Trevor Bryan added to Jan 29 DKP card

WBA regular heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan (21-0, 15 KOs) will be featured in a co-main event special attraction on Hall of Fame promoter Don King’s January 29 card at the W.D. Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio. Bryan’s opponent is TBA.

The previously announced main event will pit WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Junior Makabu (28-2, 25 KOs) against the number one challenger Thabiso Mchunu (23-5, 13 KOs). The winner is hopeful of the opportunity to fight Canelo Alvarez.

The two championship fights will showcase the NABA cruiserweight title as Johnnie Langston (9-3, 3 KOs) squares off against Nick Kisner (22-5-1, 6 KOs), and the NABA middleweight title will be up for grabs between Michael Moore (18-3, 8 KOs) and Anthony Lenk (17-7, 7 KOs).

Tickets are priced at $550, $350, $250, $175 and $80. No broadcast details as of yet.

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  • I love how Don King’s “title” cards just seem to pop up over night. This is a fight supposedly for the world heavyweight title, 3 weeks away, with the champion’s opponent TBA…sounds legit to me!

  • $550…. wow. Just wow!

    I heard that Trevor Bryan might be fighting a guy named Jonathan Guidry who is 17-0-2 with 10ko’s and the combined record of his opponents is 108-118-8.

    • Embarrassing. I was just playing around the other day and listed my top 20 heavies in a list and Trevor Bryan wasn’t even in my top 20. Yet he holds a (not the, but a) WBA belt. If that doesnt show what a sham the WBA is, nothing will.

      • Remembering the times when there was one heavyweight champion and every sports fan knew who he was. Today most sports fans wouldn’t know who any of the “champions” are.

        • I don’t know about that. Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder are all well known. Usyk is now pretty famous as well. But Trevor Bryan? He’s the definition of paper champion and shows why the alphabet organizations are junk. The WBA is awful even when compared the not-quite-as-bad but still horrible other ones.

          • Fury, Wilder and Joshua are well known among the few remaining boxing fans, but the VAST majority of people have no idea who they are.

            When I was middle school in the early 70’s all of my friends knew who Ali and Frazier were and most knew guys like Quarry and Monzon. Fights were still broadcast nationally on Saturday WWofS and were major attractions.

            Outside of major cities in the US it’s nearly impossible to find boxing gyms or live fight cards. There were boxing cards 2 or 3 times a week within an hours drive of Akron Ohio in the 70’s.

            Boxing was a major sport then, unfortunately now it has a very small following.

          • Good old ABC’s WWoS! I remember my Dad going nuts watching Matthew Hilton and Buster Draytons scrap back in the 80’s.

          • I have an aunt that had zero interest in sports absolute zero. But she knew Ali and Joe Frazier. In later years she knew Oscar De la Hoya and if course Tyson. But no way she would know any of the champions today

  • We need the grim reaper to take Don King from us. It will benefit the greater good.

  • From Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Foreman and Tyson to this. How the mighty have fallen

  • How come I have never heard of “WBA regular heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan”?

  • For those of you near Warren, Ohio, here’s your chance to grab a ringside seat and witness the renowned pugilistic skills of one Trevor “The Impervious Pulverizer” Bryan….and it will cost you a mere $550.

    Seriously, this is the equivalent of selling a bag of ice for $75. Makabu-Mchunu is a quality fight, but not worth what they’re asking for on tickets. I have nothing against Bryan…actually think he’s not a bad fighter…but him vs. Guidry, if that happens, probably doesn’t add much value here. King has got to be one of the most shameless individuals on the planet.

    • Win your first title against a 39 year old career cruiserweight in BJ Flores. Then get an upgrade by beating 42 year old Stiverne who hadn’t won a fight in over 5 years and hadn’t had any fight in 2 years. Then you make your first defense against Jonathan Guidry whose best win is against…..uhmmm …..Rodney Moore?? I don’t know.

      • I’d love to hear the WBA explain any of the things you just described, especially Stiverne’s title shot.

        As far as the ticket prices to King’s show, to be fair, I’ve only taken a look at prices to live shows once lately (Paul-Woodley 2), and I believe they ranged from $25-$1,000. Makabu-Mchunu is better than anything that took place on that Paul card. Can’t imagine many people wanting to drop as much as $550 to see that live, but who knows. Paul-Woodley seemed to have a rather large crowd…

        • I’m thinking maybe that part of Ohio has a large African population? It seems kind of random to take a Congolese and a South African to Warren, Ohio (which Google says is less than 40 miles from Akron and less than 50 from Cleveland) otherwise.

          I remember Naseem Hamed fought in Detroit and, if I recall correctly, the city has the largest population of Middle Eastern people and people of Middle Eastern descent in the entire world outside of the Middle East, itself. Maybe there’s a situation like that going on here.

          • I just looked at, and they break down everything possible statistic of a city or town, including ancestry, and nearby Youngstown, OH (Population 65K) has an African population of 5.4%. Didn’t see any significant African population in Cleveland or Akron. King is from Cleveland, which might have more to do with Warren being the location.

            You’re right about Detroit BTW. There is a Middle Eastern population of around 200K it looks like, including 25K Yemeni, which is Hamed’s ancestry…

          • Ahhhh, I forgot/didn’t know Don King was from Cleveland. Always think of him as being from Florida now. Well maybe him being there can sell tickets and I think I read that Canelo was going as well.

            Like you said though, whoever ends up going, they’re probably going to end up seeing a pretty good fight in the main event.

          • Didn’t King have his training center in Warren or Orwell Ohio back in the day? I believe Ali and Holmes and many others he promoted used it

          • Not sure Johnny. I don’t recall hearing of Warren, OH prior to this article. Did a quick search but didn’t see anything.

            Lucie, King’s headquarters are, or at least used to be in the close to Boca Raton, FL. I remember seeing the building while driving by it on I-95.

            King’s website shows him hanging out with Congressman Harry Reid, saying what good friends him and Reid are. Not sure I’d want that out there if I’m Reid…

          • Actually, Harry Reid just passed, and I guess that was a tribute to him on King’s site. My bad….

          • Looked it up the King training center was still is in Orwell Ohio less than 20 miles from Warren

          • I saw that as well. I saw an article said Tyson bought a house close in Ohio just to be near the Orwell training facility.

  • Charr was stripped and Bryan will now face some guy named Guidry. Weakest boxer on current WBA rankings and probably the only guy Bryan can beat. Interesting.

  • Shows how bad things are in South Africa, when two boxers, one from that country, and the champion based in that country, have to fight in the USA.

  • Why is this fight card being held in Warren, OH? Is there a local connection with an up-and-coming Boom Boom Mancini or Kelly Pavlik type on the show? Who is gonna bring the fans in? I don’t get it.

  • Trevor must have called Don and begged for a fight so he can get a few bucks to eat. Feeling like an afterthought for a promoter who barely promotes anymore yet Trevor?

  • Don King needs to have Bryan fight his mandatory Daniel Dubois which would be the only opponent worth watching to fight Bryan.
    Of course it wont happen since Bryan will probably get knocked out and King will miss out on his protege getting his biggest cash prize of fighting AJ, now that he is the WBA regular champion whichever belt it is.

  • What, exactly, is a ‘Regular’ champion? Are there ‘Irregular’ or ‘Occasional’ champions?

  • >