Deontay Wilder Team Speaks

By Miguel Maravilla

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder did not attend the post-fight press conference as he went to the hospital following his fight with Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas and manager Shelly Finkel were present.

“Mark (Breland) threw in the towel. I don’t think he should have. Deontay is the kind of guy that doesn’t want to quit,” said Deas. “I haven’t talked to Mark about it but we will talk about it. Deontay is doing well. He had a small cut in his ear. It probably messed up his equilibrium. He’ll be back.”

With the defeat, Wilder has 30 days to exercise his rematch clause. “Deontay will be back and you will see these guys in a rematch,” Finkel promised. Stay tuned…

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  • Trainers like you get people killed. He was getting battered, wobbling all over the place. Lucky someone else from your team did the right thing, you and Wilder are the only ones saying it shouldn’t have been stopped

    • One possible thing we need to examine or understand is I am sure Wilder and his team have discussed the “what ifs” in the event something happens. Kinda sad because the variable here may be Wilder’s pride may have gotten in the way and could have demanded his coach not throw the towel in before the fight even started. Who knows. People (or teams) have an odd way of communicating when egos, friendships, and money get in the way. When I was younger and boxing as an amateur, I ran into this issue with other teams collaborating with their fighter. Some fighters thought it was just terrible to have their egos damaged by getting a towel thrown in on them. There theory was I want to go out on my own terms. Hmmmm…..sad.

      • Very brave corner man
        I have seen alot of them.
        As marty feldman would say
        “What, does he need to get killed?”

      • Scooby doo. I don’t agree with most of your comments, or how you express yourself sometimes, but, what you said is true. We as fans see things differently and I wish wilder corner would read your comment, because there is a lot of true in it. Wilder had nothing and look like a contender without an answer to Fury’s strategy.

        • Manny, I appreciate your reply and being honest with your words in regards to my posts. This is all about having fun and being fans.

  • Question for J.Deas:
    What were you doing for past 10 years? You haven’t teach Wilder nothing but rely on his right hand and poor oponents.What kind of coach are you when somebody else throws towel in your corner.

  • Wilder appeared to have symptoms of a concussion during the course of the fight. In addition, his equilibrium was off as well maybe due to the ear injury. Either way, great performance for Fury. I was wrong on my prediction.

    • Hundred percent correct almost like an instant replay what happened to Anthony Joshua talking to a doctor that is a very soft spot in very easy to lose balance and have equilibrium problems after that punch in the third round the fight was over that simple

    • Totally agree. Unfortunately for Wilder, he took an odd ball shot & it threw him off… From that point onward he was only operating at best, 50% capacity. Because not only is your balance/equilibrium off, your timing is off, your concentration is interrupted, you loose power, the entire arsenal to a good extent, is dismantled. From that ear issue onward, he was at a tremendous disadvantage. With that in mind the towel should’ve been thrown in by the 3rd round. After the injury, & it can happen to any great fighter, his chances of winning we’re slim. Nothing against the winner, he fought beautifully… It was just an unfortunate occurrence. . . Sadly, injuries like that are a major factor sometimes. This fight was a case in point.

      • All due respect, of the 19 rounds they fought, Wilder won 2 only because of knockdowns. Even after that 12th found knockdown, Fury dominated the rest of the round. Wilder has never developed a backup plan. He stayed a one trick pony because it carried him far. A lot further than I thought. I give him credit for that, but I can’t recall a fighter who relies on intimidation, ever being the same after getting thoroughly dominated and stopped.

        • Pete, thx for the info/facts. Didn’t realize that. . . Sheds an interesting perspective. That’s insightful & I guess time will tell. When we look back at some of the greatest fighters in history, most had a variety of strengths that carried them to their success. It’s all relative & it is what it is at the end of the day. As my dad used to say “you can only go to the water well so many times.”

  • If Jay Deas couldn’t see that Breland made the right call then he shouldn’t be ‘training’ Wilder and go back to crime reporting.
    Breland absolutely made the right call and could have actually even thrown the towel in earlier.
    Breland is an experienced,former world champ who can recognise the signs.Wilder wasn’t offering anything back by that stage and was becoming a punching bag for Fury.

    • Breland is the greatest American amateur of all time and is the result of too many punches ..the fact Deas said anything is disgusting ..guy knows nothing about boxing

    • True, Wilder was not offering anything but we all saw that Fury fought an excellent fight but was unable to KO a punching bag.

  • You win with unity. You lose with unity. You don’t blame the other trainer for throwing the towel too early, especially when the guy was getting battered by a 270 man. I’d expect a little more class.

  • One more good flurry and Kenny Bayliss would have done the job. Wilder had no legs, no chance and he went out on his shield by bravely coming out for that 7th round after he looked a broken man in the minute’s rest after the 6th. Ask Payrick Day’s trainers if they wish they could go back and stop his fight earlier…. the towel being thrown in was not an early stoppage it was a humane act after a 6 round total beatdown that was only going to get uglier.

    • Cranial bleeds can be tricky to detect in some people displaying symptoms. Some folks may still be alert, have good balance, and be able to fight back with a minor cranial bleed until the bleed extends. I think by the time Day’s corner stopped the fight, the bleed extended way too far. When a person reviews the fight, I could see Day’s balance was off a hair a round or two before they stopped it. Very sad….No do overs in this case. The only way to diagnose a cranial bleed is via radiologic exams (ie, CT Scan w/w-out dye) which is not done at a fight. Even a slick ringside doctor may not catch symptoms until it’s too late.

  • With urgency, Wilder should get rid of Shelly Finkel and Jay Deas. Who, after seeing his fighter absolutely outclassed, battered; would be thinking about to excercise a rematch clause
    to throw him under the bus again?
    Why making public their dislike because a compassionate action saved Wilder of unnecessary punishment, when was more than obvious that he was just a seating duck under target practicing by Fury?
    Were both(Deas and Finkell) thinking to send Wilder for more punishment in the next round?
    These are the people that their craft is to put a black eye on the sport of boxing.

    • Well said MM. There is always the what if? … what if Mark wouldn’t have thrown in the towel and Fury would have landed more solid shots on the side of his head/ear? ……

  • NJ boxing and Jonathan, you both insulted me on my prediction. Listen, I use to box for 17 years and obviously I didn’t make it. But Clearly, you both don’t know shit about boxing. Just a casual fan. Eat your words. Shut up.

    • Benjamin H, I too was a fighter. However, I must profess something after you said you did not make it (to the top for a decent living I assume). Education is far more powerful than any set of gloves. The professionals we watch on the big screen are in the minority as compared to the whole world of boxing athletes. Boxing is brutal and it does not pay well unless you have connections and talent. However, a solid education is something nobody can take away once you make that accomplishment. I can tell you with no debate my education pays by bills and as we age, boxing does not last forever. Folks, an education is the key and your children (if you have any) should be given priority to it first thing in life. Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword. I am sure some will debate me. No problem… I can only attest to my real-life feedback.

      • So much that I can said but I would resume with this,,,, I’m Dad and Husband that also practice boxing on my younger days and I’m Approve This Message!!!!!!

        • Yes sir Ben H. Scoobs tells it like it is and is typically spot on. Matter of fact, some folks on here are prob actual retired fighters like you guys AND myself. Although i did make it to the top for a small stint, the politics and not putting up with crappy management pulled me away and i got out before i was about to get used and abused. Bad Managers n trainers can drive u down and hurt u faster than anyone else. Wilder needs to take aome time off, get a new trainer and start over with the basics

  • Wilder needs to get away from those guys. I dont care if it was his ego or not. Jay Deas has a responsibility to keep his fighter safe. Maybe he should talk to Buddy McGirt about making a call for a fighter that doesn’t want to quit. I think Breeland should stay and wilder needs to clean house for the safety of his life. He needs to get rid of Finkle and Deas. We know he’s tough we know he punches hard but none of that matters when you’re getting mauled and someone needs to show caution and compassion for the sake of their fighter if nothing else to fight another day. Shame on Jay Deas! That fight got out of control quick and there was no sign it was going to change paths. Kenny Bayless was looking in horror for at at least from round six. These guys both have kids and a wife to go home to and that is above all else. Mark Breeland should get a raise and Wilder should keep him. At least he cares!

  • It’s funny how manny people predicted Fury to win….. after the fight !!! I had Fury winning before the fight but i was thousand miles away from Fury winning in such fashion !!! Were are all the trainers, pro fighters and guy’s like Kellerman who were dissing Fury’s abilities saying he can’t crack an egg with his fists ?!! No one could make any decent analysis by relating that Fury won the first one after a 3 years layoff facing drug addiction and depression ; prepared only by beating second tier opposition ?! There’s only one who could make adjustments and the one is Fury..

    • Regis, agreed.
      All the Wilder girl scout fans were going on about Fury not having any knockout power, being feather fisted and getting hard ons by Wilder knocking Fury down un the 1st fight and also the big cut that Fury suffered in his last fight.
      Bet they are all eating their words now.
      I’ve said all along, that Fury will beat Wilder and he gave him a proper beatdown and shut his big mouth up once and for all.

  • No trainer should entertain a fighters wish to get killed or permanently injured in the ring. Wilder was getting waxed all fight. There was no reason to allow him to stay in there and get pummeled on by a 300lbs monster. This ain’t a movie! Reset, regroup, and come back stronger is all you can do. LIVE to fight another day.

  • People have to understand that Jay is just a redneck from the south who would be either selling insurance or pastoring a small Church if he hadn’t lucked out by getting a kid who just happened to have lights out punching power come in his hillbilly gym. Think about it, this guy doesn’t have another single pro in his whole gym except Wilder’s glassjawed brother who already got exposed by a bum. Wilder never learned how to fight and in his mid-30s he is not going to. His World championship days are behind him and this division belongs to only two men, and possibly a third coming up behind all of them. I’m talking about Fury, AJ and Usyk.

  • As a KO victim himself ,I’m glad Breland knew when enough was enough for his fighter.
    That being said, if he’s gonna continue MAYBE he should think of adding someone who could teach something like ahhhh DEFENSE.
    Just like with Joshua the blueprint for their demise has been presented, unlock Joshua who is too easily concussed, Wilders can possibly be corrected, learn defense and how to properly utilize the jab and it could happen.
    If he sticks with the same team that for the exception of Breland should have bought tickets, cause they were watchin the fight and not their fighter it’s a WRAP as a Champ.

    • It can’t easily be corrected. Wilder has been a fundamental wreck ever since he started. He’s been in the game for over 15 years and not much has changed. Ever heard the term it’s hard teach an old dog new tricks

  • Right from the start of the fight Wilder looked shot. This is concerning. When that, not even heavy, body shot put him down he looked like an old washed up fighter. This was not the Wilder we know. Hope he thinks carefully about his next fight.

  • It was a very good call on Breland side. The fight was lost and there was cleary something wrong with DW. I am curious to learn if there was something in DW’s ear that got damaged as I think he had clear equilibrium issues. Anyway TF won this one fair and square.

  • The Corner throwing in the Towel was smart he was done why risk injury. Not sure Jay Deas has ever fought. Never second guess the trainer he knows his fighter. It is better to stop a second early than a second late. That being said Wilder hes and needs a trainer change he it very athletically gifted , but in all honesty has not improved over the years .

  • At the end of the day Mark Breland did the right thing by stopping the fight. It sounds good that you wanna go out on your sheils because it shows grit and toughness. Deontay and his trainer need to praise Mark for what he did. He gets to go home and enjoy time with his family he’ll gets his shot again but last night was not his nigh

  • Kudos to Mark Breland for having the common sense to throw in the towel. In all fairness, the fight should have been stopped in the 3rd round.

    Like Primo Carnera, Deontay was not as good as the record shows. Time to give it up. Find a new trade.

  • Kudos to Mark Breland for having the common sense to throw in the towel. In all fairness, the fight should have been stopped in the 3rd round.

    Like Primo Carnera, Deontay was not as good as the record shows. Time to give it up. Find a new trade.

    • If I’m Mark Breland, I’m walking away from Deontay Wilder ASAP. At what point do you say….. look…. this guy will never be a real boxer, an move on? Think back about the speed, power, defense, and skill of prime Mike Tyson….. then look at Wilder. He is a joke. Prime Tyson would have KO’d prime Wilder in 2 rounds or less.

  • His team doesn’t care about Wilders health. They just want another big payday in a rematch

  • Obviously it was not trainer Deas receiving those heavyweight punches. A boxer like Mark Breland knows what it is to get punished in the ring. The fight should have actually been stopped earlier as Terrance Crawford said in an interview.

  • Old school always believes you should never quit. Wilder believes that as well, that is the reason we have refs, doctors, cornermen and an intelligent former fighter like Breland who has a caring heart. We all know that when a man is being steam rolled and beaten every round, it’s time to stop the massacre. I would say that with the current deaths of several fighters recently, we must error on the side of caution rather then let a man lose his life to early for the sake of the ego of the fighter or the fans. Breland who was a 147 pound champ, and one of the finest golden gloves champs, knew his man was on queer street and hurting big time. I believe Wilder had a punctured ear drum which affects your balance. Anyway Fury did what I never would have thought, he MUGGED the mugger, and made himself and the hwt division the prize of boxing once again. Amazing , An OLD SCHOOL fight in this day and age.

  • Ref didn’t even see the towel, he stopped it according to his own discretion. It’s a big lie created in an attempt to take away from Fury’s domination. Give it up, Wilder can’t box, he’s not a mythical man like he believed. The prince of darkness was vanquished by the King of Gypsies.

  • Wilder was robbed.had the fight not stopped fury will be taken by stretcher in 10th round ko in a very very brutal passion

  • I agree the flight should’ve been stopped after he got hit around the ear back of the head in around three it was over his equilibrium was gone and he never recovered

  • WTF is wrong with this BS! Wilder was getting beat up with an eardrum ruptured. Wilder has a family and I understand going out on your shield bug the cornerman most likely saved him from more damaged brain cells!

  • Wilder is washed up now, best thing he could do is fight Ruiz Jr for sum money or take a fight with Parker.

    • I believe even they will beat Wilder now. And even if not, they could inflict further bad damage.

  • I don’t know why Deas is saying this and throwing Breland under the bus. In between rounds 6-7 Deas was very, very close to stopping the fight, I know it and he knows it. Maybe he is worried about losing his job but as a trainer I’d rather lose it than have to look his wife & children in the eye at his funeral. Props to Mark Breland for being real.

  • after the 5th he was finished, his Chicken Legs could not hold up the Head, witch was bounded, right there where the big Mouth is.

  • As much as I would have enjoyed seeing Wilder on his a** for a ten count, I’m glad that someone in his corner knew what they were doing. A couple more bombs from fury in that corner could have been deadly.

  • Jay Brees sucks as a trainer. Mark Breland rules. Mark saved Deontay’s life. Jay needs to leave the sport. Deontay is finished.

  • It was the costume
    It was things going on in camp
    It was the referee not calling fouls
    It was his cornermans fault
    On and on
    But he’s not making excuses
    How about your defense is worse than amateurish and you cannot fight backing up or on the inside and you pull out going straight back
    I was a huge fan going in of Wilder and I’m really disappointed

    • We knew this day was coming. But I’m still a fan. Talk is just his pride talking. Even in one-sided defeat, he was still in an excitingly brutal fight.

  • Breland will likely get gassed , but he did the right thing….And DW lives to make another paycheck…..Bottom line , DW got exposed for his flaws…No Jab , No lateral movement , no change in game plan after Fury showed he would bring the Kitchen Sink…He should fight a tune up first with a new approach…And do #3 in London….It’s a bigger paycheck….

    • Great points. What if Wilder targets AJ next. If he wins that belt, would Fury want to win it? Isn’t that the only one he doesn’t have? Imagine, a unified world heavyweight champion!

  • King Kong Ortiz will punish Fury. Fury was too big and fat. He layed on wilder all night. That would get anybody tired to have a fat tub of lard laying on you all night. Wilder has the tools to whip Fury let’s see if he can get the right people to show him how. Fury is an idiot. Everything he says is stupid he got lucky now that he has someone who showed him how to punch. Off night for wilder he will be back best believe that.

  • good stoppage..Mark may have saved his life or what little sense he has left.Baddest man on the planet, wants a body on his resume???

  • Mark Breland is a really good trainer. I wish that he had more input in the corner that night. I also wish that Wilder used his legs more. He did in other fights, but not in this one. He actually gained more weight than Fury since their first fight. Maybe that slowed his down too.

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