Joyce crushes Wallisch, DuBois showdown next

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Photo: Queensberry Promotions

Unbeaten WBC #11 heavyweight “Juggernaut” Joe Joyce (11-0, 10 KOs) scored a one-sided third round KO against Michael Wallisch (20-4, 13 KOs) on Saturday night at BT Sport Studio in London. It was pretty much one-way traffic for 100:1 favorite Joyce, who came in at a career high 270 pounds. He dropped Wallisch with a barrage of punches in round two, then finished him in round three with two more knockdowns. Time was :57.

Joyce, who is either 34 or 35 depending on who you talk to, will now move ahead to a showdown with domestic rival Daniel Dubois later in the year.

In a clash of unbeaten super bantamweights, Chris Bourke (8-0, 5 KOs) outpointed Ramez Mahmood (11-1, 2 KOs) over ten in a bout for the vacant BBBofC Southern Area title. The score was 96-94.

Unbeaten middleweight Denzel “Too Sharp” Bentley (13-0, 11 KOs) was victorious when Mick Hall (15-3, 2 KOs) couldn’t continue after round six.

Unbeaten super featherweight Louie Lynn (7-0, 6 KOs) stopped Monty Ogilvie (9-1, 1 KO) in round two.

Unbeaten welterweight Henry Turner (3-0, 0 KOs) topped Chris Adaway (10-67-4, 1 KO) over four 40-35.

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  • Joyce looked out of shape, slow as usual, but still relentless and powerful. Needs to move his head more in the opening rounds against Dubois.

    • Has always been my question in regards to Joyce going into the fight with DuBois – his defense. I don’t care how good his chin is, if he gets hit often early against DuBois, there won’t be a later in that fight.

  • The German doesn’t seem to have the skill or whiskers to compete in the top 50 guys Joyce did what was expected he really needs the fight with Dubois next and really should come in a bit lighter.

  • Dubois will smoke the other dude, then knock out Joe Joyce. Dubois is a young kid who is getting his man strength. Dubois is going to be the next big thing after Fury.

  • Joe did what was expected of him. Dubois is a different matter. If I was managing Joe I would have avoided Dubois, unless his manager knows he is on limited time and is gambling. If Dubois beats him handily then it’s all over for Joyce, whilst if Joyce beats Dubois then Dubois is young enough to come again.

  • Joyce got nailed several times today. His speed is an issue, too. He’s fun to watch and he has a shot against anyone but it feels like someone is going to splatter him with that limited defense and his guts to fight like that. Joyce vs. Dubois isn’t going the distance and it will go to whomever can land consistently early in the fight.

    • Joyce is like the Ray Mercer of this generation. Is Dubois the next Alex Stewart or the real Mccoy?
      Joyce will not outbox Dubois, so he needs the KO. If Dubois has enough boxing smarts to jab Joyce’s head off and win on points that would be the smart move. Trading shots with Joyce makes it at least fifty fifty for Joyce. Joyce probably takes a lot punishment in this fight win or lose.

  • What a joke! The fight looked like it was in slow motion Joyce has absolutely no head movement what so ever. Plus he is already pushing 40.. He has 0 chance against Fury, AJ, Wilder or Usyk. No future in that dude.. Dubois will smoke him when they meet..

    • Excuse me Usyk dominated Cruiserweight but he has not Hollyfielded himself with HGH and roids so he is just a wiry guy with great skills competing against massively big men. Do the HW elite need to worry about USyk’s power? Hey maybe he will turn into Chris Byrd.

  • Joyce reminds me of a California heavyweight from many years ago named Ed Mahone. Both were strong limited plodding type fighters

  • Just watched joe Joyce fight and although everyone is picking Daniel Dubois to win Joyce is one tough dude who takes big punch’s which he should tighten up his defence …..but make no mistake think he will be a tough fight for the really talented Dubois ,who in my mind could have the edge but Joyce will be no pushover I’m still undecided On the outcome of there up coming fight but it will be a awesome fight to see

  • joe will punish dubois, he is very experienced and strong, also joe in his golden age in his career.

    • Not a chance man. Joe is mediocre at best. Slower than shit with decent power and no head movement. He’s basically Lucas Browne all over again. Once Dubious knocks him out he will fade into oblivion. Doubt he ever gets a title fight.

  • Hadn’t seen Joyce fight as a pro.
    Very surprised at how slow most of his punches are.
    And very little movement against a lumbering hulk.

    He did throw a couple of good combinations…especially the last one.
    And he can do some body work.
    He’ll need it against whomever he fights.

    Right now …based on this performance…not much of chance against the top 10 heavyweights.

    A fight against a rebounding Adam Kownacki might be interesting.

  • Joyce vs Braezelle would be interesting. Both are slow and strong, so there wouldn’t be a lot of movement. Just slow hard punches.

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