“The Truth” is set free and wins big in Big D!

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By Jeff Zimmerman

In one of the most anticipated matchups in boxing in quite some time, unified welterweight champ and owner of the IBF and WBC strap, Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr.(27-0, 21 KOs) battled two-division world champ Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-3, 21 KOs), in his first fight since his horrific single car accident early morning last October in his hometown of Dallas. The fight was staged in front of a pro-Spence crowd at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, also the home of the Dallas Cowboys and shown live on Fox Sports PBC pay-per-view.

Spence, showed once again why he is still “The Truth” as he came right after Garcia from the opening bell and put on textbook performance to retain his titles with a fairly easy unanimous decision win by scores of  116-112 twice and 117-111.

The southpaw Spence used his solid pistol jab to keep Garcia at bay and his big left and right hooks to the body and head over the course of twelve rounds. The biggest question going into the night was whether Spence could take a big shot on the chin from the hard hitting Garcia since he had lost teeth during the wreck, but Spence showed he was good as new as he waived off the first punches landed with a hand gesture to his jaw.

Garcia had his moments and showed off his Philly pedigree by exchanging with Spence at times, but could never land consistently to do any significant damage. Spence cut off the ring and even had Garcia against the ropes in the 8th round and it looked like he wanted to finish the show, but Garcia hung tough til the final bell, showing the heart that made him a champ at 140 and 147.

Spence, 30, was coming off one of the biggest wins of his sparkling career in Sept. 2019 when he won a hotly contested split decision against Shawn Porter at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Spence picked up the WBC belt in the process to go along with the IBF title he snatched from Kell Brook in 2017. Former champion Garcia was chosen as next “mandown” for an early 2020 scrap, before a possible showdown with WBO champ Terence “Bud” Crawford, who happened to be in attendance ringside. This is a fight that many consider a toss up and the best matchup in all of boxing.

Spence wanted to prove to the world and to himself that he was back at the highest level by keeping Danny Garcia as his opponent.

“I didn’t want any tune-up fights,” Spence said in the build-up to the fight. “I wanted someone who is tough and who could push me to the limit, so I can get back to being Errol Spence Jr.

“I picked Danny Garcia so that I could rise to the occasion. I’m still the top dog in the division. Fighting Danny will show how great a fighter I am.”

Derrick James, the only trainer Spence has had since turning pro in 2012, has always wanted whatever his fighter wants, and even though Garcia was one of the top fighters in the division and a two-division champ, James was on board.

“Errol wants to be challenged and not only challenged, he wants to prove to the world that he is still the best welterweight,” stated James in an exclusive pre-fight interview with Fightnews.com.

The 32-year-old Philly native Garcia had other plans and was up to the challenge. He came to Spence’s hometown to show he’s a road warrior and can win under any conditions. His only blemishes on his resume were two narrow losses to Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter in 2017 and 2018.

But Spence with his miraculous recovery in the rearview mirror, proved once again he is still “The Truth” in the welterweight division and all roads lead to Dallas, if there is any hope to crown an undisputed welterweight champ. After another big win at home, let’s hope a Super Bowl match up with Crawford comes to AT&T Stadium in 2021.

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  • Dominant performance by Spence. He looked unaffected by the accident, but clearly the long layoff and ring rust diminished his timing, defense and movement. still, Spence was able to completely own a fighter who by all rights is probably a top 10 PFPer himself. Assuming he will be back to normal in his next fight, Spence has to be considered top 3 pfp along with crawford and tank davis. this was no ordinary win by Spence…this was a near shut-out peformance against Garcial who was a great 140lb champ and a highest echelon 147lber. Spence has a good shot at beating bud. i think he handles pacquiao with ease too…but, i would actually prefer to see spence move up to 154, claim a title, then, challenge canelo for the mw title…that would be all any fan of boxing could ask for. And i think Spence wins that one too.

    • You’re dreaming if you think Spence beats Canelo. Canelo walks around at 185 at least as is much bigger than Spence. Spence won’t even be able to stun Canelo, who I believe to be the superior fighter. Spence may beat Pacquiao now but a prime Pacquiao would have torn him to shreds. Also, no need to talk about a Canelo – Spence fight because Spence will not get past Crawford. IF they ever fight Crawford will win and he will make it look easy.

      • Spence will handle Crawford,I like his chances against Canelo,cause I loved the beating Mayweather put on him,everybody is on Carmelo bandwagon and so be it but if it wasn’t for the judge that had it even Mayweather made Canelo look like a F- fighter Spence will beat Crawford and Carnelo if those fights ever happen

    • You know you might have something there. I was always a fan of Errol Spence and rate his boxing ability very highly. It is not a far idea that Spence can beat Bud or a still very competitive Manny even at 42 years of age. Spence is younger than both and will present serious problems for both Bud and Manny with his often over looked boxing skills that people seem to neglect. However , I think Canelo is a tad to big for Spence at this time of there respective cartiers. I do not think Canelo skills are that much better I just believe he is just to big for Spence. I do believe though both Spence and Bud have better skill set and Manny is a little past his prime but still can compete on the highiest level just that right now he is one step behind the truly élije in his diversion which Bud and Spence are. I do think that Canelo is a very good boxer but I do not think he is great. Look at the best Canelo has better in the last couple of years: an aging GGG in 2 highly debatable decisions and the first one he clearly lost but was given a draw , an over the hill Sergio Kovalov in a fight he was behind until the knock out in the 11 Round and Danny who did not seem to show up for the fight. Don’t get me wrong these are good fighters but they are a little past there primes and Canelo is only 28 years old. Canelo is preparing for a fighter who can possible beat him in Super middle fight in Smith who is around the same age as Canelo and definitely presents high skill set as well as signically height and Reich problems. All that being said , even though I believe Spence over abilities are better than Canelo , i just believe Canelo is a little to big for Spence at this stage of the game. Just my personal opinion

  • Garcia has nothing to feel but mofo shame. I would rather go all out and risk getting knocked out than go out like that. WTF is wrong with todays competitors. Lay back get picked apart. Lay back get picked apart. Spence isnt that great Manny or Crawford will KTFO him. Spence beating Canelo? Thats a delusional fantasy. Wouldn’t even be close.

  • Joe Blow you are one tough warrior-Arm chair warrior that is. For you to question the intestinal fortitude of Garcia boy you are one incredibly cowardice person to be talking this nonsense.

    Get a life ladyboy and stick to men’s figure skating your true passion.

  • Sorry but he didn’t win big!, Garcia is shot and very predictable. Look its a good name on his record but that’s it. The fight put me to sleep.

    • I don’t think Garcia is shot. I think he’s not big enough for 147. He should try to go back to 140 and grow into147.

  • Give him the respect, he beat the Garcia’s,. Porter, and Peterson, by right he should be rated the best welterweight.

  • Spence only fights currently top ranked fighters unlike Crawfish and as far as anybody saying danny is shot well that current #2 ranking says otherwise what was Crawfish last opponents ranking? aaa he wasnt he currently unranked

  • I didn’t think Spence won big, sure he landed more punches, but I thought Garcia landed the harder punches.

    My feeling was Garcia lost, rather than Spence winning. Not sure why, but Garcia didnt go for it enough for my liking, its like he’s got the tools and the power, he just doesn’t seem to have the urgency.

  • I did not see Spence dominating the way some people and the announcers said and are saying
    Danny did land on him when he threw but Spence shoeshined enough I think Crawford would tear him up based on his performance last night I think even an old Manny would find some holes

  • Just like the judges, those of us watching from the chair at the venue or at home see things differently. Spence won clearly, but to me, showed signs of neurological damage. I’m no doctor, and it may have bee ring rust, but the way he was flinching and bracing for some of Garcia’s punches was telling. His balance looked off and he did not have the same snap or thud on his punches than in the past which could be muscle weakness, a sign of neurological damage. Hope I’m wrong, I like Spence as a fighter, but a move to Junior Middle and especially middle weight could prove disastrous, he won’t have physical advantages there.

    • Signs of “neurological damage” sounds like some wishful thinking on your part. Nobody with neurological damage could come back from a year and a half layoff and completely outclass an elite talent like danny garcia like spence did.

      • Fighters and football players compete with neurological damage all the time, champ, and they have success in the process.

        • As you yourself said, you’re not a doctor, so when it comes to signs of neurological damage, you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Danny not elite level? A close loss to champion thurman and a close loss to champion porter, both of which were very competitive fights, say otherwise.

  • Right now only one fight matters to define absolute supremacy at welterweight: Spence vs. Crawford. Neither guy have been in the ring with a fighter at that level, but Spence has been closer due to his opportunity to face better opposition. He was able to dismantle a better version of Kell Brook, Crawford fought a shell only.
    Unfortunately Crawford has been limited to test his vast arsenal of skills and power against low tier opponents.
    I have the feeling Spence is going to get better in his next fights, I can’t say the same of Crawford, who is getting old waiting for the mega fight.
    To make sense, the fight should happen in 2021, beyond that, Crawford could have been defeated and Spence campaigning at 154.
    If the fight happens, I give Spence the edge , but is a toss up fight.

  • Garcia won 9–11 as Spence either was hurt or tired ..you could easily give Garcia 3 more as first 6 were very close rounds ..Spence only dominated a few rounds ..i had it 7-5 Spence, needing the last round

  • Glad to see Errol is back. I haven’t seen the fight yet, but am puzzled that his last THREE fights went the distance. I still think Crawford is a better all around fighter and would beat Spence.

    • Well, those were three different scenarios. Against mikey garcia, errol wanted to show he was the better boxer because fans were saying the only way he could beat mikey would be by imposing his greater size and strength. so, like he said, errol completely outboxed mikey over 12 rounds to prove a point. In the shawn porter fight, it was a case of porter thinking that he could crowd and out-hustle errol inside to neutralize spence’s effectiveness from range. But spence actually beat porter at his own game and damn near ko’d him. Then spence had the accident and came back from a year and a half layoff, so he gassed against garcia just when it looked in rd 9 that spence was gonna take him out. All in all, spence is proving to be a truly great and versatile fighter who can adapt and win in any situation.

  • Spence is super overrated. He only fights people that are have faded or got too old or are smaller than him e.g. fought algeri after he got knocked out, Lamont Peterson after he got knocked out, fought midget Garcia. I bet anyone on this website he fights Manny next because he’s old and probably wins. But he won’t have the balls to move up in weight and fight someone bigger and in their prime.

  • Congrats of course to Spence for such a great performance. I would say he was at 90-95%. His strength and power were diminished but his boxing iq pulled him through. If u look at each round individually you’ll see that Spence was robbed. There were rounds that Garcia merely “did better” but a high percentage of his punches Spence blocked. Against Bud? Spence wins a sd.

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