckoned with

      • A force to be reckoned with?? Since when you are following boxing?
        We sadly learned more than fifteen years ago what Tyson had left on the tank with his fights against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride. Any professional boxer looks good on the mitts. Inside the ring is another very different situation.

        • If you knew anything about boxing you would understand that boxing is 90% mental, period. Tyson, back then, did not want to fight and his heart was not into it. In the dressing room prior to the McBride fight, Tyson was crying and did not want to walk to the ring. How do I know this? Let’s just say I was part of it. The mind is a powerful thing. Physically, Mike is still a phenomenon. And the fact that he’s been able to completely turn his life around after all he went through shows me that his mental state is on another level. He does not have to fight again, he wants to. However, this is not a comeback, it’s an exhibition. I don’t understand why people can’t comprehend what’s happening.

      • @Mr. Lane-What would you call him then? He hasn’t fought in 15 years and he was a shell of his former self then, losing to journeyman….wait maybe the joke is on me? You’re just yanking our chains right? You don’t really thing Tyson is still a forced to be reckoned with, do you?

  • A new way for retired boxers to make money – charge the suckers to watch them goof around in the ring!

  • What the heck do you mean “if it gets violent?” It’s a freaking fight. I’ll wait till it pops up on YouTube because this isn’t worth the Ppv

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