Crawford-Spence on again?

We’ve been down this road before, but the latest buzz is WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford and WBC/WBA/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. will collide for the undisputed world welterweight title on July 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. There will also reportedly be a rematch clause that can be triggered by either fighter. Spence was penciled in to face Keith Thurman at junior middleweight, but that bout would be scuttled if Crawford-Spence is actually happening. Stay tuned.

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  • Would settle for Crawford vs Haney at whatever catchweight between 141-146 at this point. Spence has been a 154 guy for years like Haney has been a 140 guy for at least his last 3 fights.

    • Nobody wants to see that. We already know Crawford is too big and destroys Haney. Might as well have me fight Crawford if you’re going to have that. Same results.

    • That fight Makes no sense. Haney got plenty of fish to fry where he is at.

  • Spence vs Thurman at 161? Or the full super middleweight limit? Well, Spence will never fight either Charlo, so he might as well go up to Canelo weight.

  • Only when the bell rings to start the second round will I truly believe that Crawford – Spence is happening – not a second before.

    • Spot on Lucie!! We’ve been down this round too many times! As Spence’s advisor I would tell him that he is NOT allowed to drive a car until after the fight! As for Crawford, hope he doesn’t get involved in any nonsense!! Joking aside, I truly believe that once they saw Plant/Benavidez, Davis/Garcia and Haney/Loma take place they were like; Cmon bruh, let’s get this done and make this money before this ship sails!!

      • Yes! I would tell Spence I don’t want to see you anywhere NEAR a car until you’re going to the airport to go to the fight!

      • No! Hell no! I saw Cecilia Braekhus at the weigh in just last week… didn’t see her fight though because she woke up the next day with the flu. I will not get my hopes up AT ALL.

  • Here we go again with the tragic comedy telenovela Terrence & Errol the dance, seeing is believing.

  • If I were either fighter, I would be negotiating to fight anywhere other then Vegas.

    • Do you think corruption exists only in Vegas? Wasn’t Roy Jones Jr. robbed in Korea and Whitaker robbed in San Antonio? You can’t escape corruption.

  • They already talking about a trilogy? Do they already know the fix is in?

  • Yeah right, The hype for this fight died ages ago. People have moved on.

  • The making of this fight is getting more and more being similar to a faulty light bulb, sometimes is on, and with a little movement is off again.

  • Doesn’t really sound definitive to me so I’ll wait for an official announcement from multiple sites.

  • I watched the Haney vs Loma fight. Haney did not lose his belts that night.. give or take a round I don’t see anything more than a Draw for Loma but that’s being generous on a few close rounds. Haney accumulated a lead early on.. Loma had moments but that’s it.. and after he landed something good Haney came back with a Jab, Jab , Body. Those Bodyshots were clean and brutal.. in fact I think those shots forced Loma to fight in spurts. Also, if he didn’t get hit to the body so much maybe he would have had more steam on his punches for the championship rounds and scored a knockdown. Loma definitively won the championship rounds particularly rounds 10 and 11. Buzzed Haney. I’ve seen that happen to Haney before after having a lead. He’d get buzzed and survive the last few rounds. This time I think he did a little better in the 12th. They need to do something about his stamina or learn to manage energy during a fight. I can understand how people think Loma won but he didn’t win more than 4 rounds. You can’t win a round getting tagged with Jabs and bodyshots just because you threw a flurry combination for ten seconds and landed one grazing punch out of it.This was Not a robbery.. I think the body shot gameplan was genius and was never really blocked or countered at all. Haneys stance and left hook prevented Loma from spinning him to his left like he loves to do. This is my kind of fight.. both fighters “Hydrated” healthy.. Chess match. Angles.. jabs.. traps.. beauuuuutiful bodyshots. I mean watch the replay in slow motion on that. That kept Loma at a lower gear than usual. Haney didn’t look Great.. but he didn’t lose. Watch the fight again and look at loma.. he simply didn’t do enough to win the rounds “individually”. No robbery. I like Loma too but I’m fair and unbiased. Haney won most close rounds. As for Crawford and Spence.. I’ll care when it’s official

  • let us know when its done. hard to believe. and hard to believe there can be enough money for these 2 overpaid guys..

  • NOPE, you’re not going to draw me in again. I will be vested after the ref has given the rules and the bell rings to begin round 1. Until then who cares.

  • Fingers crossed. Even when or if it becomes “official” I’m not gonna analyze or think much of it until the week of the fight.

  • crawford will find a way to get out of this fight as he is scared of spence.

  • This has been drawn out so long and both guys have so little the past two years I’m not sure I really care anyways. They barely fight and the winner will scream out he’s pound for pound the best in the world. Whoop de doo

  • The two fight contract is good on their part. No matter who loses and I am sure the fight will be close unless someone gets a big KO, they are guaranteed another 8 digit payday in the rematch.

  • Believe it when I see it, until then it’s just the usual shit talking

    • ….shame on you. Fool me twice and uhhhh…fool me twice and uhh…you just can’t do it again.

  • Only in boxing do the top performers think they are doing everyone a favour by fighting other top fighters. Ridiculous. I traveled halfway across the world to see Spence win the title in Sheffield. Never again.

  • I am not paying for this farce. It will be a horrible fight. They are both in it for the paycheck.

  • Other than Joe Biden getting impeached, Crawford/Spence is right up there on my wish list. Hopefully I can get both.

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