Canelo-Saunders finally face off

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders faced off for the first time ahead of Saturday’s bout at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

Boxing: Saul “canelo” Alvarez Vs Billy Joe Saunders Face Off
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom
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      • Exactly, there’s no way in hell anybody’s ever going to get a unanimous decision, or any decision for that matter, against Canelo alvarez.

    • Not sure BJS can stop Canelo, but he has the potential to outbox him.

    • Is it me or did BJS look like he’s been on too many benders? Canelo looks refreshed and BJS looks like he’s been partying with Fury the last couple weeks. The dude got out of bed and didnt even get dressed. Im thinking the opposite will happen.

    • You one crazy dude. BJS will be lucky to survive till 8th round.

  • canelo has had his way with alot of good fighters, trout, lara mayweather, didn’t stand in front of him like those fighters, bjs a southpaw, good movement fighting in spots, i think canelo will will have to cut the ring off or he will be a step behind, love him or hate him bjs isn’t just another fighter from england

    • You are correct. BJS can box, if the ring rust is gone, it’s gonna be a long night for noticed Alvarez has had two fights in about three months. He knows BJS is the real deal. I also noticed that Saunders has had only one fight. Alvarez cam- even tried t2o get a smaller ring instead of the 24 ft ring. I will pick BJS but the promotion wouldn’t allow any judges from England. I smell a win even if Alvarez get outboxed badly. Floyd dominated Alvarez and one judge said it was a draw. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it. BJS if he’s in shape, no ring rust, easy boxing night.

  • Hopefully it’s not a controversial stoppage or decision for Canelo. Saunders should have what it taks to pull of the upset but then again, can’t trust the judges.

    • Dosen’t hit hard enough to keep Canelo off him-don’t see how he upsets him.

      • Movement and speed… And occasional flurries, hell need all the stamina he’s got and maybe more, but BJS has to skills to win, of course Canelo has a lot going for him too, its a very difficult one to predict, but I’m edging for BJS, to win, despite how the judges score it.

  • Not to be rude, but I want to see Canelo knock this punk out.

    • Imo, Jennifer…..Won’t be easy. Love or hate Billy Joe, talented fighter. Probably the best Canelo has fought since Floyd. Shall be interesting

      • HaHaHa are you freakin’ serious about this comment bro!!!?? Really “the best since Floyd”??? So…Alfredo Angulo, Erislandy Lara, James kirkland, Miguel Cotto, Amir Kahn, Liam Smith, Chavez Jr., GGG (twice!), Rocky Fielding, Danny Jacobs, Kovalev, Callum Smith ain’t as good as (Mr. Fight nobody) Bjs!??You must be smoked out!

    • Canelo is very very good no doubt, but so was Hagler (who’s probably my fav fighter ever) and he got beat by Leonard…. and BJS has a move elusive style than Leonard

      • Hagler didn’t really get beat by Leonard. Leonard got 4 rds at best, no more than that.

  • Excellent that Canelo is fighting often. He’s really at the top of his game.

  • It sounded like he was asking Canelo if he likes Mexican Meat. Lol.. Saunders is so disrespectful. It makes it more interesting.. imo, Canelo should win. I don’t know a lot about this division I always thought that it was lackluster. I’ve watched some of his past fights.. I don’t really see the genius boxing IQ that they say Saunders have. Compared to Canelo I think that Canelo is the smarter fighter in the ring. Plus he doesn’t seem to have much power and for a boxer he’s kinda flat footed. I like that there’s no weight manipulation or fishy stipulations involved. Usually when that happens against a top fighter the fights tend to be more challenging for Canelo. I can see more things that Canelo can take advantage of than what Saunders can do to beat Canelo. I know Saunders right hand will be key.. Canelo just has to be Canelo because Saunders head is always straight up waiting for a left hook to connect when he attacks. I’ll catch the replay just hoping for a good fight.

  • BJS should have been more respectful to the NABE king and spent that time in the face off giving King Canelo thanks for giving him a Payday in the only perceived country that matters in boxing anymore. Not really, but we don’t want to deflate canelo’s ego.

    • Actually, BJS bailed Canelo out. Hes’ running out of opponents to avoid the very best and justify his huge purses.

      • Not true. Canelo could have fought David Benavidez or Dimitri Bivol as the Russian offered to come down to 168. But because they don’t have one of these worthless belts, Canelo said there is nothing in it for him. Canelo is the casual boxing fan’s fighter.

    • Well, since BJS helped pick the judges, if he gets screwed over, hes half to blame

      • Tony: I thought that the Promotor picked the judges ?

  • Sounders will do what he always does when he faces someone who can punch run, run. run, He’s feather fisted, The most vicious thing about Saunders is his mouth, he is one of the most boring fighters I’ve seen. This fight should never of been made.

  • you can recognize the brits so easy … so delusionals…

    I mean who is BJS comparing to Canelo? He fought nobodies, except Lemieux.

    Canelo by savage KO

  • Cáñelo with the win by a landslide BJS hasn’t faced some of the greats like GGG or Lara etc. cáñelo Gad faced the big names in the sport while BJS hasn’t faced any major threats. Cáñelo with the KO round 8.

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