Tszyu-Zerafa to collide July 7

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO #1, IBF #3 light middleweight Tim Tszyu (18-0, 14 KOs) will clash with WBA #7 middleweight Michael Zerafa (28-4, 17 KOs) at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Newcastle, NSW, Australia on July 7 which will be televised on Foxtel Main Event Pay Per View.

“This is the final piece of the puzzle,” Tszyu told Ben Damon of Main Event. “And after everything he’s been saying and all the disrespect for all these months and years, this time it’s personal. I said I’d take (Dennis) Hogan’s soul. This is more than that. I want to do even more than that.”

Zerafa stated, “The talk stops. Everyone is expecting fireworks with me. He can call me whatever he wants. When I was fighting world class opponents, he was drinking warm milk before bed so it doesn’t matter to me.”

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  • This is the fight Australia wanted to see, cant wait as Zerafa is tough as nails and wont give up. Tszyu should win but it will be a test.

  • Zeraffa v Horn 2 is a classic blue collar slugfest. Insane fight, well worth a watch.

  • Tszyu should have NO problem here.
    Zerafa or anyone that loses to Horn is No threat to a legitimate top fighter.
    and no the pacman robbery doesnt count. lol

    • I had $50,000 on Pac-Man, I thought it was free money.

      I was there and did a live bet of $20,000 on Horn after Rd1 at 12/1 . You could see Pac failed to prepare and lost fair and square. It was his worst performance excluding the KO losses and the Money fight. Was an off night for the great man. Horn bullied him – roughed him up and beat him. Ref left horn off with some dirty tactics – but it was no robbery.

  • Helen Keller could have seen this one coming.

    This fight was guaranteed to happen.

  • Tough test for Tszyu but he will prevail with flying colors…

  • Waste of time for the top contender but at least he’s staying busy while his team possibly aligns up a big world title fight with the top dogs at 154. Tszyu will stop Zerafa within 8.

  • spread out….! Cant wait till Timogen comes through Irkutsk and claims 1 54 and fight. Clean the stinky House.

  • This will be an interesting contest , this Zerafas last “Hurrah”and he will need and dare say will be as prepared as he can for this.Tyszu is something special…but this contest will see where he is at.
    May boxing win the day!

  • Direct Genghis Khan descendant…Red Flag DNA. …Fact! with his dad and pedigree line…Now, considering the talent and toughness coming from the land down under. Why no money figh

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