Tszyu camp wants Charlo or Castano in Australia

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO #1, IBF #3 light middleweight Tim Tszyu’s promoter George Rose of No Limit Promotions, wants to bring WBO champion Brian Castano or WBC/WBA/IBF champion Jermell Charlo to defend against Tszyu, and predicts it will cost $10 million (AUD) or $7.63 million (USD)

“It is around that figure; it is just what we have to do to make it happen,” Rose told The Sun-Herald. “The way I see it, the world title has to be out here in Australia. That’s the situation we’re in and that’s what we need to come up with to make it happen. We want the world title and we want it in Australia.

“Whether it’s Charlo or Castano, they are the targets. Timmy has to fight for a world title here in Australia, especially given the times we’re in [COVID-19]. Australia is the best location for it.”

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  • Tszyu is progressing nicely and would match up well against Castano, he could possibly seize that belt.
    Charlo is a very different proposition, he eats Tszyu alive right now

    • I agree Charlo’s right counter would remind Tszyu that he bit off more than he can chew.

    • There is no reason why Tszyu cant beat Jermell Charlo. Tszyu ko’d Hogan just as
      easy as Jarmall did, and Jarmall is better than Jermell. The Charlos are not invincible.

      • Boon, no fighter is invincible and Tszyu is no exception. Still going with Charlo over Tszyu.

    • I agree. Maybe Castano. Charlo too early. What I´m concerned about is the time after he takes that belt from Castano. If he does. I would still advise a slower progress.

    • They’re are definitely clout chasing off Charlo’s name. They dont mean it. This is the era we’re in. Easy publicity talking about the tough fights people wanna see just to fight somebody else. His only chance is tricking Charlo to come to Australia so they can rob Charlo, but he would still get banged up if Tszyu can even survive the distance. He’s smaller and doesnt move his head enough for a devastating puncher.

  • Castano definitely, but Charlo never in a million years. Charlo is such a prima donna and needs everything his way, so he would never travel even for almost 8 million dollars. Charlo is content fighting street sweepers for 1.5 million dollars in front of no audience.

    • Agreed Chris. Charlo is so in to himself he truly believes he is worth more than he really is. I agree, i doubt Charlo wld go to Australia or anywhere out of the US for any amount of money.

    • Charlo is the champion. Why would he go
      to Australia to fight Tszyu. Do you remember
      the Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao fight?
      Pacquiao clearly won, but the judges saw

      • He didn’t clearly win enough rounds to get the decision even though he overall was better.

      • George. I see ur point BUT is the champion really a champion these days? Its all about the money actually, regardless of who holds the belt

      • Money. You go where the money is. It is why any champ goes on the road. I don’t know what kind of purses Charlo is getting but going to Australia would definitely be worth his while financially. Charlo has already gotten the bad end of a so-so decision in the US.

  • Pretty big disparity between the two fighters mentioned. I really don’t believe he means it when he says Charlo. Tim will make millions fighting the Argentinian in Australia and will be a big favorite. It gets him a belt and possibly global appeal. He’s an underdog vs Charlo for sure. That’s a big gamble at this point in his career. Don’t see it happening. Just trying to build something up for the future. No shot that’s his next fight.

  • Charlo he has puncher chance. But Castano is very tough for him at this stage. Tszyu need few more fight against more than Hogan level to sharpen his tools..

  • Castano will outbox and outland Tszyu every round, and then end up losing by unanimus decision.

  • I am a Tszyu supporter but its career suiside fighting either of the two names mentioned. Maybe after 5-6 more fights & getting his defence in order first….

  • He don’t beat neither of them right now. Lara is moving up in weight maybe he can fight for the reg WBA and IBO belts.

  • Both are difficult fights, but against Jermell Charlo is the one Tszyu could become one of the biggest star in boxing. Believe or not, Tszyu’s style is all wrong for Charlo, being the only problem that Charlo won’t go to Australia. Castaño vs Tszyu is a an easy fight to be made and will be extremely exciting, probably a UD win for Tszyu, because Castaño is more durable than a rail.

  • Hell no…that smells like a robbery from here.Its their land and their rules.

  • Haaaaaa…after that Manny vs. Horn disaster…HIGHLY UNLIKELY. However, I had a great time in Australia, and I met plenty of nice Australian folks.

    Anyhow, before dealing with Charlo, I would like to see Tim get some fights in the USA because he will need more exposure to the American boxing style of hand speed and offensive/defensive rhythms.

    It’s too early for Tim to deal with Charlo.

  • I dont think even Charlo beats Castano. Though it is possible either of these guys go to Australia to fight Tszyu… it may not be a level playing field. Castano has serious workrate and grit. Tszyu will get tested soon.

  • Im Australian and ill tell u this right now, anyone they bring here is gonna get robbed. Boxing stinks , its as bad here as it was in Germany 10-15 years ago .. and thats just the truth

  • Great fan of Tim but he’s far too loose in defence particularly when he’s on the offensive ………….take note of his Dad and GGG ……….. they hurt you and put you away in a surgical way !!!!

  • I really like Tszyu and he definitely deserves a shot. But let’s be realistic here. He just needs to get his U.S. visa going.
    Who wants to fight down under when they’re worse than vegas there about favorin homegrown fighter. I was so happy when he finished Horn to at least legitimize current day Aussie boxing

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