Q&A: Luis Nery

Two-division world champion and current WBC super bantamweight world champion Luis “Pantera” Nery will meet Brandon “Heartbreaker” Figueroa in a battle of unbeatens for supremacy at 122 pounds in a 12-round battle that headlines action live on Showtime May 15 from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Fighting out of Tijuana, Mexico, the undefeated champion has been training in his hometown just across the U.S.-Mexico border prior to relocating to Los Angeles this week. Now under the tutelage of his trainer Ismael Ramirez, Nery is aiming to beat Figueroa and set up a unification bout with WBO world champion Stephen Fulton, Jr. on September 11.

On what he’s done different in this camp:

“A lot has been different in this training camp. I am sparring against opponents that are very similar to Figueroa’s style. I am running more often. I am eating right. I am preparing in a very conscious manner. My knockout streak came to an end because I wasn’t fighting in my style. I am being more myself now like I was during my knockout streak. I have been loving how we have prepared for this fight as we continue on the road to success on May 15.”

On his mentality:

“My mentality is simple: It’s either me or him. I don’t get in the ring thinking of getting to the final bell and potentially losing because of the judges. I am not leaving anything in the hands of the judges.  I am going to be aggressive and I will be myself. I plan to win fighting in my style.”

On his respect for Brandon:

“I have a lot of respect for Brandon, but inside the ring, I am going to be the rudest person he’s ever met. Respect goes out of the window inside that ring. I am going to do everything to get the win.”

On his sparring:

“I have not sparred with anyone that the general public would probably know but I have a lot of great competition with local guys here in Tijuana. They are very tough kids, very strong kids. They are probably stronger than the big name fighters.”

On Brandon’s reach advantage:

“Figueroa has long arms but I have fought against many fighters with long reach before. I have plenty of experience there. I will find opportunities and I will use those to my advantage.”

On the belief that Brandon is a ‘Pretty Boy’:

“I don’t care about how pretty his face is. I don’t care if he’s a sex symbol or if he’s someone who is very ugly. To me, bottom line, he is a threat. He is a threat to my career. He is a threat to my future plans. I need to eliminate that threat. Regardless of what he looks like or how pretty he might be, I am going to defeat him. I am not underestimating him in the least.”

On Stephen Fulton, Jr. sitting ringside ahead of a Sept. 11 unification bout with the winner:

“I really could not care less about Fulton being ringside on May 15. He’s a blabbermouth anyway. What I am focused on is beating Brandon Figueroa. The time will come to worry about Stephen Fulton. But for right now, I do not care about him.

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  • I like this dude. Luis Nery is a straight shooter. I hope he wins both fights.

  • His knockout streak ended because he started fighting guys his size. He was knocking out guys that were a lot smaller than him And he wasn’t even making weight but they still let him fight anyway.

  • >