Hunter KOs Wilson in four

In a WBA heavyweight title eliminator, Michael “The Bounty” Hunter Jr (20-1-1, 14 KOs) scored a fourth round KO over Michael “White Delight” Wilson (21-2, 10 KOs) on Tuesday night in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. A big right hand put Wilson on the canvas and he was deemed unable to continue. Time was 2:49. Hunter won the WBA Continental Americas title.

Former WBO world champion Chris Algieri (25-3, 9 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision over Mikkel Lespierre (22-3-1, 10 KOs). Scores were 99-91, 100-90, 100-90. It was Algieri’s first fight in 26 months.

Welterweight Ivan Golub (20-1, 15 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over Eric Hunter (20-4, 9 KOs) to claim the vacant USBA title.

Welterweight Aaron ‘The Alien King’ Aponte (4-0, 2 KOs) scored a second round KO over Gerardo Contreras Gonzalez (2-1, 1 KO). Time was :30.

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  • No surprise. He beat him as a teenager in the Amatuers so it’s only fitting he make short work for him in the Pros.

  • From the production to the announcers to the fighters and fights one word garbage

  • And idiots have been making comments in here that Wilson Hunter was a great competitive fight and this was a great card the people that pist in here are morobs

    • I agree the Hunter fight card wasn’t all that great but I’ve seen worse. Please Mrs Ace, no reason to be so hostile?

      Everyone has an opinion. Don’t throw a temper tantrum just because someone doesn’t agree with you. I personally don’t think you know very much about boxing in fact I think you know nothing at all about boxing but I’m not going to throw a temper tantrum like you sunshine.

  • Didn’t Hunter get offered a fight with Hrgovic? It seems like that would’ve been a great in the vain of Sanchez/Ajagbe that would have done a lot of propel the winner into the higher strata. Instead, he opted for a club fighter who appears (and, honestly, I’d never heard of him before this) to be a blown up cruiserweight way past his expiration date. If his camp didn’t have confidence to step into Hrgovic and then trade down to a guy like Wilson, I feel like they must not think too highly of Hunter.

    • If the Hunter team declined Hrgovic it was likely because they were concerned about the Hrgovic rabbit punching which is a very serious problem. In reality though, Hunter is probably the most avoided fighter in the division. Not that anyone is afraid of Hunter hurting them, but they are afraid of looking silly against him because he’s so much quicker than just about anyone else in the division.

      Hunter stopped Bakole and probably deserved the decision against Povetkin. Hunter may not beat the very top HW’s, but he’s certainly got a great chance of making them look silly. Think about what Cunningham did to Fury. For 3+ rounds Cunningham showed just how slow and clumsy the giant Fury is before Fury realized all he had to do was wrestle and rabbit punch his way to victory. And Hunter is stronger and a much harder puncher than Cunningham.

  • Hunter is an elite fighter, and Wilson is no where close. The results do not shock me.

  • Hunter wouldn’t last 6 rounds against Fury, Joshua or even Wilder. To small and no real punch… If a small heavyweight wants to compete against these huge heavyweights nowadays, he has to have something special, like E. Holyfield, M. Tyson or D. Tua had…

    • tua vs tyson would have been a tough one tua in his younger yrs was a demon as was tyson i still rate tyson as the most feared fighter ……still a beast

    • Lol Hunter weighs just as much as Wilder. So if Hunter is smaller then so is Wilder.

      Second little kid there has been numerous 6’5 plus heavyweights since the 70’s despite the fact that ESPN or these Sports channels tells you. I never heard anybody until recently act like you have be 6’5 plus to be a heavyweight.

      You want to know something even more funny? Andy Ruiz a 6’0 tall guy just beat the 6’5 1/2 Anthony Joshua recently to become heavyweight champion.

      The 6’1 220 pound Alexander Povekin was just heavyweight champion a few years ago. Povetkin just knocked out Dillian Whyte a year or so ago as well.

      Tyson Fury struggled against 6’2 180 pound Steve Cunnigham and got knocked down by him as well.

      Maybe boxing is too much for you kid. Maybe you should stick to a sport that is easier to understand.

    • Is that also your opinion towards Blacks who append ethnic aspects to their name — like “The Black Mamba” and “the Black Russian?” Or does your judgment only apply to Caucasians? If a Caucasian alludes to his ethnicity, is he truly “bound to lose?” I call it double-standardism that translates into pure hypocrisy. Whatever is deemed wrong for one ethnic group MUST be considered as wrong by every other ethnic group. And, if this ISN’T the case, then we’re living in a very diseased society that’s spirally downwards out of control.

  • I dont see anything special in Hunter, he drew against Povetkin. Let’s see Hunter fight Joyce next.

    • If you want to use that logic then there isn’t anything special in Dillian Whyte since he got knocked out by Alexander Povetkin in their first fight.

      Joe Joyce struggled against a washed up Bryant Jennings and was actually hurt badly with a body shot.

  • >