Fury crushes Wilder to win WBC heavyweight title

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

In their much anticipated rematch, former champion Tyson Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) dominated and stopped WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) in brutal fashion on Saturday night inside the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury Timber
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Fury took the fight to Wilder in the first two rounds, then dropped him in round three. Wilder survived the round! Fury continued to punish Wilder in round four as Wilder bled from the ear and lip. Fury dropped Wilder again in round five with a body shot, but Fury was deducted a point at the end of the round. Fury battered Wilder again in the sixth round. Wilder’s corner finally threw in the towel in round seven. Tyson Fury wins the WBC heavyweight title.

Wilder has 30 days to trigger the rematch clause if he wants to make it a trilogy. No guarantee that he does after this beatdown.

“A big shout out to Deontay Wilder,” said Fury afterward. “He came here tonight and he manned up and he really did show the heart of a champion. I hit him with a clean right that dropped him and he got back up. He is a warrior. He will be back. He will be champion again. But I will say, the king has returned to the top of the throne!”

Wilder stated, “Things like this happen. The best man won tonight, but my corner threw in the towel and I was ready to go out on my shield. I had a lot of things going on heading into this fight. It is what it is, but I make no excuses tonight. I’m a warrior. He had a great performance and we will be back stronger.”

Tyson Fury: Tonight was my night
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  • Tyson Fury was robbed in the first fight and he made sure he would destroy Wilder in the rematch. He beat Wilder every single round and it was hard seeing Wilder take that kind of beating. Gotta respect Tyson Fury for over coming incredible odds to beat the baddest man on the planet TWICE! I think it’s fair to say that the King of boxing is Tyson Fury!

    • The real fan’s all knew Deontay can’t fight… i did say before the first fight that Fury wasn’t properly trained and that he fought at that time not as good opponents he should have and he won the first fight !! Tyson this time was just ready !!

      • As a formal boxing judge, I disagree, Fury was properly trained for the first fight, he won most of the rounds. It was the officials that were not properly trained to judge that fight. Only one had it correct scores, I don’t know what in the world the other two were watching.

  • I knew this would Happened, I told everyone it was going to be a upset ..thanks a lot Wilder for Ending Black Histiry Month with a big Embarrassment SMH

  • Beautiful fight plan by Fury. Always thought constant pressure could beat Wilder. But without that shot behind the ear I’m not sure it would’ve looked that easy. That shot won the fight. Great job by Fury. Wilder haters can go home. Just because he lost this doesn’t take him out of the mix. It makes him number 2 and still ahead of AJ. Let’s see part 3!

    • Good analysis. It would have been closer without the damage from that blow, though clearly Fury learned and adapted between fights far more than Wilder did. I can picture a rematch but I don’t expect it to create the same excitement.

    • Come on maaaaaaan! What were you watching? The shot behind the head came in the third round. Fury was beating Wilder all over the ring even before the third round. Wilder came out fearful and backing up. And how soon we forget that Wilder knocked Fury down with a blow behind the head in the first fight and Fury got up off the floor and still out witted Wilder. A skilled, fearless boxer will beat a one trick puncher any day. Don’t forget the sport is called, “boxing.”

  • It just makes sense. When you look at the first fight, the size and reach and weight advantages Fury had. If he didn’t fight the first fight so defensively, if he had Sugar Hill in his corner for that fight we wouldn’t have had the 2nd fight.

    He fought the first totally on the back foot denying himself any leverage and building confidence in the far less skilled Wilder. That cost him two knockdowns and the fight ultimately.

    I had an inkling when I saw him questioned about Sugar Hill what Tyson said the first fight was missing something. Clearly he had concerns about his offensive game and Sugar Hill turned him into a monster.

    A loaded jab off the front foot that appeared to break Wilder’s jaw in the first and then his eardrum later. Wilder was spitting blood after one round. Wilder is a tough dude but this beating is the likes of which we saw Wladimir Klitschko lay on guys. The same Klitschko Sugar Hill’s uncle trained. That Kronk style combined with Fury’s size and abilities would rank right up there as one of the very top ever.

    • I disagree. I think Fury needed a great deal of the skills from the first fight in combination with the skills he learned from Sugar Hill for the second fight. Ben Davison taught defense, which one needs in order to avoid getting KO’ed, Sugar Hill taught offense which was needed in order to not leave it up to the judges. Don’t forget Fury out boxed and out slicked Wilder in the first fight, which lead to him getting the second fight. He got robbed on the score cards.

  • Okay Im here to take all the “I told you so” crap. I gave Fury a 30% chance at best of winning. That legal punch he landed on Wilders ear looks to have done real damage and I hope hes okay. FYI Fury is a big heavy guy with pillows for fists. That was based on the way he fought. Tonight he used his height and weight to lean into those punches and showed he can hit hard. I think its more due to his new trainer showing him how to put weight into his punches. I thought the stoppage was way too soon for a championship fight, but thats before I found out his corner ended it. His corner knew the extent of his injury so I cant question that. Again I was 100% wrong about this fight and this was the best I’ve see Fury look. Im sure Wilder will want the rematch, but will Fury do it? He doesnt need the title to be seen as the #1 guy in the sport. He could drop the title and face AJ next. Thats a huge payday and I think based on his feelings about titles I can see him saying “I won both fights why do a third”. Fury has only faced two named fighters, but this is the best Ive ever seen him look. He’s shown self confidence is a huge deal. There is also the chance that Wilder says not right now for a match to face AJ since that would be an easier match. Then Wilder and Fury could have a third match for all the belts. Its a very interesting time for HW boxing. So many things can happen.

    • Derrick, if this is the best you have ever seen Fury than you desperately need to review the Fury/Klitschko fight. Listen, people, in order to speak more intelligently about boxing, sometimes it’s good to look at old fights of a boxing before he fights the big fights to see what his strengths and weaknesses are, those habits tell a lot about about a persons capabilities.

  • Perfect performance from Fury…did exactly what he said he’d do by taking to Wilder.
    It was basically Holyfield /Tyson again…he bullied the bully.
    Fair play to Wilder though,even though he can’t fight on the back foot, he has a great chin and heart.

    • What the hell was Kenny Bayless doing this whole fight? He was awful. You could have legitimately scored four knockdowns for Fury, and instead he takes a point from him. That’s a 3 point swing. A lot of fights are decided by less.

        • It reminded me of Eddie Cotton’s awful refereeing when Lewis beat Tyson. It so clearly seemed to favor one guy over the other. There were a lot of times last night when it felt like he’d admonish Fury for something in the middle of an exchange where he was laying wood on Wilder.

          • Brainchild could not agree more was plain to see he was a Wilder fan if not on Wilders payroll but Fury would not be denied

      • Reminds me time to shoot my a$$ with testosterone for TRT. Am a 60 Y/0 going to see a hot tattoed 28 y/o hillbilly chick in Tennesee.

    • There isn’t surprise for me.Thid ref is always involve in little shady calls, Just go watch a couple fight that he was ref,,, example floyd vs maidana 2.

  • Fury knew this time around that no matter how you fight Wilder you might end up on your ass. So why not take the fight to Wilder? He did, and did it very successfully.

  • All of you saying Fury would get KOd by Wilder didnt realise Fury was out of shape the last fight and still was robbed. He absolutely destroyed the one dimensional Wilder tonight because tonight he was ready. So sweet and now onto Joshua for a bigger showdown in the UK. Bye bye USA heavyweights!

  • I gave Wilder the edge in this fight. I had and idea of Fury’s fight plan (intentional weight increase and an offensive minded trainer), but I couldn’t see him overpowering Wilder and I thought that by attacking he would be open to Wilder’s punches. Masterful performance, no reason for a rematch. The biggest money fight is at the door for him, and I hope can be made. All UK will demand this fight, except for two persons: Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua.

  • Not sure we will ever see Wilder back again at anywhere near the force he used to be. Too many fights he has taken heavy shots, not gone down, and then able to ko his opponent. Think It has sadly all caught up with him. A Wilder fan, a Fury fan, a Joshua fan, etc. fan, a boxing fan.

    • We have all been wrong at various times mate but it’s nice to have these kind of fights that divide opinion amongst us fight fans boxing needs more of them rather than predictable outcomes in many of the fights we have to watch!

  • Determined performance from Fury for a very convincing victory. Easily his best fight so far. Backing up Wilder was the correct strategy. Wilder looked confused and very vulnerable, especially to the body. There was a strong suspicion that the extra weight Wilder was carrying would have a negative effect (on his stamina at least). The way Fury had him going backward, it might not have mattered but perhaps it quickened the end.

  • Best thing to happen to Boxing Since J.L. Sullivan !
    Wow ! Way to go TYSON FURY !
    Paul D’ The Punch Professor

  • Wilder was wrecked by so called pillow fisted guy.
    If his trainer haven’t stoped it Deontay would become the body he so badly wanted.
    Great job for Tyson.Joshua next.

  • Fury has done the impossible going through what he has gone through in life. Amazing. Fury vs. Joshua next. If Fury comes in prepared and more heavy handed like he now seems to also have in his arsenal he surely beats Joshua.

  • Wilder just too heavy and to me ? It showed immediately in this fight. Wilder should take a nice long rest after this. Perforated eardrum for sure as post knockdown, his balance was awful. A trilogy is a given but ? Honestly, I doubt Wilder will get over this beating psychologically anw will never be the same fighter. A “fan” of neither I might add.

  • Shout out to Deontay for guts and grit, but the Gypsy kings a badass!

    That blow to the back of the head/ear did the damage, though!

    3rd fight? What for? The Gypsy king would probably retire after Joshua, and before that!

  • And still lineal heavyweight champion of the world. Fury got smart this fight and decided to fight Wilder like he did Chisora. Wilder has no inside game and can’t handle pressure at all. Hill derived a great game plan to get Fury ready for this fight. There is no need for a rubber match as Fury has beaten Wilder twice and this time it was conclusive. All that’s left to fully unify this division is for AJ and Fury to get it on. I still think AJ is the best heavyweight on earth when he’s focused and will beat Fury when they meet in the UK. AJ is a far better boxer and technician than Wilder and the Gypsy will not be able to impose his will. It took forever for Wilder to finally fight an elite-level heavyweight and he got found out, as all smart boxing fans knew he would.

  • No need for hate.. Fury is a big man and unless you are in there you have no clue what it is like to get around a guard that high… it lulls you into an unusual defensive mentality that you can’ t train for.. what a class act on both sides.. what focus from Fury – the best I’ve seen from him EVER… Wilder is a warrior with a huge heart and tons of courage.. needs to learn how to vary his punching power, tit tat his shots mid range.. stop over loading his right, and feather his shots to build momentum in tangent with range movement.. victim of his own success but the advice from his corner that he needed was completely absent… he has nothing though to be sad about.. best KO percentage… heart of a lion… either one of you want to box/train with the fastest 6’6″ heavyweight on the planet.. drop me a line. 815-780-0189. 50 in a couple weeks but still plenty to teach you young lads. 🙂

    Tyson – very proud of your discipline and effort put into this fight. I know the impact of the past transformations you’ve had to go through. Amazing fight for both of you though, and Wilder 2.0 is going to be a monster! 🙂

  • Masterclass from Fury. Perfect adjustment from the first fight. Wilder just can’t fight off the back foot. If you don’t let him get set up like Hopkins didn’t let Trinidad get set up, then you completely eliminate their weapons. Awesome fight.

  • That just proves whites are superior to all other races especially the blacks. And also muslims

    • All the talk from Wilder about Fury being feather fisted, what happened last night??
      More like iron fisted.
      Fury had to overcome serious adversity, anxiety, depression and weight problems to come back and win a fight like this which alot of people, especially Americans wrote him off and now he’s once proved all the haters wrong.
      Long live the gypsy king!!

  • Yesssss!!
    What did I say and what did I say???
    Fury was always going to batter Wilder and last night he showed his skills and masterclass.
    I wonder what Bud/Duane, Jonathan the Trump lover and all you are Fury haters have to say and what excuses you will make for Wilder??

    AJ won his rematch
    Fury smashed and won his rematch.
    UK all the way Baby!!!

    • AJ would have stopped Wildgirl and will if they ever fight. However, I doubt they will, Wilder will lose again to fury of he decides to take the rematch amd then he will get killed by Whyte or even Ruiz. He really was just extremely overrated due to his punching power.

  • Wilder looked shaky from the beginning of the fight. Fury was aggressive, took the fight to Wilder, and never allowed him room to land his vaunted right hand. He must have learned from the first fight that the safest fight plan for him is to go after Wilder and get him moving backward. He either kept Wilder at a distance with a strong jab and a quick right hand, or was leaning on him and wearing him out with his body weight. Wilder had a hard time reaching Fury with anything throughout the entire fight.

    The right hands to the side of the head did much of the damage and Wilder’s legs and his equilibrium were gone after the first couple of rounds. I always thought Wilder’s chin was questionable, but he absorbed a lot of punishment without folding. Frankly, that fight could have been stopped a couple of rounds earlier. Wilder was on unsteady legs and just looked like a beaten man by the 5th round.

    A great win for Fury. We can see what happens when Wilder is unable to land his right hand. He’s really a sitting duck for an unintimidated opponent with a strong jab and a quick followup right hand. He had no answers for Fury tonight.

    I hope Wilder is OK. The blood pouring out of his left ear is a bad sign. He should be thoroughly examined before returning to training. He took a lot of punishment tonight.

  • Well I was sure wrong, I thought it might be a beat down, but with other guy winning. At best I thought Fury might win by decision, and felt he might do so if he does not get knocked down. Of course, some Tyson Fury hater, not here, has stated that he feels that Fury has something in his system. I most certainly hope not. But you do wonder how someone could all of a sudden land battering shots on a man who has been known to do that. Perhaps that ear bleeding may have had something to do with that. Could it also be really his new trainer.

    • People talk out of their a**** Wilder was extremely overrated given the fact he was the 1st American champ since holyfield. Other than that all he had was a right hand.

  • So what happens when you can’t overpower someone in a boxing match and have to go to plan ‘b’? I commend wilder on giving it his best but to be considered the best in any division you can’t be a one trick pony. No inside game at all, no real ring generalship off the back foot and no game plan beyond a desperate right hand attempt now and then. Fury fought with conviction and purpose and there is no doubt he is the heavyweight king no matter whomever else may have a belt

  • I like Wilder but that beating from Fury made it obvious his incredible punching power has masked a painful truth – he has poor fundamentals.

  • I find it ironic after Wilder and AJ Haters trashed talked AJ for the Ruiz loss and disregarded the temple shot only for Wilder to go into a rematch with Fury a guy wilder and his fans said cant punch to end up getting hit with a shot in the temple which I believe Wilder never recovered from.

    And the icing is that he was stopped in the 7th round. Dont get me wrong Fury had the right plan and he had Wilders timing figured out before he got in the ring beating Wilder to the jab and pushing wilder back obviously something Wilder has difficulty doing (fighting off the back foot)

    I also believe that Wilder had some doubts going into this fight he may not have verbalized those doubts going in but once that bell rang you could see he respected Fury and his ability, this loss might actually leave Wilder finished he may never mentally recover from this loss especially if he rushes into a third fight right away

  • In all the time i’ve been watching this game i’ve never seen two fights so completely different. In the 1st fight we saw Fury outbox and out smart Wilder EASILY. However Wilder with his amazing power put Fury down twice. Now the Gypsy King decided that his Ali boxing skills would not work in getting him a victory in this fight. So he DECIDED that a Foreman approach would work much better. I never thought he was capable of MUGGING Wilder, I also figured the fight would go exactly the way the 1st fight went, with Fury basically boxing his ears off. However what happened was a train basically ran over Wilder, and from what I saw Wilder needs a long rest before making plans for any rematch or before he enters the ring again. Major props to him for not wanting to quit in any way, but also MAJOR PROPS to Breland for having the sense to not let his man become a stat for going to the morgue. Fury is great for the game because like Ali, he has a personality that makes him a major promoter and spokesman for the game. After last night ROUT I would think that A.J is going to consider anyway to avoid this juggernaut. A.J might last 3 or 4 rounds against this type of monster. And if we are seeing a new Fury, (Foreman) than this is a fighter that can keep that title for a long time to come. A MAJOR success for the sport, and we find ourselves FINALLY having the hwt division back at the top of where it should always be. They knew what they were doing when the named Fury TYSON!!!! Took hours to post on here what’s going on????

  • Losing one fight in 40+ fights does not mean a fighter was exposed. AJ lost badly against a fighter nobody thought could win and he came back. Wilders lost to a good fighter who fought in a way NOBODY really expected. The shot behind the ear ended it. Congratulations to Fury and I was 100% wrong, but anyone who claims they new Fury would fight in a way he was NEVER fought is full of shit. Great night for Fury and if he fights like this every time Im looking forward to future fights.

  • No need of the 3rd fight!!! He got robbed on the first, he destroyed him on the 2nd and if it’s a 3rd and with that corner who said the fight should haven’t be stop,, Wilder can end seriously hurt!!!

    • El Chano true you know when a fight was stopped to early looking at the fighter and looking at Wilder at the end of this fight tells me the fight was actually stopped to late he took a hell of a beating for 7 rounds it wasn’t like he got caught in the 7th and took sustained punishment after a competitive 6 rounds i’m certain he will make a full physical recovery but the mental scars i think will be much deeper and hope he decides not to take a 3rd fight with Fury,yes i understand not taking a 3rd fight may seem like a backward step but he don’t need the money and he has a fantastic legacy why damage that or even worse? The guy is also a great family man enough said

  • Anyone notice that was the same shot Andy Ruiz hit A.J. with. Just like that fight Deontay’s legs were gone from that point

  • Fury did a great job erasing Wilder’s “big eraser.” I knew it was only a matter of time before Wilder’s lack of basic, fundamental boxing skills were exposed. We’re going to see Wilder’s future opponents taking more risks now, too. What last night proved, it’s worth the risk!

  • I like Wilder but he needs to have more than one punch in his arsenal.He said once that if is not broke dont fix it, well is broke. He needs a experience trainer in his corner and teach him how important it is to use your jab and find other way to get to a guy when you cant land your money maker.

  • Wilder is inhuman to keep fighting like that with an ear bleeding. I really respected his determination on the ring. God bless you, man. Keep it up, most of your supports would still wait for your soon come-back. #therealwarrior

  • Wilder will be back a different game plan Fury is beatable. He doesn’t look unstoppable like Mike Tyson in his prime. He used his weight a lot to lay on Deontay and bully him. Fury against AJ sounds like a UK snoozer. He wouldnd dare fight Ortiz or even mention him. Why because he’d lose and he knows it.

    • You’re having a laugh??
      Wilder coming back with a better gameplan, he’s been beaten twice and got beat down big time on Saturday.
      Wilder is washed up now and Fury is the real champ.

  • Yeah right wilder has low miles and the heart of a lion he didn’t quit. Fury had the long count everyone knows that so that was a KO. Deontay exercise his rematch clause he ain’t going out like that. He is game and a monster fury bullied his weight around layer on wilder all night the ref sucked he let it happen we will see in the rematch what happens. He is far from washed up. One bad night doesn’t mean anything. Fury didn’t impress me. He did fight this time but 2nd round knock out? Please.

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