Torrez stops Kunkabayev, gold medal next?

USA super heavyweight Richard Torrez Jr. soundly defeated Kazakh Kamshybek Kunkabayev. Torrez took round one and dropped Kunkabayev in round two. In addition, Kunkabayev was deducted a point. The bout was stopped due to a cut on Kunkabayev’s nose. Torrez will now face Uzbek Bakhodir Jalolov, who defeated GB boxer Frazer Clarke.

USA women’s welterweight Oshae Jones bowed out in the semi-final losing a decision to Gu Hong.

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    • Matthew Hilton wow what a nice compliment. Matthew was a heavy handed brute who could bulldoze a building with his two fisted attack. I expected so much from him but like most balls to the wall fighters his career was cut short by a lack of defense which took a toll on him with damaged retinas.

  • Australian heavyweight champion Justis Huni holds a 2016 victory over Torrez and lost to Jabolov in 2020. Huni had to withdraw from attending Olympics due to injuries suffered in bout with Paul Gallen

  • Torrez is a pleasant surprise this olympics…3 US fighters in gold medal matches would be great!

  • Will be rooting for Torrez in the final. But he got knocked out bad last time he fought Jalolov

  • Good for him! I can’t imagine that he’ll beat Jalolov, but I thought he was going to lose this fight as well and he’ll go into that fight with nothing to lose. Their last fight was ugly, but let’s see what happens now.

  • Yesterday I watched Duke Ragan advance to the featherweight finals. After the fight, the NBC commentater incorrectly stated “Will Duke Ragan be the first US boxer to win gold since 1984?”…where do they find these guys? Did they borrow him from the archery broadcasting crew? As a US Olympic boxing commentater, you should be well aware that US last won Olympic boxing gold in 2004 with Andre Ward. I know US won a few in 1988, maybe 3? And DeLaHoya won in 1992, David Reid in 1996…just goes to show, in all facets, not just sports-sometimes the media does not know what they’re talking about.

    • I didn’t hear the comment, but I would presume that he at least knew that DLH won a gold medal and was attempting to say that Ragan could potentially be the first US FEATHERWEIGHT gold medalist since 1984, when Meldrick Taylor won it.

      • His exact quote was “Could he be the first US Male boxer to win the gold since 1984”, making no reference to weight divisions or anything. I understand broadcasters are human and make mistakes, happens all the time, but a mistatement like that is just stupid. Olympic Boxing has definitely fallen in prominence, but can’t they at least find a commentater who is at least somewhat familiar with the sport?

  • Hes like Rocky Balboa when Rocky was fighting in clubs and a little Pudgy…Rocky Torrez Balboa…

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