Teofimo, Ortiz make weight

Teofimo Lopez 139.6 vs. Jamaine Ortiz 139.6
(WBO junior welterweight title)

Teofimo Lopez Vs Jamaine Ortiz Pose4 (1)
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Keyshawn Davis 134.7 vs. Jose Pedraza 134.5
Keyshawn Davis Vs Jose Pedraza Pose (1)
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

George Acosta 131.3 vs. Rene Tellez Giron 132
Javier Martinez 161.6 vs. Raul Salomon 164.4
Abdullah Mason 135.3 vs. Benjamin Gurment 136.8
Charlie Sheehy 135.7 vs. Abdel Sauceda 135.4
Alan Garcia 136.6 vs. Tomas Ornelas 134.6
Antonio Zepeda 299.7 vs. Lemir Isom-Riley 257
Art Barrera Jr. 141 vs. Michael Portales 140

Venue: Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank

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    • i hope you’re correct. Can’t stand loud mouth punks. including Thurman, Shakur, Haney, etc etc.

  • Too bad we have to watch the Davis fight. He’s gonna bore everyone to sleep unless Pedraza quits first.

  • I don’t know but I have the feeling that Teofimo Lopez it’s not prepare. If so, I think Ortiz is going to get robbed

    about Davis vs Pedrosa Davies by boring unanimous decision

  • Teo is mental. He has lapses in his fights where he is dumb. Josh was shot when they fought and he showed that Teo is dumb. Talent? Yes but his concentration is off.

  • Teo’s dad is an idiot who will get his kid knocked out. Tank is focused. That is why he eventually gets his knock out. Every fight he studies the guy and knocks them the fuck out…Rolly looked “good” until he looked stupid…Ryan..etc.

  • I checked the weigh in on YouTube and Ortiz looks better physically
    I’m gona pick Ortiz by one point or a draw

    I hope teofimo losses I don’t like him he is too cocky

  • About Davis vs Pedraza I’m not sure
    Pedraza is a veteran with good background he might be agressive in the fight

    Davis by unanimous decicion is 50/50 the fight excited or bored it will depend on Pedraza tactic for the fight

  • Ortiz has to ko Teófimo in order to win

    If he wins by the minimum margin the judges will give the victory to Teófimo

  • A focused Teo is an amazing fighter, I enjoy watching his bouts, he is a rollercoaster of emotions but I can only hope he is mentally stable to where he is happy weather I agree or not with his persona. I think Ortiz can surprise many people if he fights a smart relaxed fight but in the end I got Teo hurting him and getting a KO

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