Paul crushes Askren in one

YouTuber-turned-cruiserweight boxer Jake Paul (3-0, 3 KOs) scored a spectacular first round KO over former MMA star Ben Askren on Saturday night in the Triller pay-per-view main event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Paul dropped Askren with a big right hand and referee Brian Stutts waved it off. Time was 1:59. Quick stoppage.

Jake Paul Ko
Photo: Triller Fight Club

Former super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (26-1, 21 KOs) won by six round technical decision over Ivan Redkach (23-6, 18 KOs). Prograis threw a clean grazing body shot (erroneously ruled a low blow) that left Redkach writhing on the canvas. Redkach was eventually taken from the ring on a stretcher. The bout went to the scorecards where Prograis was up 60-54, 60-54, 59-54.
Prograis Redkach 5
Photo: Triller Fight Club

Former cruiserweight world champion Steve Cunningham (30-9-1, 13 KOs) scored a six round unanimous decision over UFC legend Frank Mir who was making his pro boxing debut. Scores were 60-54, 60-54, 58-56. Cunningham was in control the whole way but Mir was never in danger of being stopped.
Mir Cunningham 4
Photo: Triller Fight Club

Billionaire nightclub owner and light heavyweight boxer Joe Fournier (9-0, 9 KOs) scored a second round TKO over pro-debuting reggaeton performer “Reykon.” Reykon was down twice in round two, then the bout was stopped between rounds.

Unbeaten super middleweight Junior Younan (16-0-1, 10 KOs) won an eight round unanimous decision over game Jeyson Minda (14-5-1, 8 KOs). Younan had one point deducted, Minda had two points deducted. Scores were 78-71 3x.

Unbeaten welterweight Quinton Randall (8-0, 2 KOs) took an eight round unanimous decision over William “Action” Jackson (13-3-2, 2 KOs). Jackson down twice.

Hanna Gabriels wins WBA, WBC women's belts
Lemos TKOs Veron in 8 in Argentina

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  • I would like to thank Oscar for making the Cunningham fight completely unlistenable.
    Thanks douche.

    • Oscar sounded like he was boozed up to me. Hmmm… Hitting the sauce and he talks like he is getting back into shape for a fight.

      • If he wasn’t messed up on something then I’m messed up on something!

    • Just watched this, and yes, Oscar sounded like a complete blabbering idiot. The Triller announcers make it a point to cuss as much as possible, and make sure the audience knows they’re high. That’s the innovative announcing style they intend to bring to the boxing world. I never had any problem with ODLH, thought he was great for boxing in his fighting days. I’m seeing him differently after this. Again, WTF is Al Bernstein getting involved with Triller for? He just seemed WAY out of place here.

      As for the fighters, I thought Mir gave it a good effort, and Cunningham at least came in in great shape.

      • Bernstein must be bored or needs some cash! He will take anything in digital media he can find!

    • Let’s not forget! Cunningham floored Tyson Fury when they fought years ago. Fury rallied and won, but the point is…Cunningham is no pushover!

      • That was a long time ago. He was no pushover then, but he’s not the same guy. He was inspired against Fury but there’s a reason he was selected as the opponent for Tysons USA debut.

  • I’d like to thank Oscar for doing all the cochise instead of sharing it

  • Funny how boxing is turned into WWF. You’re a joke I will fight you Paul and your brother for a case of beer.

    • The odd thing is…Paul really thinks in his own mind he’s a real force in boxing. In reality, we call it delusions.

      • Its all an illusion Scoob. Only our choice in delusions in fighters is due to talent displayed in these fighters. Not predicated on youtube “likes” or however these crazy kids get paid. The sweetest science displayed in millennial cringe. Too much for my old ass to stomach.

          • Not to toot your horn sir, but I rarely comment on here, but if I miss a fight and need a general sense of the contest, I check what you have written on here about it. You are one of the more unbiased of contributors. Lol. I actually clicked on to see yours n a couple others opinions of this abomination of a proud sport. I thank you for remaining consistent.

  • Boxing has sunk to a new low, unbelievable garbage and the people who promote are garbage too..

  • Lol Dana White is the biggest bonehead dipshit! Running around saying he would bet a million bucks on Askren claiming just because he was in the octagon with the ufc which absolutely did not mean shit!

    Askren is a grappler wrestler the guy can’t fight for shit goes to show you Dana is a total moron that knows nothing about boxing yea yea I know he did some kind of boxing aerobics bs class back in the day this guy probably put boxing gloves on his feet and shoes on his hands just a total dip shit.

    • I’d love to go 6 rounds with Dana White but I doubt he would show and I know it world to go past 2, oh well time to go bag groceries all day

    • Joseph, he does know boxing. It was just part of the shit talking. Maybe mess with the odds or get people to tune in.

  • Omg, thank you. I agree, ODLH was soo damn annoying. He had to have been on something cuz no one in their right mind cld be that stupid and annoying. But wow..

  • Jake Paul’s purse tonight: $690K. Ben Askren: $500K. Not bad for a couple of guys who hardly broke a sweat.

    As for the fight, Ben apparently didn’t train too hard for this. Dropped the first time he got hit really. As for the stoppage….when Ben got to his feet, he looked fine. A good 10 seconds go by while the ref was trying to get Paul to his corner, then the ref looks back at Ben, who looked ready to continue, and waved it off. All the while, Snoop is continuously yelling “Gimme my mutha f’n money Jake”. Everything about this was embarrassing. BTW, why would Al Bernstein involve himself with something like this? Hopefully he doesn’t get his Hall of Fame enshrinement revoked.

  • Look man, there were pluses and minuses.
    ODLH can’t be in training for a real opponent as he was off his chops. Screaming “baby” and “USSS” over and over. He was peaking on some class A drugs.
    As for the main event – I’ve said it before and i will say it again Jack Paul is a killer. He will beat Canelo. I’ve been following boxing since Pauls 1st fight watching all the PPV’s like Gallen V Hunt was etc and I know a bit about the game – I know greatness when I see it. Paul will not be stopped in his rise to the very top of the pyramid of power.

    • Niki on that same stuff snoop is on. Lmao. Jake is NOT a boxer. I do believe he cld do pretty descent in the ammys but not a pro. U cannot call urself a pro boxer when u are not fighting pro boxers. C’mon now

    • Niki, please put down the crack pipe! You know absolutely NOTHING about boxing you really should stick to men’s figure skating sunshine.

  • People paid money to watch Paul vs Askren. If you did not do that your day can only be better.

  • omyyy, wowww, glad i would never even think of watch this crap. reading about this is more than enough

    • Not a fix at all. Sure it was a quick stoppage but it was the right call. Askren would have got hurt if the ref let it go on. He is a wrestler who has never boxed a second in his life. No reason to let him get punched in the head more than he had too to please you

  • When you think you’ve been to the circus and then this happens! The whole thing was embarrassing, absolutely cringe worthy. The sad thing is that average joes think this is what boxing is. We just lost Marvellous Marvin, and this is what we get! Poor old hagler would be rolling in his grave if he saw this debacle! What a joke!!

  • love the comments about it being a circus jake paul is a amateur fighter at best what people are paying for this, come on it is indeed a circus asken is clearly not a boxer this is a joke needs to stop with this low ball rubbish any true crusieweight professional would eat jake paul alive this is a joke

  • The main event was great. Jake Paul seems more and more like the real deal. People on this site need to get a life. Who was Tyson fighting in his third fight? Paul is being ramped up slowly but has consistently shown good technique and a good punch. His opponents are steadily getting better just like he should do. But everyone on this site is acting like he should fight someone in the top 10.
    The knockout was legit and was not “quick”. Ben fell and did not even try to brace for the fall. When he got up he immediate swayed back into the ropes. The ref did his job.

    • Don Halpin the answer to who Tyson fought in his third fight and while he didn’t have a winning record he did have 28 professional fights under his belt. Your “boy” has yet to fight anyone with a professional fight under their belt, so he don’t have to fight someone in the top 10 or even top 100, but he does need to fight a real fighter if he wishes to be taken serious. Those of us who have been around the fight game for a while know that the end game here is to get a fight for big bucks (I.e. Mayweather vs McGreggor). This whole card only had one legit match and yes the “Slap” match was the best thing on the card…..P.S. all of Tyson’s early matches were against professional fighters not a NBA or MMA veteran among them……

  • Boxing has become a joke. Reality stars, mma fighters and retired boxers are now a ppv.

    • How does this make boxing a joke? Real boxing fans are more interested in real boxing. This is sports entertainment

  • This entire card was a disgrace, Oscar and Snoop made it mute worthy. Ben was clearly there for a payday, this “fight” should be investigated. Imagine actually paying to watch this??

  • I wouldn’t have paid for this if it was free. Watching this on YouTube, the production is crazy, maybe I’m old school, but Snoop is not the voice of boxing. This is garbage!!!

  • Despite the weight difference, I would match Berlanga with Paul. Sure he will forget boxing after the fight.

    • Paul is a businessman. He knows he’s a fraud. It is the low IQ, pot vaping millennials who buy this shit.

      • True but it was the evenings most entertaining dumpster strippers and all!

  • FWIW, I have no problem with Jake Paul fighting. He has a pretty good punch for a novice, and could probably make for some fun fights if matched properly. Not sure he’ll fight any actual boxers, unless it’s a really big name who’s WAY over the hill, like an Evander Holyfield type whose in the same weight class as Paul. He’s making a pretty good living doing what he’s doing. Why not? I’ve watched all three fights of his so far (on YouTube. Wouldn’t pay for this). The Triller telecasts are pretty awful though…

  • Horrible commentating. Unfortunately I will not pay for a Two fight with this promotional company. I’ll watch the highlights instead…

    • I hope that is sarcasm otherwise it is laughable. He hasn’t fought a real boxer yet.

  • Headline should of been more like “ Paul crushes man pulled out of bar 5 minutes before the fight”.

  • Can we stop posting “news” about Jake Paul on legitimate boxing websites please?

  • This was a disgrace, but unfortunately it’s not over Teofimo Lopez who claims he’s a top p4p fighter is on the triller payroll who will be fighting soon . Let’s just say that it’s another clown or animal joining the triller circus, hey if the shoe fits then wear it.

  • Oh so sorry I missed it. After seeing the foul music program that was put together by super scum star snoop dog I switched boxing channels.

  • Lay the foundations before you build the house. Exactly what Logan Paul is doing. Askern was a student of Freddie Roach – the same Freddy roach that trained hundreds of boxer champs, Paul is the new breed. Not shackled by paint by numbers boxing basics. Most boxing fights have the same moves over and over again. A good “champ” is just someone that knows that his opponent is going to do one of 5 things – Jab, Cross, hook,uppercut. Paul brings the X factor – we don’t know what’s coming next – but it could separate your head from your shoulders. Best fight in the last 10 years was McGregor v Money man – McGregor was using chop punches and unorthodox foot work and was winning the fight until the ref saved Money. That was fight one for McGregor- when Paul steps up to Canelo he will have beaten the likes of Askern, Robinson, and possibly Danis. Then he KOES the Mexican “lord of the ring”

  • This is absolutely pathetic, but Paul is giving today’s newer oddball fight fans what they want: knockouts. Bonus that the guy doing the knocking out is a white guy who is a YouTuber, who looks like an annoying Orange county beach bum, who not only is staggeringly giddy being the beneficiary of white privilege, but has an overbearing sense of entitlement and a false sense of superiority.

    It’s like a glorified tough man contest. Paul doesn’t even look like a fighter, but a big-boned white guy who only needs primitive fighting skills to blow away opponents who look like they have no more business in the boxing ring than Mitch McConnell. Askren may have been in MMA, but he looked no more suitable to be an opponent in this sport than sportscaster Jim Gray. I heard he even is recovering from hip surgery. WTF?!!?

    This farce wouldn’t be complete of course without
    Calvin Broadus doing commentary, sounding stereotypically like some guy from the streets, who hangs out next to the liquor store. Just gruesome!

    America appears to be in swift decline, a free-fall, and this nonsense is a sign that we’re living in the dark ages. This is not the Sweet Science, and offends the glorious, dignified, and majestic history of the sport.

    • hasn’t America been in decline for a while it happened after Bush jr came into power, at least your brave enough to state the obvious

  • I can’t believe that people actually paid money for this shitshow.
    Did you all not see who was headlining?

    • Yes and because he was headlining they did over 1 million PPV buys. Like it or lump it these guys generate money and social media buzz. Meanwhile PBC breaks their arms patting themselves on the back for generating less than a quarter of that

  • This whole thing was a total shame and was not a show put on for professional boxers. This was a youtube guy putting on……”something”. Regis Prograis was the only true boxer on this card and looked good. Cunningham looked like he was just carrying Frank. If Paul really wants to be considered a boxer he needs to start fighting boxers. He hasn’t fought anyone.

  • I wouldn’t pay to watch the circus, but Regis Prograis is a top fighter and good enough to co-main both cards. I don’t ever want to see Redkatch anymore, he’s looking for ways out and eventually will be known more for fighting good fighters instead of beating them (like Derek Chisora but not fat).
    Cunningham did fine for that much time away from the ring. and I get why he did it assessing little risk for high reward.
    Snoop loves the limelight and making money off of multiple ventures while in COVID and not being able to tour. And this is the best way to introduce his super rap group on this platform. No surprise here.
    I also get why so many people don’t care for the music and not being in that particular demo. etc, but you had to know going in what you were in for if you paid for it.
    I think the best thing Jake Paul can do (if he even cares) is take a fight on a large card vs a real fighter with a name who has enough fights, and who isn’t too big to accept the check. Someone who started to build a record, but took some lumps and who would want to rebuild after some time out. Someone who also started late (mid 20’s) has very little amateur fights (7) but who is ranked higher than Jake. He is currently ranked 465/1,024 vs Jake ranked 687/1024 at cruiserweight.
    Instead of being the Main event this fight could be the main free preview fight where the main and co-main are legit boxers. It would add fans to the arena but wouldn’t compromise anything as it wouldnt be the focal point of the event. More like a “special attraction” 6 rounds.
    I nominate Marsellos Wilder 5-2 (2) to fight Jake Paul. Has a few Ko’s vs nobodies, got knocked out 2X, incuding his last fight vs a former 8-3 MMA fighter but who had a mixed pro record. They were hyping him up (we all know why) putting him on big cards, and first time he stepped up vs a 6-12 fighter, gets KO’d. A few fights later gets KO’d a 2nd time.
    The main reason a fight like this doesn’t happen is because of EGO. Jake won’t want to be paid high 5 figures even instead after pocketing 8 figures from a PPV. There are ways around this, he can take on multiple large bets vs other people or donate $ to the charity of wilder’s choice should wilder win.But if he wants to keep fighting he won’t be taken seriously if he fights any more non-boxers. He has to start somewhere but I think Wilder is about the best he can go for because if he goes much higher on the list he will be biting off more than he can chew. If Jake just focused on his preparation instead of the promotion then he could actually turn into a decent journeyman (or at least beat some). But I’m not ever paying to watch on any circus cards. It comes down to whether he wants to make huge money beating non-boxers or making “good” money working his way up.

  • I would just like to see the guy actually fight a legitimate cruiserweight size wise. He just fought a guy who fought at 170 pounds. Somebody with 20 more pounds of muscle and the ability to at least block the right hand would be interesting to me.

  • Anyone looking to wager on Ben prior to weigh in should have flipped their bet as soon as they saw his gut. Showed he was just coming to pick up his 1/2 mill before taxes. That is more disgraceful (a pro fighter not prepping for this fight) than Jake Paul antics, etc.

  • >