Tyson Fury: Tonight was my night

By Miguel Maravilla

Following his spectacular victory, newly crowned WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) talked about his win over Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) at the post-fight press conference Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“A big shout out to everyone who believed in me. Bob Arum, we always had the dream to come to Las Vegas and win that belt,” Fury said. “I just had to overcome a lot to win this fight tonight.”

“Tyson Fury executed the game plan to perfection and he knocked out Wilder in the seventh. It was all laid out and that’s what he was going to do,” Fury’s promoter Bob Arum said in his opening statement. “This ranks up there with Muhammad Ali’s fights and George Foreman winning the title over Michael Moore. Now Top Rank has another heavyweight champion. I feel great. This is the second most memorable moment for me.”

“What a fantastic win for Tyson. He is the number one boxer in the world,” co-promoter Frank Warren added.

The Gypsy King Fury had his way with the Bronze Bomber Wilder knocking him down a pair of times en route to a seventh round stoppage.

“It was a grueling fight while it lasted. I got a point taken but everyone knows I’m a master slick boxer. This time I wanted to knock out Wilder. We worked our game plan from the gym. Tonight was my night and I wasn’t going to allow anyone to take it from me,” Fury said. “It was a fantastic performance but I knew I could do better.”

“We told everyone the best way to beat Wilder is to overwhelm him and jump on him early. That was the strategy and it worked,” Arum said.

Fury now holds one of four heavyweight titles and will likely look for a potential unification with countryman WBA, WBO, and IBF champion Anthony Joshua.

Another option for Fury is perhaps a third fight with Wilder, but the Bronze Bomber will likely need time to recover instead of going straight to a rematch. Their first fight was a draw and with the score 1-0-1, why not try to even the score to which will continue their epic rivalry? Wilder has 30 days to exercise his rematch clause.

“I can’t wait for the next fight, the rematch hopefully,” Fury said. “Deontay will take time. I’m pretty sure we will do it again whoever is next.”

“The question is should not be for me but directed to Deontay Wilder. He can opt out for a third fight and do it next year. If Wilder wants to go ahead with a third fight, then that’s what we’ll do,” Arum concluded.

Deontay Wilder was taken to the hospital for treatment and didn’t attend the post-fight presser.

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger says don’t bother with a plan B, put all your energy into making plan A work. Love ya Arnie, but that analogy doesn’t work well in blood sports

  • Were are all the boxing champs , trainers and boxing specialists who were saying Deontay by ko ?!! Read all my posts about the fight and notice all the responses i got with thumbs Down !! You really don’t know shit and to finish a properly trained hungry Wladimir at 40 would beat them all..

    • I have a vast background in boxing for over 25 years right along with money investments in the sport and I was wrong on my prediction. Regis, have you ever been wrong? That is the fun of it in this sport when things surprise us with upsets, great predictions that carry thru, and controversy of the sport that never ends.

    • I really didn’t have a strong opinion on who was going to win, but I gave the edge to Wilder just because of his lethal right hand that always bailed him out. That being said, people were pissing me off by calling Wilder an all-time great, better than Tyson an all the rest. That was just crazy talk! Most of his title defenses were against guys who would not have been qualified to fight for the title in any other era, including the 90’s and early 2000’s.

      • Yes, I recall the era of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. when he complied a record clear up to 90-0 before Frankie Randall dropped him to score a victory. While a record of 90-0 sounds impressive (and it is), Chavez gained that record for many fights thru mediocre competition until he closed in on the tougher adversaries. Wilder may have gotten beat decisively, but he did accomplish a few things in life many of us will not; a few world titles, being in the spotlight, and saying to his grand kids “I was once a world champion fighter”.

        • Yes, they asked Greg Haugen if he was intimidated by Chavez’s 84-0 record before they fought and Haugen responded -No, because half of them were Tijuana cab drivers. Chavez took offense and made him answer to that after he KO’s him and Haugen responded with a smile-OK, they were tough cab drivers. He won me over with that answer!

  • Wilder was crushed by a man weighing 42 lbs heavier than him ………Fury had the smarts but Wilder had no answer …. his aerobic fitness appears to be zero and if you fight the “bear ” you have to move,change the angles etc………. standing in front of a man with a good jab who will then back you up and maul you ……. I don’t like to put Ali into this but if he had faced Tyson Fury last night he would have picked him apart at the seams even though he was giving away the same weight and greater height than Wilder did…….

  • Wilder said he was going to “make him the answer to a black history month question”. I guess the question is who DOMINATED Wilder last night? Answer: Fury

  • I am interested in seeing if Wilder is as “kind and honest” with his opinion on his performance last night as he was with Joshua’s performance in June.

  • Congrats to fury for executing his fight plan very well. At work, just like here, we comment on who and how the fighter is going to win. Sometimes I’m correct, sometimes I’m not. We have to remember, it is a 50/50 chance of going in either direction. By saying that, I always thought that fury was better than wilder, and than he fool me at the weight in. Is overweight? Why he’s not removing his shirt? Etc. Than when the fight started, I saw how he fooled wilder. And that’s how I was seen the fight before. It was not a great fight that makes you stay out of your seat (remember is how I saw it) it was not a fight going back and forth, it was a complete c dominance on fury’s part. Wow, congrats again. In my opinion, I don’t see why they have to do a third fight, wilder needs to fight lesser opponents to build his confidence back. I have not like him as a fighter, since he is to mouthy and seems arrogant sometimes. But I wish him full recovery. He can comeback better trained with better boxing technique. Regardless of what happens, let’s support and enjoy boxing, without criticism toward the ones the get in the ring or the ones that have different opinion then ours.

  • Come on this is what is wrong with boxing. They just keep milking these fights that are second-rate instead of giving us the very best fights. There is absolutely no reason for a third fight and Fury better not fight a bum while waiting until Wilder is ready. Fury has a date with his countrymen for the absolute undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. After Joshua is done with Pulev, him and the Gypsy King need to fight next. That is how it is done in the UFC and if boxing wants to stave off its eventual death, then it needs to step s*** up. AJ vs Fury does not need to marinate. I’m sure everyone on this forum that is a true boxing fan agrees with me.

  • looking back at wilders fights all i can see is the only good thing he has is the k/o punch…other than that his boxing skills are weak and that was shown in his bout with ortiz….which he was given a boxing lesson until the big wallop finished it,and with furys first fight another lesson in the fight game hes lucky that mike tyson isnt in his prime because it would be really unwise for wilder to have been in the ring with iron mike as we all know what the outcome would have been …….dont we

  • Fury is good for boxing with that personality of his. He was robbed of a win in their draw. He should go ahead and fight Joshua in the UK at the Wembley Stadium the end of summer.

  • A lot of people are asking about Wilder legs. The reality of the whole fight was both men stated that they was ready and could not wait to get it on. Well they did just that. Now the loser is saying he had leg problems. Yeah i bet that is true because getting the mess beat out of you will cause all types of problems with legs, ears, lips, equilibrium, stomach and total exhaustion, and you won’t be fully coherent. That’s just being real.

    • I agree totally. Some people saying “he should have done some squats” as if it is a weightlifting contest. His thin legs never hurt him before. Lots of good boxers have thin legs. It’s not about being able to squat like a powerlifter. It is about having long-term good spring and movement. He came in in good shape and ready to go. I think he had problems with his legs only after the early big Fury punch (I think it was kind of a looping right) that hit him on the side of his head. After that he definitely had problems. Even his facial expression looked dazed and confused and he never had enough time to recover because Fury was keeping him buzzed with punches.

  • When 1 guys weighs in at 273 and the other guys 235 and the 273 guy adds probably another 10 pounds and the 235 doesnt add much there is a huge weight advantage which was the reason for my #Poolsticks post in 2018. I told some in comments to watch Wilders legs everytime Fury lands to head and jaw. I said this in 2018. Remember that. [REFER TO HOLYFIELD VS BOWE 1] When a man weighs nearly 50 pounds bigger then another man common sense should tell anyone that the 50 pound bigger fighter has a major advantage in power. [REFER TO LENNOX LEWIS VS MIKE TYSON]. Im not PSYCHIC. Im simply using common sense and the reason Im using common sense is because Im a former professional fighter who was in the ring before with someone 15 pounds bigger than me and I know exactly how it feels to get hit by a bigger opponent. Which is why I said Lennox will KO Mike Tyson. Bowe will KO Holyfield and Fury will KO Wilder. THATS 3 KNOCKOUT PREDICTIONS WITH THE COMMON DENOMINATOR BEING A nearly 50 POUND ADVANTAGE. Is that Coincidence or Boxing Knowledge

    • Then why did Deontay knock out 40 opponents in a row that probably all outweighed him. Why did Mike Tyson knock out almost everyone that outweighed him? It is not that simple. There is a weight that is optimum and if they go much over it then they lose speed and stamina. If it is a matter of a small, lower weight guy fighting a bigger guy then weight almost always matters but at heavyweight once you get a certain weight then you are big enough to knock anyone out. Remember, these two fought to a draw before with the heavier guy the only one to hit the floor in that one. Fury is just better and I still think he would be even better 15 or 20 lbs lighter if he would still be serious about his training.

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