Tszyu: Horn’s a stepping stone for me

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

IBF #7, WBO #9 light middleweight Tim Tszyu is confident he will defeat former WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn when they clash on April 22 in Australia at a venue yet to be decided.

“I knew I was going to beat him from the first time I saw him,” Tszyu told AAP. “We could have fought last year and I could have beat him, I believe, I’m ready now. I don’t think he’s got much boxing skills, besides his physicality, that’s all.

“Jeff Horn, I don’t think he’s world class, just under,” Tszyu said. “He’s a stepping stone for me. I have a few fights to get through this year. I’ve got world titles to win. He’s 31 (sic), he wants to drag it out. I’m young: I’ve got the whole world ahead of me.

“Haven’t watched [Horn vs. Zerafa] — I was sunbaking in Hawaii. I had better things on at that time. I like big boxing fights — not little local ones like that. It didn’t really interest me.”

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    • I admire your confidence in saying Horn will beat Tszyu. Let’s slow down and remember that some folks thought Horn would give Crawford a run for the money. Crawford schooled him rather nicely and exposed his one dimensional style of “rush” club style fighting. Tszyu is no Crawford and Crawford is no Tszyu. However, Horn is the under dog in this match up based on the general consensus. If Tszyu wins, I would really want to see Horn retire to save his health for better years ahead. Horn’s style of fighting is taylor-made for CTE or any long-term physical disability. My 2 cents…

    • Nice! That was the one thing he said that bothered me. Don’t piss on the fans! And, you’re absolutely right Tom about this fight. Outside of Australia and diehard fans who tune in for any boxing they can get, this matchup is pretty small.

  • I actually really like this matchup for both fighters.

    Horn – if he wins he has a recognizable name added to his resume and remains ranked. With the exposure and the fact that he is viewed as a cut below he probably will get another decent payday.

    Tszyu – if he truly makes Horn look like a stepping stone, then he will have arrived as a solid contender. Couple that with his name and the other big names will line up to take a seat at the potential cash cow.

  • Tszyu is huge talker, not at all humble like his father.
    He sees Horn as a stepping stone?
    Well he has never been in a dog fight, Horn might prove to be a slipping stone

  • I guess I get why Tim Tszyu sort of looks at this fight as something to go through, but it isn’t that big of a deal to him (besides the payday). Horn kind of got suckered into the fight in Vegas, when it was supposed to be in NY. He might not have been as hated in NY. But fans hated the whole Horn vs Crawford fight. Plus, Horn forgot his shoes, then he got foot blisters using crap shoes to break in. So he kind of set himself up for failure, plus he outgrew 147, then jumped to 160. So finally Horn gets himself to 154, after taking lumps and bumps in 18.5 rounds with Zerafa. And Horn cut open rather easily vs Zerafa, that is why I see Horn struggling with cuts. Tim Tszyu can probably put rounds in the bank, but Horn will be in shape and won’t have foot blisters, but he will bleed.

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