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By Miguel Maravilla
Photos: Sumio Yamada

No one expected Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury to beat up WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder the way he did before 15,816 in attendance and a PPV audience on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Fury Wilder Yamada

According to CompuBox, Fury out threw Wilder 267 to 141 and out landed him 82 to 34, including big fifth and sixth rounds where he landed 16 and 14 power punches respectively. In round seven, Fury had Wilder cornered and unloaded with a series of power punches that prompted Wilder’s corner to stop the bout, which the referee officially did at 1:39 of the round.

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  • Knowing Wilder boxing skills are limited Fury’s game plan of backing him up was perfect because Wilder could not set up his power punch and leaning on him weakened his legs because of the weight difference. I think Fury’s new trainer had the right game plan and Fury carried it out to perfection. Much respect to Wilder heal up and see you back in the ring Champ. Fury it’s time to go after AJ.

    • Listening to a podcast interview with Sugar Hill,he said it was actually Fury’s game plan all along and he just agreed with it and helped him implement it.
      Fury knew what he wanted to do beforehand and the Kronk style was the perfect fit for his game plan.

    • Sugar Hill is turning Fury into almost unbeatable much the same way the late Manny Steward fixed the few leaks in Lennox Lewis’ after the loss to Oliver McCall. Fury will crush Joshua and then likely retire.

  • Miguel Maravilla, I think everyone knew that Fury would dominate the entire fight. And everyone wanted to see if Wilder could land a ko bomb. It wasn’t a surprise that it went the way it did.

    • Whetto: thats very true. We ALL know Wilder only had 1 weapon in his arsenal. It was like a ticking bomb. Is it gonna go off or is it not. In this case, it didnt. But we were all glued to the tv “just in case” it did.

  • The memories of Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey are not in any danger. Fury reminded me of 50s 2-time middleweight champ Gene Fullmer – the way he mauled his opponents. Fullmer had two left-feet, couldn’t box a lick, but was always in condition and frustrated classic boxers with his head-first mauling style (Fullmer went 2-1-1 against the great Sugar Ray Robinson). Quite frankly neither Fury or Wilder has any appreciable talent. Such is the state of today’s heavyweights. Fury went with what he had and while it wasn’t pretty, it was enough.

    • Name another 6′ 9″ giant that can move like fury. He’s not the body beautiful but he’s got the most talent on the heavyweight division.

  • The way Tyson Fury beat Wilder, there is no way anyone can beat him fighting like that. Hopefully he can unify the titles even tho he doesn’t have to, and then fight the trilogy and retires undefeated.

  • it was a bad idea for one trick pony to face someone like Tyson Fury, he stood no chance from the start

    • But a formidable “pony” I would venture to say. He basically destroyed every opponent he’s faced — except Fury. While, in my opinion, Wilder still beats everyone else out there, he will get beat again, perhaps even worse, if he faces the Gypsy king again. But I must agree with you that he had little chance of winning that fight — which is now clear to me (AFTER) the demolition took place.

  • What a fight and shock (for most) result, an almost unbelievable performance from Fury!

    Wilder really had no answer to an aggressive Fury…to be fair he didn’t have much of an answer to a defensive Fury 14 months ago, but at least the 12 round knockdown left us feeling he had a good chance to win the rematch.

    One thing he did have was heart, he took the beating like a warrior, good job Breland threw the towel in before he shipped more punishment.

    Be great to see Fury V Joshua next for all the belts, surely he’d be a big favourite to beat AJ.

    Not sure where Wilder goes from here – my feeling is he’ll go a similar way to John Mugabi, the huge punching LMW/MW of the 80/90s, who was never the same after his first loss….losing most of his significant fights from that point on.

  • Im a Wilder fan, but this loss to Fury could potentially spell the end of his effectiveness. Not only has Fury exposed how to beat him (for those with the attributes), but the way he lost reminds me of when Jeff Lacy was completely outclassed and beat down over 12 rounds by Britain’s Joe Calzaghe. Maybe not as badly, but mentally Wilder may question himself going forward, and a fighter such as Wilder relies on his mental toughness as much as his power. Losing in the way he did, may mean the Wilder of old is gone for good. Only time will tell.

    • Good analogy Ghost. I hope Wilder rebound stronger for the sake of the HW division. He needs a new trainer to reach another level, where he is right now is very predictable and worsened with Fury’s game plan.

      • I don’t think Wilder needs a new trainer, I think he needs to start LISTENING to the ONLY ex-boxer in his camp. Jay Deas has NEVER taken blows like Wilder did, so how can he criticize Breland for throwing in the towel? I feel Breland can teach Wilder how to actually box but is Wilder actually opened to it or desires to continue to be a one trick pony?

    • Good example. One note though Joe was not a brit he was actual Italian, originally from Sardinia which is a Italian region. His father Enzo was from Sardinia. His mom was Welsh. One of his fight names was the Italian Dragon. All Paison no brit

      • Paulie, correction, Joe was born in London, England and grew up in Wales. All part of the UK which makes British with Italian roots.

  • high IQ and athleticism movements by Fury makes him superior than any other heavyweight, including Joshua.

  • I’m seeing so many excuses, Wilder got hit behind the head, they stopped it too soon, Wilder had an injury, etc. NO! Fury is the better fighter! In two fights Wilder lost how many rounds! Fury is all wrong for Wilder. He bullied the bully.

  • Well deserved. I had him winning the first fight too. But this was a superb victory. Beaten Wladimir Klitschko and Wilder twice. It’s fair to say that Fury is the real heavyweight king. And thinking about all the bad things he has been through just makes it even sweeter.

  • Wilder has been exposed! Guaranteed he will never hold a title belt again! That key will be duplicated over and over again!

  • Tyson Fury is the heavyweight champion of the world, period. We now have a fighter who can be considered THE champ. He can dominate as long as he wants to. It’s scary what he can do next…

  • The Wilder team can come up with all the excuses under the sun….suit to heavy etc but the fact is Wilder got found out by and expert in the real art of boxing in Tyson Fury. If you cant defensively box and just rely on a hammer of a right hand someone will bring you undone ,just like Buster Douglas did with Mike Tyson. Now other boxers have a blueprint on how to beat Wilder

  • Wilder was claiming that his ring gear was to heavy and that the gear actually made his legs weak??? Now if this is the case, how about the 16 pounds extra he put on in this 2nd fight. Was his extra weight also another reason for his loss? The only reason Wilder lost was because a guy named Tyson simply gave him a terrible beating, and although Wilder is a warrior, his skills are limited, and he has shown that he only has that right hand bazooka, with nothing else to speak of. He might want to learn how to box before he takes a 3rd fight with Fury, he lost at least 9 rounds in the 1st fight, and was decimated in the 2nd fight. He might also instead of firing Breland he actually should give him a bonus for saving his life, not to mention his career. Best hwt fight of the last 15 years or so.And apart from the ridiculous WWE entrance, boxing finally has the hwt division back on top.

  • my all time heavyweight rankings in no specific order are Dempsey lennox lewis vitali klitshco Vladimir klitschko Tyson fury rocky Marciano Riddick bowe gene tunney . tell me what you think.

    • I do like your list; but what about Joe Louis? He held the title for twelve years — not twelve months.

  • Muhammad ali was a bully who relied on his long reach, fury , Marciano , lennox lewis Riddick bowe would have walked him down and decimated him quickly.

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