Tyson Fury vs. Demsey McKean??

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury could be in action in Australia this summer against unbeaten WBO #11, IBF #11 contender Dempsey McKean (22-0, 14 KOs) according to Australian promoter Angelo DiCarlo.

“Chats began some time ago for Demsey to fight Tyson Fury in Australia and I think Demsey is the best option for the Gypsy King,” Di Carlo told News Corp. “We’re certainly keen to do the fight. We’ve had a good association with Matchroom (McKean’s promoter) and we have great respect for Eddie Hearn, but I’ll have more talks with Fury’s camp and see where that takes us.

“If Tyson Fury wants to fight in Australia, the logical option is to fight an Aussie fighter and talking to Fury’s people, they don’t want to fight a small heavyweight. Demsey and Justis [Huni] are Australia’s best heavyweights, but Demsey is 6’6 and being a southpaw, he would present a real test for Tyson. We’ve been given a possible date to fight Fury in August, so hopefully we can make it happen.”

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  • Yeah nobody wants to see an undisputed world title fight, we want to see a hand picked #32 in the world opponent.

    • Check the latest rankings mate he’s ranked 11 by at least 2 organisations

      • And we all know these organizations rankings are a joke. McKean being ranked #32 is even generous.

      • He can be ranked #1 and we still don’t want this fight. Undisputed match, Tyson vs Usyk is what the public wants.

    • #32? Boxrec ranks Demsey McKean #58 in the world; #4 in Australia.

    • This is why they pad a guys record and keep him undefeated for opportunities like this. With the right complexion/connection you can jump to the front of the line for a title shot. Nobody knows who he is, we’re supposed to think he is qualified just because he’s undefeated.
      There were plenty of other up and coming heavyweights more deserving of a shot. WBC is into cash grabs, not having the best champions represent the belt.

      • I wouldn’t lay blame on the WBC for this. On the other hand, they’re not going to balk at an easy 3% from both fighter’s purses in exchange for sending a rep down under to carry Fury’s belt for him.

      • “Complexion”?? F… off dude! Yes McKean doesn’t deserve a title shot and Fury is getting annoying with all his excuses for not fighting top fighters. But don’t pull the freakin race card here man. We’re not doing that, even though that racist pos Haney robbed Loma. The race card is dead! Now grow up and move along

  • Tyson Fury should fight Martin Bakole if everything else is falling through.

  • We as boxing fans need to boycott this garbage, once we hit them in the pocketbook then maybe they will finally get the message and we will get the fights we want.

  • beat Maydancer record and bring the glory back to heavy weight division.

    • Casuals. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Unification match vs Usky is how he “bring the glory to the heavyweight division. It’s not about a record from a super welterweight.

  • Demsey McKean is ranked #58 in the world; #4 in Australia.

  • Demsey is 32, hasn’t fought no one of note, mysteriously ranked lol
    Don’t no one buy this joke.

    • I sure hope so. The Gypsy Queen thought Wallen would be easy. He’s afraid to give Wallen a rematch.

  • Would rather see him fight Usyk but there is no penalty for not fighting for the undisputed. It’s not like the boxing fans boycott anything.

  • Yes, following his thrilling battle with 50yo Chisora we could now see him take another typical Tyson Fury risk. He sure does like to take risks

    Otto Wallin anyone?

  • Who is McKean? I understand Tyson wants to keep busy so why not? Just wondering if this guy has a pulse to go with his glossy record.

    • Sorry to reply, but unfortunately, he has no pulse. But neither does Fury so it’s an even match-up.

  • Fury priced himself out of the Usyk (and possibly Ruiz too) match for this nothing of a fight?

    Wow, great job making that money Fury, youre a truly adept businessman.

    • That’s ultimately the name of the game. Like it or not, the goal of every professional fighter is to leave the ring with as much money as possible – and nothing else.

  • What the ufffck!!! With so many top ranked fighters desperately waiting for a tittle shot based on their earn ranking, and seeing fury vs some uffck I never heard of! Its disgusting and an insult to the other fighters! They should strip this bald fat blob of his tittles!!! If he can defend against the top guys then, he should vacate the belts and let someone with big balls defend them!

  • Make no mistake, Lucas Browne would DESTROY Demsey McKean tomorrow. That gives you an idea where McKean is. He’s fought absolutely nobody and was nearly KO’d by Johnnie Rice.

    Check McKean’s record, it’s as padded as my highschool girlfriend’s bra. Absolutely laughable this is even being considered. Angelo DiCarlo must hate Demsey a lot.

  • Tyson Fury’s bum of the year club… because the Gypsy Queen’s too afraid to fight Usyk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Gypsy Queen should marry a prince and retire to give birth to little Gypsy Queens.

  • There’s an Irish Ex Hockey Pro that’s undefeated Ian (the sniffer) Kitteringham or Kitty as he is known in the underground circles. He has been inactive of late but has an unblemished record and is a regular on the Vegas circuit. He’s in need of cash since he’s settled down with a Thai bride and would jump at the opportunity. Let’s make it happen he’ll be the cheapest option. Legit opponent and it’s some moving around money for both.

  • I would still go to watch and easy win for the Gypsy king, would fold Dempsey like a deck chair

  • about time fury steps up to the plate and gives us fans what we want to see, usky, wilder 4, a.j., ruiz, good luck trying to get fans on board with those boring spike tv level events, lol

    • Except that no one wants to see Wilder get his ass beat again. Or Joshua. Or Ruiz. Usyk is the only fight worth making that offers any risk for Fury.

  • I never heard of this guy. Why Tyson does not look for a more challenging dance partner? like Dubois, Andy, & Zhang to name a few No disrespect intended to Demsey.
    Three fights with Chisora, what were Chisora merits to be a dance partner in the 3rd fight? excluding the 3rd fight, his last 5 fights were 2W & 3L

  • I am a little surprised here, i was thinking he would choose Chisoro again or maybe dave Allen. The WBC has proven here again that they are a greedy corrupt load of toilet matter.

  • They throwing out that’s he’s ranked #11 with the WBO and IBF but what the fuck does that gotta do with the WBC

  • Been a Fury fan for along time, but this latest Fury act is becoming a joke.
    Fury has lost his hunger and is ducking Usyk and AJ.
    He should be taking the fight with Zhang, that would be worth watching.

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